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Stagecoach (1986 TV Movie)
Feel sorry for the actors
16 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
(SPOILERS THROUGHOUT)I recently read an article concerning the movie, then watched it. I must agree with the article. It mentions how the actors/singers were extremely dissapointed in the script when they did the movie. I heartily agree. The base story is all right for your typical western. It involves the trials and tribulations of a particular stagecoach run. Almost every person on the coach, their lives somehow become intertwined with the other's, in more ways than just the ride. Some of the characters are "famous" from the old west (Doc Holliday, Ringo), and others are general cardboard cutouts of people we've seen in other westerns (the gambler, the marshal, the soiled dove, the helpless lady, the "greedy one"). I personally thought that was fine. However, it went downhill with the SCRIPT ITSELF. I've never heard more long, drawn-out, windy speeches in my life! Almost everyone has some speech that, when spoken, means you're supposed to drop everything and listen in awe. Each speech is supposed to be some moral awakener. What's worse? Every other line spoken is one of those speeches! I will give the movie credit though-there are some funny parts. (SPOILER) The best: the Marshall and stagedriver debating who will talk to Doc about a certain matter (watch the movie and find out!) I also enjoyed seeing some of my favorite singers/actors together. I'll never get enough of the Highwaymen (may Mr. Cash and Mr. Jennings rest in peace). Overall (out of 10): 5. 0 for the speeches, 5 for the rest.
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Good movie
22 September 2002
I don't know why the Lone Justice series isn't that popular. I've enjoyed all three, and regret not buying the first one when it was available. Lone Justice 3 takes off where the second one ended. Ned Blessing is sheriff of Plum Creek, Sticks is his deputy. Brad Johnson is excellent as Ned Blessing. He should get more recognition than he has. Tim Scott, in what it seems was his last role, is very good as the timid Sticks. Overall, a very nice movie.
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Absolutely Wonderful
16 September 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers involved. Until this movie, I had seen nothing but movies about the men of the west. The men always succeeded, the women failed. This movie, however, is so much different. It shows a woman's struggles in a man's world, and she succeeds. Jo is a woman who was disowned by her family and goes west to start a new life. After coming under attack by several men, she decides to pretend to be a man. She pulls it off very well. The story is amazing, her struggles as well. Tinman is portrayed wonderfully. Overall, this movie is worth watching, buying, whatever. Its definitely worth anyones time.
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I've seen better, I've seen worse
8 September 2002
Warning: Spoilers
There may be spoilers. Nisa and her tribe in the Brazillian rainforest is being forced off their lands by an American petrol company. So, she heads to America to fight the company. She meets a rich guy, Jason, and they enter a dance contest to bring attention to her plight. This predictable movie has great dancing. Jason makes the movie. The rainforest parts seem a bit fake. Much of the movie seems to have a "Dirty Dancing" like theme or imitation to it. Overall, if you want to see great dancing and aren't too picky about the acting, it's worth seeing or buying for under five bucks.
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Chino (1973)
It coulda been A LOT better. SPOILERS.
11 May 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers. The beginning was good. An orphan comes to a ranch for food and shelter. The rancher happens to be Chino Valdez, a rancher who trains mustangs and lives alone. Chino eventually hires the kid, Jamie, and falls in love with his rich, nasty neighbor's half sister. From there the movie falls apart. People cause trouble, and all of a sudden Chino wants to give up. The movie would've been better had the last half been rewritten. The end dissapoints me greatly.
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Pretty good
5 March 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Regardless of a lot of the comments, I think this was a very good movie. I am a teenager who has heard the name "Jerry Lee Lewis" and of course his songs, but I was never interested in HIM. This movie intrigued me, and I'm ready to learn more about "The Killer." In fact, I REALLY hope I can read Myra's book sometime. Be warned, there may be some spoilers. The movie is pretty simple. Obviously a biography with his childhood cut off. You find out when he met Myra, and that's pretty much where the movie begins. You see them fall in love, and the troubles and perks after that. You see just how devoted to Myra Jerry Lee really was. That's the kind of love girls DREAM about! John Doe, Dennis Quaid, Winona Ryder, they were all great in the film. The only problem, would be the writing. They leave so much out! How EXACTLY are Jerry Lee and Myra related? I mean, I had to go to the International Jerry Lee Lewis website to find out! But heck, the two were in love. That was obvious in the film. Another thing, was the end. It left me wanting more! I wanted to find out more about the couple, more about everything. Overall, I'd say if you're open minded and willing for a few laughs, this is a great movie. ESPECIALLY if you like a great romance.
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Speed Zone (1989)
Better than its given credit for
10 February 2002
Okay, I admit, this is not the funniest of the three Cannonball movies. But lets face it, it is pretty darn funny. Art Hindle as a cop turned Cannonballer, Tim Matheson as a reporter enjoying this story, the Smothers Brothers as rich boys, John Candy, this was great! I love how it had some underrated actors, including Hindle. This was an overall funny, feel good film that deserves more credit than its getting. C'mon guys, its only a movie, give it a break!
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Dead Heat (1988)
Don't watch this while eating-I did, unfortunately!
3 February 2002
This is the most disgusting movie I've ever seen. I mean, I thought "My Boyfriend's Back" was sick humor. This is just plain sick. The movie's great until the reincarnation stuff begins. After that, its all downhill. I give it a 2: 1 for special effects and makeup, 1 for Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo.
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Protocol (1984)
30 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
BEWARE SPOILERS. This movie was okay. Goldie Hawn and Chris Sarandon were the best two in it. Okay, so the goofie foreign guy who (SPOILER HERE) trades with the biker for his clothes was funny. This guy's boss was good, too. But the movie really belonged to Sarandon and Hawn. These two should have had a lot more time on screen together. They're chemistry was great. The bathroom scene-WOW! Romantic, sweet, yummy.

