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Wow, v1.01 posted at 7.5.2019
6 May 2019
My first reaction to this was amazing, wow.

My first reaction to The Runaways (2010) was also amazing wow. After a while I got to keep liking the music, but not so much the story. I wait to see how I fare with this.

I found my DVD because of a newspaper article, TNE #140, 11th April 2019, The First Women Of Punk. I was a classical fan, but in the late 1970's I used to listen to a BBC Saturday afternoon rock show and it started to play The Slits. Scary songs with music so powerful that I had to disregard the scary. I now understand those to have been the John Peel recordings. The Slits as a pop equivalent of Rite Of Spring. If I had known that they played punk I would have become a punk fan.

Later I found their LP, surprised that it was so much less scary than their radio stuff, and I assumed that it was the record label playing politics, but this film and Viv's book do put that into perspective. I am disappointed that the film does not cover the radio recordings, but the book does. With the influence of the band managers not getting much of a look in, I wondered how much of the muting of their energy in Cut came from him, particularly Palmolive getting ditched just before the Cut recording. Viv's book puts that into perspective, Paloma having a period of not much interest in attending rehearsals.

After the first watching of this film, then re-watching slowly, I now read the scenario as: 0 Paloma moves from, for her, a very repressive Spain, to an arty squat part of 1970's London and is among the people involved with the start of a punk approach to music, whatever that is ... 1 Paloma starts The Slits. She had a big say in what was written and how it was performed, though they all contributed, Ari more and more. 2 The BBC recordings told me of music that was likely to be scary for typical males, while having a Pistols like quality that set it on a pedestal. 3 The girls decide to ditch Paloma. The feel and direction of the music changes as a result. 4 The Cut recording session soon after that was all of the songs that Paloma had helped form, but without them having that distinctive quality that set them, for me, high above the rest. 5 Their later studio albums, Return Of The Giant Slits and Trapped Animal, made the sound more high brow, less immediate, and looking to international music influences, though I still find parts of them interesting and Earthbeat even keeps some of the Cut quality.

I could be wrong in feeling a bond with the early Slits. I came from an authoritarian background and mid teens it did give variations of the behavioural scars they have.

When I discovered Cut I was switched off from most everything so I did not notice The Slits again until the 2019 newspaper article. I was too busy being a walking zombie. I am glad of the opportunity to rediscover them. Gratitude to the film.

I found some videos on You Tube. Post Cut, some are charming and some are lost and one documentary re Viv's book explained McLaren's understanding of punk. Are the Peel recordings the only ones that I should understand to be Punk? Maybe, maybe not. The film suggests that The Slits consider Punk to be wide ranging enough to cover it all, they have a different understanding to McLaren. The Cut version of Typical Girls in the end credits and at the signing with Island, that has real power, to me. That naked clothed in mud cover pic now reads as an appropriate symbol of how I understand their likely state and that McLaren definition of Punk would increase the mud?
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Teen Beach Movie (2013 TV Movie)
Controversy and liking this movie series, v1.00
23 March 2019
Teen Beach series is nearly as good as HSM and better than Lemonade Mouth. None of these are 10 out of ten, but they are definitely not a waste of time. To me, anyway.

I can like a movie for all sorts of reasons, some not much to do with the movie at all. This shows me how complicated liking something can get, a very individual thing. Controversial, too. To say why I like this so much, how long will the comment stand before it is deleted after complaints?

The stopwatch starts. There is a lookalike to Selena Gomez in one of the lead roles.

The difficult part is that it reminds me of Selena Gomez and Woody Allen and A Rainy Day In New York and Me Too finger pointing, not that I object to everything about Me Too, it is needed, or something is.

Before this I was really hoping that Amazon would find a way to release a blu-ray of Rainy Day soon. Because it is a Selena, no other reason. Now that hope is rained off. Now I am glad that Woody is suing his backer.

