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I wish I knew what this song was called can anyone help me?
3 June 2006
Well II just saw this movie last night, but not for the first time but there's this song that I would really like to know what it is called. It comes on around the time after she goes to yoga and she puts the wine glass to her lips. It has a creepy feel type of rhythm but it also has piano keys. And I believe it starts out "Remember me when you write at night", or something along th lines of that, can anyone help me out? I'd really appreciate it. This was an incredibly good movie and that song made it even better in my opinion, but maybe I just like it because it sounds depressing and I love depressing music. It seems that this song would relate to me, my life, I lost the love of my life, not in death but in my heart, he hates me and this song helps.
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