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16 May 2006
I saw this movie yesterday and just wanted to disagree on a slight point ... In my house we felt great compassion for the convicted boy in jail. His face changed so much in a few years, too much suffering and more to come, nauseating. What makes us mad more than his crime(s) is the world that sends its kids to hell and that cynically turns them into freaks/monsters/lunatics/victims etc... pick one up. This is a tough subject treated here with a sensitive approach. and i understand that one can be reluctant to face part of the violent reality of the 21st century. One the other hand one does not hesitate to see a movie which setting is a WW1 battleground full of injured people or more violent things if possible. Go and see this movie, the work of the authors is great, i hope they will manage to produce the rest of it.
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