Selena has only had small roles in her recent films that I have seen, so I had had hopes for Rainy Day. That such hopes should crash and I would prefer a lookalike instead, maybe better than not even a lookalike. Her political approach to working with Woody, the large donation to ? Charity?, did make me to look to try to find out more of what that was about. I found understandings by Moses Farrow and Dylan Farrow and Ronan Farrow. Allegations by Dylan that had been looked into by the police and dismissed. The interpretation of Moses seems real, to me, but not that of his brother Ronan. To me, from the little that I know. It seems to be attacks to crush someone because of an allegation alone. If the allegation had led to Woody found guilty, then after paying the legal penalty he would still have been crushed, straight out of a Woody movie? A justice that allows no forgiveness even after paying the legal penalty. Unless Woody was an ultra right wing high court judge? It sounds a bit like Richelle Mead's The Fiery Heart. Of the few Woody films that I have seen I do not really like most, Everyone Says I Love You as the big like, but I do not like it that he or anyone else is attacked for iffy reasons. Selena has her own understanding, which seems to be vomit, to me. It is absurd that I rebound to a lookalike, though. But I have done.

Back to Teen Beach 1 and 2. Okay music. An unreal but tolerable comparison of 1962 v the modern world. Fun escapist fantasy. Nothing like as deep as a Woody, but deep is not always the important thing.
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Annie (2014)
Real music, v1.00
29 October 2017
I am finding these stories to be getting better and better. If the 1982 is a good 7, then the 1995 is a good 8 and the 2014 is more like a 10.

I noticed some user reviews that objected to this not following the original play. I hope that to many that will seem like missing the point, and not just because of the original being a long running newspaper cartoon series.

I find the music to sing. The familiarity of the old music and the new music, too. The only real flaw of the 1995, for me after seeing this, is that it included music when it would have been better without.

Armchair tourism. Most stories have elements that are not too clear. North of 96th Street, yes. Try to follow the final chase with Rough Guide and Google Maps, I could not understand it too well. Two bad guys drive to a bridge in New Jersey via the Henry Hudson Parkway, then the George Washington Bridge, then south to Liberty State Park and then to the bridge. Why not the Holland Tunnel? I assume that a New Yorker would know.
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Final Girl (2015)
Very, very, if with highs and lows, v1.00
27 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I found this by searching for features by Abigail Breslin and, as expected, I rate it a lot, despite the IMDb user rating of 4.7.

Her picking up the guy in the bar, only to mess him up, it is not all as sick as that. Later on she is facing guys who pick her up, with the intention of messing her up, and how she deals with that does not feel sick at all.

The concept of a kid being reared for specialist 'rough tough' tasks has been covered well by Saoirse Ronan in Hanna (2011), also a bit in Violet And Daisy (2011). Add the big name quest series, Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter. Most definitely D.E.B.S. These do a good job in showing such roles as potentially damaging and Final Girl only gives hints of that. What it does have is some of the putridity of such an education, plus the final exam. Except that the exam itself feels weak, as if it is just a carrier for some hidden but rewarding story.
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The Big Short (2015)
For me this was essential viewing about the modern world, v1.00
27 September 2017
Search for recent films with Selena Gomez and one finds such as this. She is only in them for a minute, a disappointingly short time, but in this the appearance is okay. She plays herself trying to explain one of the mechanisms behind the 2008 USA and worldwide financial disaster, and the setting for that example is the betting games at Las Vegas.

While that financial crash was happening I was too tied up by the UK Blair Witch period to be able to access news, so I only knew about the crash by prices starting to rise and supermarkets starting to move stuff around a lot, which as a way to put off supermarket customers seems effective, just I assume that it is done to advertise their stock range and to try to get more income? When UK Tory politicians blamed the crash on the previous Labour government I had no basis, other than suspicion, for questioning that.

The Big Short tells me things about the recent world and communicates better than a serious technical work would have done. I needed this.

'Citizenfour' (2014), does does the same about a period when I was starting to be able to access the news. It adds more detail about how the modern world works.

Look to the 2017 UK world, Brexit, these both help me to understand and appreciate that, though it would need additional features to give an explanation of how the left and right have gotten tied up by their equivalents of Blair Witch.

News in September 2015 of unusually high UK levels of unsecured debt due to poverty and Brexit suggesting that a financial crash might be imminent in the UK, it is The Big Short that supplies the alarm bells for that.
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Zombieland (2009)
Twinkies, v1.01
27 September 2017
I found this by searching for features by Abigail Breslin, Emma Stone was a big additional plus. A fun, watchable zombie story.

