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I have a question
18 May 2006
I have seen this movie probably a thousand times,,no joke...I have to say this was one of the most incredible movies I have ever seen,,will go down as a true classic...I have one question though, in "The Two Towers", when Sam and Frodo are talking, Sam asks Frodo : "do you know who you sound like?" ,,it is the scene when Sam is calling Smeigle names and Frodo gets upset with him,,,I may have missed it but who does he sound like???? Is it Smeigle??? A huge thumbs up for all who were involved in the making. I probably watch the whole series four times a month. To make it worse, even though I can speak along with the actors and actresses, I find something different or something I've missed every time I watch it. CONGRATS TO ALL INVOLVED!!!!!!
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