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Atomic Blonde (2017)
Good action movie that does its job. Recommended.
6 July 2019
Great action sequences, photography, and acting, a solid action movie in a sea of garbage. The movie is very entertaining and just flies by.

The plot is relatively simple, standard spy movie stuff, and presented in an interesting way appropriate for the genre. The acting is good, with characters whose intent we're never quite sure of. Of course, Charlize Theron is perfect in this femme fatale role.

The action is very well made, with relatively long, well-choreographed shots (much like John Wick). It gives a really good sense of actual fighting as it really seems like they're beating each other up. Her fighting style makes sense as the slender woman that she is: quick, uses her environment, and frequently performs various Judo throws which is always nice to see.

The photography is great, and personally I quite liked the aesthetics of the purple and blue lights, and the gloomy depiction of 1989 Berlin.

What surprises me most is that this movie currently has the same rating as the last Fast and Furious, where the action seems to be filmed by someone high on coke who keeps cutting left and right, and with ludicrous plots and acting.

In my humble opinion, this is leagues above that, and hopefully action movies move in this and John Wick's direction.
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