The story also set me to searching for Twinkies, a piece of USA culture that occurs frequently in stories and discovering that they are vegetarian and at my local supermarket allowed me to find out that they are something that I personally prefer to avoid. That also led me to wondering about Fat Cakes as in iCarly and the real world equivalents I found were totally brilliant, until I discovered that some were not vegetarian, but some are.

The Abigail character rates 'Hannah Montana' a lot, so I followed that through but did not find the series as watch-able. Miley Cyrus features are better and I rate 'So Undercover' (2012)

Other zombie stuff I have seen recently includes Warm Bodies, very different but equally memorable.
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A fun way to pass an hour or so, v1.00
27 September 2017
Try to get recent features with Selena Gomez, one finds just a short appearance. Except that with this and The Big Short the stories have a lot going for them. The Big Short is also good Selena. I found 'Aftershock' (2012) to be disappointing, seconds of bad girl Selena and the wrong sort of story, though I accept that Aftershock tried to portray something worth attempting to portray.

At the centre of this story, B N 2, are the characters from Bad Neighbours, which I have not seen, plus Chloe Grace Moretz in one of her more fun roles. Her at 17 playing an 18, beginner level student, with Zac Efron, no longer 17 or 18, as her instructor in teen debauchery. He also passes on his skills re being a bad neighbour, while occasionally getting cuddles from neighbour Rose Byrne.

I am hoping that it is okay to consider this story as unreal. The understandings of good practice would not have much survival value in the everyday world.
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Hospitalised Emma Roberts, v1.00
27 September 2017
I found this because it is an Emma Roberts, and to me it was, as with most of her stuff, worth finding. That definitely includes Nerve (2016), about kids playing an internet dare game.

It's A Kind Of Funny Story is effective teens with problems re mental health. I have no idea how the fee paying USA system deals with the full range of that, but the UK has been underfunding this sector for some time so the National Health Service and education services are of limited help.

This is a fun story that mostly manages to be sympathetic. Cuckoo's Nest seemed to set a precedent for including patients going AWOL and I wonder how those are intended to be understood by those who consider mental patients as dangerous? That is the aspect of the story that I personally would prefer to be other, to me it spoils the sympathetic view.

My experience of mental health support is that it can help some, while being retrograde for many others. This exploration of those it can help feels useful for considering the wider situation. I consider this story to be filmic literature rather than a gripping yarn.
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Shorts (2009)
One of the better Rodriguez for kids, v1.00
27 September 2017
Check the reviews for this. Many are totally against this feature, yet some are for. I am for.

My first viewing, it was not an instant like, not many are these days. The Last Mimzy was an instant like, but this one, Shorts, just had some highlights. I purchased my copies of both of these by chance, they stood out on the shelf when nothing else did. What made Shorts stand out, for me, was it being a kid's film by Rodriguez.

My third viewing, on a large screen and seen up close, said that Shorts is exceptionally good, while also being exceptionally disgusting. It makes The Philosopher's Stone seem tame. Could be that many who consider this feature to be garbage are actually expressing a lack of love for disgusting? Me, I loved my third viewing a lot. True love.

I was really surprised that when Spy Kids 4 came to the UK it was not screened at more cinemas. I am now guessing that it is extremely popular on disk, but that many also consider it to be way too smelly. Cinema owners had a problem with SK 4? I never got around to using my scratch cards.

I experience Shorts to be one of the better Rodriguez for kids, even better than SK4, at the level of SK1 and 3.
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As good as the DVD box says it is, v1.00
27 September 2017
As good as the DVD box says it is, v1.00 First viewing I found this very okay, something that I had not been expecting as the DVD box says that it is really good. When a box says that expect the opposite?

SF for kids, but a lot of care has gone into getting the detail right. The quality of acting reflects that approach, too. The story hangs together and flows. A story at the level of 'Super 8'.

So, 'the spiders react to sound', what type of spiders and how? The SF calls for an uncritical approach, but that is not uncommon and here it does not get in the way for me.

This is the sort of story that has me looking to IMDb Filming Locations. Spectacular Northern Rockies. British Columbia, Canada and Seattle, USA.

