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Matrix (1993– )
The Matrix was a great television program
17 May 2006
The way the program was filmed has now given rise to programs such as "24" to be filmed in the same way. When comparing The Matrix to a program such as "24", you have to think about how times have changed in the past 10 years and yet how they have virtually remained the same. Stephen Matrix would fight evil to save the person who needed help and himself from an eternity in hell. Jack Bauer has to fight evil in order to save his family yet do it within his own letter of the law. It was enjoyable and I had a great time watching it. The many different actors turned directors who worked both before and behind the cameras was immense and now even more actors are getting the chance to actually film their own programs more often. The Matrix took me out of the more boring simple life that I lead and let my mind think about how my life was not as bad as it was for some of the characters on the program. I look forward to it coming out on DVD.
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