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Wonderful movie
7 February 2007
I loved this movie - there were so many laugh out loud bits, but there were some great sequences which made you cringe, but left you unable to do anything other than watch in fascinated disbelief? The bits you see on the clips from you tube are just the start.

David, Kate and Paul have perfect comic timing, how they kept a straight face i will never know. Lots of ohs and aahs at certain peoples screen appearances, with much applause and adulation at the end of the movie.

This film rocks - and i don't think it is necessary to be a Stargate fan to appreciate it. I took a friend who has seen very little of Stargate and he loved it! Without giving away too much of the plot, i would say that the film was very well done, considering that there were such a limited number of actors in it, and it was shot in a contained set. Not once did i feel that there was a lack in the budget or the strength of the acting.

The dog's breakfast is a must see movie, and i would highly recommend it to everyone.
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