The dynamics between the two kids, brother and sister, as a highlight. They get along. Occasionally there is conflict, big brother likes to be on top. Mostly they fit together well, they are principals in what is at times an action story and they make a good team. Their rather different qualities support each other to allow things to get done. That aspect might have been deliberately crafted in as a kiddie morality tale. Thankfully, Mimzy is better than a simple 'good and proper' story.
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The Pacifier (2005)
Unusual quality, if this is your sort of thing. V1.00
23 August 2016
Recently I have found it difficult to find really good family films, and then I find a batch.

I found this via the Pitch Perfect features, which I can watch over and over again. I rate that the best for several actors and it has gotten me purchasing a few disks of other work, just because.

As an example of early Brittany Snow I have to rate this high. She was good in John Tucker (2006) and this is just as memorable, for me. Both amazingly fun films.

If you rate this too, consider watching The Spy Next Door (2010). A similar story that gets a lot of really bad IMDb reviews, but a lot of really good ones too. I rate it even higher than this, though according to some you need the mental age of less than 12 to appreciate either. Such stories usually rate low at IMDb.

Others in the amazing batch were Home Alone (1990) and Sky High (2005), which I rate as almost as good.

The Pacifier: IMDb rating 5.5, 17.9% rate it as eight or nine or ten.

The Spy Next Door: IMDb rating 5.4, 15.1% rate it as eight or nine or ten.

Home Alone: IMDb rating 7.5, 52% rate it as eight or nine or ten.

Sky High: IMDb rating 6.2, 25.9% rate it as eight or nine or ten.
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Easy A (2010)
Hit the replay button. V1.00
23 August 2016
This is the sort of thing I can watch over and over again. And I have done just that.

I got it as a follow on to Bandslam (2009). Most of the stuff I have with Aly Michalka is not what I can rate as exceptionally good, but I still try to watch her other work and I discovered this. Aly's role is not so hot in this, she is not the good guy, but she does help along a film that really stands out and the IMDb rating of 7.1 suggests that for once there are a few others who agree on that.

Add Amanda Bynes of She's The Man and LaLaine of Lizzie McGuire, even Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl. Evocative. I am surprised that I have never noticed Emma Stone before.
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Taken (I) (2008)
Travelling in Europe was never like this? V1.00
23 August 2016
My reaction to this was similar to my reaction to Wolf Creek (2005). A very watchable film, but including some really sick sexuality. For those with their feet firmly on the ground as regards to good sexual practice then I assume this can be very acceptable horror, if one has a love of this horror genre. Taken has an even more gripping storyline to Wolf Creek, also a more blatant imagery.

Me, when it comes to the portrayal of sexuality I feel on stronger ground with family features such as Aquamarine, fun horror, though features at the quality level of that one are rare. Scary horror can be brilliant too, but I am safer with such as the Scream series, particularly 1 and 4, or Halloween 1 to 5.

I am hoping that if I watch this a few times then the problems I get from the sexual violence will calm. They did with Wolf Creek. Could be I should be able to appreciate this action story a whole lot better.

A plus. UK news of the problems of young people trying to cross Europe to gain political asylum hint that the sexual horror of Taken does have echoes in reality. I used to find it easy just to accept such news, but without realising the level of horror. I am now glad that I purchased my disk.
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Scary Movie 5 (2013)
Surprise surprise, sick humour, v1.00
4 August 2016
First viewing it felt sick. Vomit. I rated it as zero and switched off early. Except that I had to distrust my first impression and watch it again, see if I switched off early that time too. I found it watch-able but not as interesting as the first or second of the series.

I then stayed away from it for a year and then surprised myself by finding it as less vomit worthy than any of the previous in the series. I accept that I should be ashamed for liking the sick humour in 5.

I hope to grow out of liking this movie. I hope that I do not watch it all that often. It makes me laugh, though.

Lindsay was fun, in a parody of herself. Ashley Tisdale as not memorable, as she was in HSM, but I still found her to be fun.
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Willy/Milly (1986)
A nice transgender story, v1.00
29 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have not come across many transgender stories in feature films. Transamerican and XXY are both fairly serious, reminiscent of the novels of such as Julie Anne Peters. Also, XXY as a subject that is close to transgender rather being solidly part of it. Mrs Doubtfire as definitely not a transgender story, though it is what many understand to be transgender??? Could be that Doubtfire is transgendered without being aware of it or being able to admit it? I find that there are a lot of insidious pressures towards gender change being hidden.