Hawn is a goofy cocktail waitress who saves a foreign man and ends up at the whitehouse in the middle of a plot due to the greed of politicians. To talk about Sarandon would be to give a lot away. SPOILERS This is a rather untypical romantic/political comedy, and it satisfies both somewhat-the political side a whole lot more than the romantic. It touches on political issues, and just barely skims on romantic areas.
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Striptease (1996)
Better than I expected, but still bad
22 September 2001
Considering I'm a (heterosexual) teenage female, it's no wonder the fact that everyone seems to be complaining about-it wasn't erotic enough-suits me just fine. The dancing was pretty good. However, the whole congressman thing was so confusing, I didn't understand it at all. They really did a bad job with that plot of it. Otherwise I liked Aramand Assante, Demi Moore and Ving Rhames. Some of the sub-plots were so-so. All in all, a fair movie. I rate it a 4.
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Flashdance (1983)
SPOILERS Could've been better, could've been worse SPOILERS
9 September 2001
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS, BEWARE!!! Flashdance is a fair movie, in my opinion. Some things do confuse me about it (e.g. Jeanie asks Alex how long it took for her to get so good at dancing; Alex replies "About 25 years," isn't Alex supposed to be 18?) and some things do fascinate me about it (I LOVED the spins!). Overall, though, it intrigued me. When this movie was made, I wasn't even born. I didn't really experience the eighties (I was born in '85) and I have to wonder: sometimes Alex would just run in place a bit, or throw herself all over, not really dancing, just banging in to things, tossing her head back, and waving her arms-was this considered "dancing" back then? If it was, I'm not sure I could've standed it. The spins, the flip, the fluid movements were great, but some of it-my neighbor's toddler could've done better! Also, if Alex is a welder during the day, wouldn't she be tired after a hard day's work? When she doesn't go to work for nearly a week, wouldn't she be laid off? Living in a warehouse-I can almost see it, but not quite. It doesn't seem right that she's a welder, owns a warehouse house, AND is trying to get into ballet. None of it really makes sense. I shouldn't be too judgemental considering my own background, but please. Maybe Jennifer Beals is too feminine for me to see her as a welder, I don't know. But either way, they could've picked a better actress. The actors were fine. I even liked the romance. You make your own decision. But mine is-rent it once, don't see it again-it isn't worth it.
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Porn for the dumb male
17 July 2001
This movie is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen in my life!!!! All it was was tits and music. These women are some of the worst actresses I've ever seen or heard in my life! I swear, it was just plain stupid! There is no real plot, no real conflict-no real anything! It wasn't a comedy, it was a porn-no real plot, no real conflict, no real anything. Only the dumbest of males would ever watch this and like it.
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Big Bad John (1990)
A great movie
7 July 2001
All in all, Big Bad John was a hilarious, and touching movie. If you want romance, tragedy, and humor, this movie's got it. If you're a fan of the song (like I am) you pretty much know how it ends. But if you don't, or do and want to watch it anyway, I strongly recommend this movie. Jack Elam and Jimmy Dean are a hilarious pair with great chemistry. However, I wouldn't recommend this movie to strict urban folk. You have to understand where these people are supposed to be coming from, and only a handful of us are left. But even a few urban folk might understand it, and appreciate it for what it is: a good, down home movie that'll make you laugh, cry, and be inspired.
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A great movie
10 June 2001
I really liked this movie. It was funny, sad, and action-filled. I only have one problem with it, that being they should've talked about his life even after Little Big Horn a lot more. I realize this is fiction, but there were other things they could've included, and followed his entire life. Sure, it may've been longer, but I personally would be willing to watch it all. There are some movies that don't deserve to be as long as they are. This movie deserves to be longer.
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Pure Country (1992)
A great movie for the whole family.
10 April 2001
Pure Country is one of the best movies out right now. It has little violence, and few, if any, curse words. For those of us who love George Strait, there's plenty of him to watch. George gives a great performance, both on and off stage. The romance involved in this movie feels so real; Isabel Glasser and Strait have lots of chemistry. Overall, if you want a good, family movie, with great music and actors, this is it.
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Thunderheart (1992)
A wonderful movie that makes you think.
31 March 2001
Thunderheart is a great movie for those who want to see and understand the fight against prejudice and the difference between right and wrong. I found Thunderheart to be very interesting and easy to understand.

I felt that the movie was worth every minute of its nearly two hours. It could have been longer, and I wouldn't have minded a bit. Graham Greene's humor had me laughing out loud more than once, and just looking at both Greene and Val Kilmer gave me butterflies in my stomach.

I must admit that it dismayed me that Jack Ward was playing a Native American, a very important one at that. It was obvious that they had to use LOTS of makeup to get him that dark. Maybe that's why he wore a black felt hat in the middle of summer. But besides the imperfections concerning that particular casting, this movie was great. This sixteen year old applauds Kilmer and Greene.
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A wonderful movie
27 March 2001
This movie has romance, shows a kind man doing the right thing, and is all around very good. The star is sexy as can be. He shows charisma and has a body to drool over. This is a great movie and I recommend it to anyone
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Palomino (1991 TV Movie)
What a great cast!
10 March 2001
This movie is very inspirational and beautiful. Not only because of the choice of venue, but the actors as well. Lee Horsley is incredibly sexy as Tate (I'd say we all need to see more of Mr. Horsley). Eva Marie Saint plays a wonderful monarch to the ranch. Anyone who wants to see a heartwarming, beautiful, and sexy movie needs to see Palamino.
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