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All My Children (1970–2011)
Adam Has His Day
13 April 2007
I never understood why Adam didn't call his security people, his attorney, or Jack, since he couldn't get a positive response from the police, to have the Martins thrown out of his house. Even to put Krystal out after she refused to leave. To watch these people in Adam's house and no one could do anything to get them out was too unrealistic. I had a great deal of trouble following this part of the storyline. They could have been made to leave.

Plus, I never understood why he didn't have them arrested for kidnapping him and placing him illegally in the mental institution. This was a perfect revenge tool Adam could have used to get back at Tad Martin for sleeping with Krystal. Why was this left hanging because he could have had them arrested for kidnapping him and the institution could have been sued?

It doesn't make sense for Colby to turn her back on her father after the way he has been treated by the Martins and her brother, in his own house thank you? She has never taken offense with Tad and Krystal for sleeping together, instead she acts like she is perfectly happy about it. She doesn't get angry with them for kidnapping her father, for forcefully taking over his house and for some of the other things they have done to him. I don't understand where she is coming from. No daughter in her right mind would side with someone who has hurt her father. She doesn't even inquire about her father or his whereabouts. It's as if she doesn't care!!! This too was totally unrealistic and very hard to swallow.

Adam must have his day and soon. He is entitled to it. Please devise something very soon, if you haven't already, that puts the Martins, Colby, and JR in their places.
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Huff: Bethless (2006)
Season 2, Episode 10
Totally Confused
5 June 2006
I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED. I have been watching Huff for some time now. Please tell me why is his wife mad at him? Did Huff do something to her in an episode I must have missed? At times it seems that Beth is looking for an excuse to dump Huff so she creates conflicts over stuff that goes right over his head. Why can't she support him? He appears not to understand what is going on with her, just like me.

I have not seen Huff do or say anything that should turn his family off, especially his wife. His mother is a crazy alcoholic who hates her family because of what her husband did to her and is trying to convince Beth to leave Huff permanently (Check Segment Aired 6-4-06). Is she not trying to encourage Beth to get out and see other men. What mother would tell her daughter-in-law to cheat on her son. I don't get it.

I will admit, he doesn't take as much time with his son as he should but that is the only negative I see in his relationship with his family. Please enlighten me because this negative thing between Huff and Beth makes no sense to me.
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