Willy Milly, my UK DVD gives Something Special as the title, is not serious. It is strongly in the tradition of male to female fantasy stories, except those typically have the male to female ending up as permanently female. Here the story was written by someone likely born as a male and ends with the female to male happily ending up back as female. The qualities of maleness, crude, cave man, for how Willy is taught fit the genre: It does not line up with how many of the males actually are. Memories of the transition scene in She's The Man (2006), and how most of the males actually are in that story. If Willy Milly had been written by a female to male it would be rather different.

I experience the story as really okay. Fun escapist nonsense. My DVD is by Pegasus Entertainment. The only flaw with my disk is image quality. IMDb lists the feature as having been made on 35mm, but the visual quality is poor, as if it originated on video. For me it is worth it because of the story.
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Fashion Rules, v1.00
27 February 2016
A fun story. Except that for me the main actor is the fashion, all else is secondary.

I was thrown that the story is rooted in reality, someone screaming with horror at their experiences when working at Vogue USA. Questions of ethics. Except that the portrayal of the editor is solid. Backtrack. It is bad, just when watching it I am not thrown by it, the editor is a person of stature. Unless one thinks things through. There are all sorts of things that I would really like to scream in horror about and I do attempt to scream occasionally and my IMDb review of Alexa Vega's Innocent (2009) was such an attempt, it got deleted by IMDb, however. There are standards.

The classic feature for ethics problems as Fast Times At Ridgement High as an example and Cameron Crowe's fictionalised biography Almost Famous as background notes.

I find the view of dieting as scary and I do not know how real that depiction was. I have been on a calorie controlled diet for a while due to age or something knocking out my previous tendency to skinniness. The dieting in this story talks of an imbalanced diet based on a false identification of what is healthy. I would have expected Vogue articles to be fairly clued up re healthy diet, though I used to skip over the food ones.
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Wild love, v1.01
27 February 2016
Early 2016 I purchased four very low cost DVDs as a speculative purchase. Would they be fun second childhood food or not? One was Mean Girls 2, which I was not expecting much of. However the price was low and I do remember a review that suggested that it was a lot better if one did not expect it to be a true sequel. This is made to very different production values and is much meaner than the original, but that could be the direction rather than the script.

The others were Die Wilden Kerle 1 to 3. The DVD boxes were fully in German, but the distributor was Buena Vista so I assume that there was likely to be an English language alternate soundtrack, or at least subs. The first feature turned out to be German only, but the other two had English subtitles.

If I had read the IMDb reviews before purchase I would have avoided these. As is I found both 2 and 3 to be fairly typical of average quality features for kids. Technically weak but interesting none the less. I accept that such stories often get poor IMDb reviews. Personally, I found these imaginative Wilden stories to be a breath of fresh air.

The second feature involves a feud between a mostly boys sports team and its banker. The story flow is based on a pseudo vampire luring the team's best player away by careful use of romance, something that the team itself does not have a clue about. A quality story.

The third feature centres on a feud between the team and someone who left them in the early years, friendship destroyed, a different sort of love being central. All good stuff even though the acting feels weak. A nice extra for me is that this is a transgender story.

I was impelled to get the disk of DWK5 and that is up to the same standard. In this the love theme is the bad guy having a type of love that sucks the victim into eternal chains, eternal death. It also does not get good reviews, but some should be able to get a lot of fun out of these stories, despite that.

In comparison, Mean Girls 2 felt weak. It also reminded me of Disney stuff such as Camp Rock 1 and 2, but weaker. I can still find entertainment in Mean Girls 2, though.
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Divergent (2014)
An adaptation that is very okay, v1.00.
27 February 2016
The biggest problem that this film series faces is that it is based on some very long and delicious novels. The Hunger Games series shows that the features can still be okay, but that is not the same as 'delicious'.

So I experience Divergent to be very okay. It is an adaptation rather than a straight copy and the two commentaries with my disk do help me see why the adaptations were made. A lot of the film can feel natural, even though such as The Pit is rather different to the book.

The film makers / director are / is, not surprisingly, very visually orientated rather than technically orientated and to me this is the root of the main problems that I experience in Divergent the film. To fully experience most features films one has to suspend disbelief, which can take a bit of work. Mostly with Divergent I find it easy to suspend disbelief, but I had not read the novels for about a year prior to my first viewing.

