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ParaNorman (2012)
Nothing Like Coraline - This Movie Sucked
23 August 2012
If you wanted to see this movie because you loved Coraline and loved how dark it was aka not suitable for kids, you will haaaate this movie. It was so lame, I was yawning the whole time and waiting for some Coraline-esque awesomeness to happen, and it never did. Totally appropriate to take kids because that is how lame this movie was. It was super cheesy with all the typical cheesy plot lines you've seen over and over again. Seriously though why does this review have to be ten lines when I can accurately sum it up in about five. The moral of the story was so typical and cheesy. I expected this movie to be somewhat appealing to adults like Coraline was and it was not at all. I even saw it in 3D - what a waste of money, $13 I could have used for something much better.
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Rango (2011)
This movie sucked so hard! The only reason I watched it is because IMDb users rated it so high! FAIL!
15 March 2011
What is wrong with you people that gave this movie glowing reviews? I had such high hopes and left the theater feeling robbed, and completely dissatisfied. It was not funny at all. Barely. I may have had a light chuckle once or twice, but no bellyaching laugh attacks as I was hoping for. First of all, I have amazing taste. Secondly, I have an awesome sense of humor. And finally, I am an easy crowd, meaning it doesn't take much to make me laugh, so trust me when I say this film failed big time! There were plenty of children in the theater with me and none of them were laughing either. So sad. Such a waste of time and money. Listen to me and save yourselves! DO not see this film if you're in the mood to laugh because it won't happen buddy.
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