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Raw Deal (1986)
A quintessential example of what not to do in a film, yet, very entertaining.
21 February 2001
Raw Deal represents one of Schwarzenegger's finer works as he encapsulates the essence of a former FED gone town sheriff trying to infiltrate the Chicago mafia while sporting an Austrian accent. Not since Red Sonja and Hercules in New York have I been so awe-inspired by how a film such as this one can be approved for production. Nonetheless, the film proves with each viewing to be of paramount enjoyment as I am entertained by the clique lines, illogical plot, ridiculous action scenes and laughable acting. I am particularly moved by the graveyard scene in which Arnold so eloquently pleads to his best friend, "Harry, don't die. It's not ova. I get you ambulance." Tears came to my eyes instantly. I just hope that future film classes will exhibit Raw Deal as an example of, "what not to do in a film."
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