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Hilarious, hard hitting and heartfelt
2 December 2009
This is a very rare example of a documentary that transcends its medium and succeeds in its presentation of fact and its creation of drama. Devin Ratray, the protagonist, is in love with then-secretary of state, Condoleeza Rice, and his best friend Sebastian decides to document his journey across America as he interviews old friends and opponents of Condi's in an attempt to get closer to her; to share her interests, to understand her hopes and dreams and how they formed her into the woman she is today. The interviews give real insight into the life and mind of Condoleeza Rice.

The musical love tapes that Devin regularly sends to Condi are not only really funny, but well composed and serve to humanize Devin. Anyone who has seen and loved Roger and Me and/or My Date With Drew has to check this out!
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Better than I expected
24 May 2007
I'll admit, I started a troll post on the message board because I thought the idea was so stupid, but i just watched it on DVD and actually had a great time with it. I found Ben Stiller extremely irksome, but other than that, the actors were decent. Dick Van Dyke was funny, but nothing new. The amazing special effects were constant, but nothing looked like CG. I was impressed by the educational nature of the film, which encourages, and even demonstrates (through Ben's character) how a child, or anyone can research things they're interested in, and learn on their own outside of school, using the internet and books, and of course the museum. It also seemed to have a theme of diplomacy and self empowerment. Otherwise, it was pretty hare brained. However, the non stop fun, though kiddy (chris columbus produced), kept it moving quickly along.
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