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Plain Bad
31 July 2011
Plain and simple, this movie is just bad. Think of every cliché that you've ever seen in an action movie and this movie has it, not to mention the total rip off of Star Wars action sequence in the final battle, except this one takes place underwater instead of in space. Nothing makes sense in the movie, there is no flow, just a bunch of action sequences thrown together. I'm all for so called "popcorn" flicks but this movie even fails in that aspect. Channing Tatum is by far one of the worst actors in movies today. He is the male version of Kristen Stewart. The sad part is that the have a sequel coming out. On another note, why do you need 10 lines for a review to be posted, and when I tried to use proper paragraphing, IMDb auto corrects and just bunches every thought into one long paragraph.
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Hard Boiled (1992)
Top Ten worse movies ever
21 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I checked spoiler alert in case I give something of the plot away but for the life of me I don't know what the plot of this movie was. For a bit there it looked like it was going to develop into something. It definitely had it's influence on 'Infernal Affairs' and 'The Departed' then for some reason they got away from the plot and character development and for what seemed like an eternity, decided to just have people shoot each other in a hospital non-stop??? There were no side stories. Good guys winning? 90% of the police force seemed liked it was killed during the shootout. Hundreds of innocent patients are slaughtered. This is dedicated for the good work the Hong Kong police do? If this is how the Hong Kong police go about business, God help the citizens of Hong Kong.
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