With the feature Super 8, the train crash is deliberately visually orientated to an unreal extent and its commentary says why. Divergent: My biggest problem, first viewing, was the zip line ride from the Hancock building. Visuals gone wild at the expense of reality. Try such a ride in even a less windy city would be asking to get smeared on the buildings that are passed. Building such a ride would not be so easy for such a society, either. Yet the novels feel very real in their depictions of the ride. The Abnegation underwear of Tris, a more humorous piece of unreality.

There are plenty of other parts of the story where the visuals are too hotted up for my taste, becoming unreal, but to point to them can easily get in the way of appreciation of the film.

I get the descriptor 'delicious' from that magnificent second childhood story Ramona And Beezus.
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A story that ages well, v1.00
27 February 2016
In the 1950's and 60's I really used to like war films, especially on the box.

In 2015 I tried looking back and mostly my taste has changed, I now prefer such as Clueless or Mama Mia or Rock Of Ages, but this is one of those that I can still really like.

I note that it is now out on Blu-ray. As I was looking at the genre I went for a DVD disk collection instead, The War Collection vol 1 and 2, and found these useful as I could rate high most stuff on the disks.

Used to be that I had a real love for Lancasters and Mosquitos. The Mosquito does not do so well in features, but the Lancaster does well by this and modern video replay technology allows more detail to be seen.
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Grease 2 (1982)
Pfeiffer. v1.01
27 February 2016
For value in this I have to look to Michelle Pfeiffer and no further. To me that is enough to be able to experience this story as very acceptable.

There are plenty of aspects of the story that are okay, glamorous even, but without my central focus being on Pfeiffer I would have to brush them off.

There are plenty of aspects of the story that I experience as weak, best avoided. I need to fast forward in such as the classroom song Reproduction. Except that some really like that song. Personal taste? In comparison, Blue Crush 2 and Mean Girls 2 are more difficult for me. They lack the simple hook that Pfeiffer gives for appreciating this story, though Mean Girls 2 looks to have had an unusually good script that does not survive the direction of the acting.
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Christmas Eve, 2014, v1.00
29 December 2014
I purchased my blu-ray because of Mama Mia, no other reason. If it was anything like I would be wanting to watch it on Christmas Eve and on every other day for the next few days. It would have been the highlight of the holiday season.

I found Mama Mia via the serendipity method, an ultra low cost second hand DVD. I was soon needing to purchase a blu-ray, again low cost second hand, and went straight to the blu version of this, again low cost second hand, despite blu being less easy to play.

So I watched it the once, but as is I am holding back from re-watching it for a few days. To me it is more akin to Evita than Mama Mia. Evita, first viewing I switched off before 15 minutes were up. I eventually went back for a second viewing and by now I rate it as a quality feature film version of an opera, one that can grab me all the way through. For me, it does not have the immediacy and fun appeal of the musical Mama Mia. It is just a different beasty.

For Christmas I re-watched my recently acquired blu of Selena Gomez's Getaway. High octane fun, if for occasional viewing only. Nothing like Les Miserables. Also, a second childhood level Barbie DVD, 12 Dancing Princesses. I had purchased this months before but held back from re-watching it for a special occasion. As if I really needed Christmas 2014 to be fun. I also re-watched my blu version of Jurassic Park, one of those that is even more amazing than the original DVD.

For reading, a Rachel Caine from the Weather Warden series. Indulgence.

It is Evita and the user reviews of LM that make me have faith in LM. This is nothing like Mama Mia.
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Eye opener, v1.00
7 April 2014
I found this to be the most approachable of the five features. I found reading the novel after watching the feature to add to the experience. I found the Youtube audio books by BreakingDawnReader1, etc, to add to that.

The dress code of the wolves, at first I found that to be a big let down as it is not explained in the features or the commentary. I am now wondering if it is part of the novels that I have forgotten about. The novel series Animorphs by Katherine Applegate does give a believable explanation in its early episodes and I now import that into my experience of this feature and I can shrug off what used to be a big negative point, to me.

I used to experience the romance of the first three features as fake, unreal. After gradually acclimatising to this feature I can now accept the romance in all of the features. I have now watched it through, the full set of features, a few times and found them all to be okay. I needed this feature in order to be able to do that.

