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A nice idea, but makes for an unpleasant viewing
9 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Mexican cinema is not for the faint at heart. This film in particular is well acted but filled with violence and gratuitous nudity. One of the fathers, the one who is reluctant at first, is especially convincing and the child is very endearing, but this isn't enough to warrant an evening of watching people making wrong decisions and paying a high price. But if you are really intent on watching it, I suggest playing only the scenes where the young boy is getting acquainted with his new family, which involve the two fathers, the Gardener and the maid. Those are are really lovely. The dancing towards the end to a song by Mexican singer Daniela Romo is a riot. Love her! Unfortunately that's not enough. The disc will end up on my mango tree, so as to repel bats at night.
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Eli Stone: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (2008)
Season 1, Episode 4
More than meets the eye in this episode
22 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Wake me up before you go-go has a review already, so I am merely adding an observation. Spoilers if you haven't seen the episode already. So Eli thinks he got the message wrong, and Nate was supposed to help Coma Guy, not him. I beg to differ. Coma Guy needed to let go of his wife and wish her well, independently of her behavior towards him. Eli's advice of moving on with his life, not his help with the lawsuit is what the man needed. As soon as he let her go, his mission in this word was finished. That's why he came back from the coma, for one last learning experience: forgiveness. Oh and it may just be me, but I found Coma Guy king of creepy.
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Not a happy camper, spoilers ahead
17 June 2007
My oh my.

I was so looking forward to his apparently sweet romantic comedy. Costner is one of my favorite leading men and I respect Robin Wright Penn's work tremendously. But this! Kevin Costner plays a captain who will not let go of his wife's memory while at the same time is falling for Penn, a writer/researcher's who finds the message in a bottle he wrote to his wife. "Mhh, she seems nice, and she is alive, while the other one is dead". What should I do" ?And it goes on like this for 131 minutes!

The beginning shows this big feud between the captain and his dead wife's family. They want her paintings and he won't part with them. I wanted to say to him: keep one and give the others away! When he finally does part with all of them (big sigh of relief there), I thought this drawn out plot was over, closure was made and we would see Penn's character with a new man and a smile on her face, but no!!! He builds a new boat, names it after his late WIFE, invites Penn to the christening, and babbles in public about how much he misses his first love. AHHHH!!

The best part for me was definitely the first 9 minutes, which I happened to have missed.

And the end is not brave in my opinion, it is contrived and perfectly ludicrous. You don't have to be a psychologist to know Costner's character hasn't moved an inch from the beginning, he says he is "saved" when he first met his wife, feels guilty because he can't save her back, and then, he has to go and try to save a drowning woman, to make up for the one he couldn't save.

It makes me want to scream! So men, women, and children alike do not see this movie, no matter how free it is or how bored you are. Or even how handsome Costner is. I learned my lesson.

Better see Dragonfly. There's a missing wife there too but that film will take your breath away.
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Mio figlio (2005 TV Movie)
An amazing story
31 May 2007
I've been wondering lately whether paying for cable TV is such a good investment. After all, how much do I watch that I really like ? Some series occasionally make me chuckle, but nothing extraordinary.

That is, until "Mio Figlio" came along. The beautiful beach city of Trieste, and the fact that it is in Italian, caught my attention. It starts out as your typical murder story : An older detective is investigating the death of a young woman and many clues are pointing to his own son.

The detective, Dr Vivaldi, is thus forced to reevaluate his relationship with his now remarried ex- wife, his son, a budding policeman, his work, and his place into the world. The murder theme is there in the background, but the story starts to become much more, as it goes inside the lives of those people and their insecurities.

I don't think I will spoil anyone's viewing by saying that the actor who plays the son is so talented and attractive that he can carry the film on his own. Attractive I mean in a real way, not puffed up.

Make no mistake. Although the title means "My Son", the movie is about the father, a man who wants the world to be his way, and the lessons he is forced to learn.

The subtitles disappeared due to a poor signal, and I was surprised to see that I actually enjoyed the movie better. How come? Because only excellent actors like those can convey emotion and intention with their face and the mere sound of their voice.

So take out your popcorn and prepare to be dazzled and entertained!
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