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K-12 (2019)
As crazy as you'd expect. MM fans you'll LOVE IT.
5 September 2019
I just saw this with my 15 year old daughter. I'm old. Let's not dwell.

The cinema was full. The vibe was positive. The movie looks gorgeous, the pastel colours, the well framed shots and the costumes all looked amazing.

I was wondering after 10 mins into the start of a bus ride , was there going to be music?

O yeah. There was music. So so much music.

If you like MM this will blow you away. The story based around some he'll like school was secondary to the real story of acceptance both of yourself and others.

MM and her friends share an actual super power. Not spoiling it, but do not upset them they will totally ruin you.

Her songs were threaded throughout the movie, tying what really is chaos into a nightmare like vision into MM's dark side.

You will not like this movie if you treat it as a typical movie, this isn't one. It's 80mins of music video interspersed with scenes that may not make sense to us in reality, but do in this world.

Stay past the credits to see MM working hard in the studio showing how she's learning to dance.
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