I found the later features of Kristen to be a problem to me due to her acting style. Riley's and Snow White. This feature has enabled me to overcome that. I can now like them more. I will now be wanting to get more of Kristen's later features.

Me rating this feature as 10 out of ten. That is more as a tribute to how it has affected my experience of the series and of Kristen's work.
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Pramface (2012– )
An average series, v1.01
26 January 2014
My first impression was that there were things lacking in this. Recently I have seen Star Wars for the first ever time and I got the same impression and shrugged that off by considering it as a story written by a very effective geek that not surprisingly turned out as geared to 8 year old boys.

So, many still respect Star Wars, I only saw it because of the comments about it in the Scream series and then found ordinary priced second hand copies of a few. Some seem to like Pramface as well, though I do not think that it is intended to appeal to boys of such a young age?

I find Pramface to have several positive aspects in the story details so I will not try to hide from season 2, if it appears on disk. Pramface has some very effective actors, but for me it lacks the support needed for their effectiveness to shine.


Other series that I have seen recently includes Jonas season 1, season 2 not being available yet. I was attracted to this because of Camp Rock. A positive aspect that this shares with Pramface is no canned laughter. For me a big plus. Other than that, a problem as the first ten episodes I really preferred to avoid. But by 1-11, midway into disk Season 1, Volume 2, things picked up and it varied between average and a bit above average. It includes a character with the Disney look best shown by Ashley Tisdale in HSM and Zach And Cody, just for me the look was starting to feel overdone. It did make me wish that season sets of Zach And Cody were available instead of just the two sampler disks. Tisdale has a real magnificence in these.

Shake It Up. I had great hopes for this, just it turned out to be just an average series with canned laughter added. Aarghhh. My DVD is a compilation of seven episodes from seasons 1 and 2 so it is unlikely to appear as full season sets. I was actually a bit disappointed by the lack of sets as season 2 improves.

W.I.T.C.H. animated series. The first few books of the series are available locally at affordable second hand prices, just the DVDs only seem to include a few episodes so I guess it might work out rather expensive to get full season sets, if that is possible. I do like the novels, though, neat second childhood food. The TV version seems really okay too, once I had gotten over my initially hostile reaction.

Sofia's World. A TV series from one of the smaller TV channels, and one that is definitely a step above average. A UK sixth former doing work experience at a teen magazine. My DVD set has a dozen episodes, comprising all of seasons one and two.

Fame. I came across a few of the later episodes of the 1980's TV series when it was broadcast in the UK. The season 1 DVD set tells me that it is way better than I remember it, a lot better than the average TV series, quality, though many appear to disagree on that.

Hi-5. A series from Australia, with some seasons geared to the USA market. This is geared to kids around age 5, though some males in their twenties appear to have a love of it. Is that the age twenty something actors being what some would consider to be attractive or is it recognition of useful second childhood food? First viewing of volumes 5 and 6 I found Hi-5 to be alien, but tolerable on a later viewing.

Six Feet Under, season 4. This has four episodes with the Trachtenberg as a scary popular music singer, guarded by the lover of the gay. I find this series as way above average if not viewed too often.

Gossip Girl season six. As with other seasons I experience this as way above average. This final season is also more approachable than the others. The series finale is excellent.

Surprise. Star Wars, Clone Wars, animated series season 1 volume 1. Instead of being Star Wars disease I found it to be even better than any of these, even better than Gossip Girl, series finale excepted.
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Tumbleweeds (1999)
Inspiration to … , v1.00
26 January 2014
Some reviews here consider Tumbleweeds to be too derivative but I experience it as being worthwhile.

I was impressed. I had not written any IMDb comments for several months and this made me start writing. I also started a review of the TV series Pramface that I had high hopes for but which turned out to be only average. In 2013 it was the two Snow White movies and Machete that I found to be inspirational.

Tumbleweeds does not give a polite interpretation of some aspects of USA male society. Some might experience it as threatening. This talks of a time when many mature males are likely to have been reared by the 'Cave Man' methods of 'Dr Spock'. The men who the mum of this story had relationships with, something is tragically predictable there.

The mum in this ends up feeling that she has no option but to swear off romantic relationships with men. My interpretation, the story does not say that, one uses one's imagination.

The past year, the UK pogroms included actions against some people with disaster level sexual skills and some key UK figures pointed to were very respected BBC radio popular music DJs. The disaster that the mum faces in this has counterparts in the UK, though the disaster does not seem identical.

In the UK I call what is happening a Pogrom because it points to behaviour that is often obviously junk and encourages the population to feel secure in drawing fairly puritan conclusions about these bad guys. For me the 1990's was showing me how tied up people can get, with a lot of pressure to get tied up to sexist or puritan ways. I would have expected the modern world to be moving towards healthier ways to clean up the disease. Instead, the UK seems to be as bad as the Middle East, diseased; rooted in puritan disease and fighting the good fight against those with different disease.

This story is from the point of view of the mum and daughter. As a tangled male to female under pressure to get tangled even more I do not find this story to be threatening. The issues are very real 'modern world', to me. I am finding it a fun way to consider related aspects of the wider world.


I feel a need to compare this story with Machete (2010). A fun story about immigrants, mostly illegal, which I prefer to interpret as a parable about the apparent impossibility of moving to the symbolic New World, for me the promised land of transgender working out okay, not getting excluded from key aspects of reality.

Machete ends with a big shoot up and if that happened in the real world the immigrants would just get messed up badly. As is, it makes for a fun story.


The land of ice and penguins. Features such as Independence Day (1996) by Roland Emmerich remind me of parables where symbolic beliefs are portrayed as solid reality. At the end of 2013, Yahoo showed some 1990's pictures of the new sea level if all of the permanent snow and ice melted. A rise of sea level of around 300 metres, lots of coastal land submerged. For that to be physically true it would call for the permanent ice to have an average depth of several kilometres, which I consider to be inaccurate in a really huge way. I just do not believe it.

I assume that is a symbolic belief. Likely talking about iced up individuals, fears of what would happen if the chained were liberated. Tumbleweeds includes several different types of ice-scream-victim in need of liberation and the world has always been under pressure to notice big reasons to fear their liberation.

Praise the effective, penalise the crippled. Vomit, but the previously crippled mum is moving to a position where she can start to appear as effective.
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Mightily foul, magnificently putrid, v1.00
3 September 2013
A Brit story about foul people, not uncommon these days. Just this is a rarity, one that I can love. No pain to watch this one, for me anyway. Even Henry's greatest enemy, Moody Margaret, is so totally magnificent.

The IMDb rating for this, August 2013, was 3.5. That is maybe to be expected, these stories are nearly always rated lower than the target audience would give. As a balance I chose to rate it as 10 just because of that. It is my prediction of how the target audience might rate it.

A more natural for a rating of ten is Aquamarine, but Horrid Henry still has a lot going for it.


The question of whether England is really as putrid as this comedy shows is totally not relevant, but during the summer there was a special season for political policy re those on a low income. The ruling party started the summer extremely low in the popularity charts and by the end of the summer they were flying high, it was the opposition who had sunk really low. News said that Britain was on the way to economic recovery. Meantime those on the lowest income prepared for a future of an even lower income.

England is difficult to understand if one happens to be dispossessed, it is way to easy to misinterpret reality. Another big story of the summer was that of Whistle-blower. I find it easy to consider it foul that he was telling stories based on privileged information, the dispossessed often get messed up by that and by misinterpretations of that. But the information had stuff such as the UK spying on visiting politicians when they came here to talk international politics, that is so horrid that I can totally expect it of modern Brits. When a key aid of Whistle-blower, David Miranda, was arrested this summer I noticed lots of Brit comments to the news being that these were all accepted and normal practices, that the arrest was proper, that the Official Secrets Acts was meant to protect the government when they snooped on their neighbours, that the secret information could lead to terrorist attacks if released.


I personally find it easy to consider Horrid Henry to be saying things about day to day Brits, but that is not the point.

This is a story for pre-teens. Me being a second childhood type at retirement age I consider that there are not enough quality features for these. I also consider it to be quality and also fun. It was also much more affordable than most other video disks. Pointless vomit that I also consider the story to be worthwhile.

If such features are often an important part of the training ground for future actors then one can hope for great things. I do not say great and terrible things.
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