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You have to have an imagination...
7 July 2003
The New Adventures of Robin Hood, known to the fans simply as NAoRH, is lack of publicity. To enjoy this show you need to at least like the legend of Robin Hood. After that you need to have an imagination, this is a fantasy show with a almost none existent budget. The special affects were literally cardboard cut-outs and tricks such as putting a sword to your side to make it look as if it went through you. If you have an imagination you can see past that and enjoy. One particular aspect of the show that made it so short lived was replacing Robin Hood. The original and by many considered the best Robin Hood after Errol Flynn was Matthew Porretta. He looked the part, and pulled off the terrible one liners in the scripts so that you HAD to like them. It also didn't hurt that he is gorgeous, has one hell of a voice and the most adorable smile in history. When he said he was Robin Hood you didn't feel the need to question it, you just believed. He was one of the few involved in the show that had talent, then they replace him with John Bradley, whose claim to fame is a bit part in Independence Day. He actually did that part well, but he made Robin Hood looked like a continually drunk, out of place and generally ignorant oaf. That change was very bad, where as the change in Marions was not quite so crushing. Their acting abilities were similar and they both portrayed the lady warrior as well as could be expected. Though it may be difficult to except a female fighter in the twelfth century, as woman I have to admit I enjoyed seeing a Marion that wasn't screaming and wringing her hands. The stories were interesting, but could have been done considerably better with a larger budget. They were good in the first two seasons then got so bad and half were stolen in the third season I got headaches. The first and second seasons are worth your time, but don't bother with the third unless your a John Bradley fan. As a huge fan of the Robin Hood legend, with a wild imagination and a woman with eyes I fell in love with the first two seasons of NAoRH.
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The X-Files (1993– )
3 October 2002
Forget alcohol, this absolutely incredible show is quite possibly more addicting. The acting is to say the least amazing, and the characters are so real it's a bit spooky. The first fours seasons are the best, combing sci-fi, horror and reality drama into a most satisfying combination. I find the show fearlessness when showing gore is refreshing (no i do not have a gore fetish)and ability to back up the most wild theories is almost unimaginable. The scripts are so unbelievable, that you might laugh them off at first thought, but they draw you in making you want to believe. Most episodes in the first 5 seasons are phenomenal, though there are some duds, after all, nobody can have perfection. The chemistry shared between the two main characters, Mulder and Scully is at times choking, they seem so connected that you can help but momentarily forget, they aren't real. Splitting them up pretty much wrote the epitaph for the show, bringing them back together for the series finale did boost it ever so slightly. Even before I watched the show I knew half the catch phrases, Trust no one, the truth is out there, i want to believe and characters names, now what does that say? The show will forever be remembered hopefully when it was strongest, not toward then sad end it had.
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Hannibal (2001)
Not as good as Silence of The Lambs
6 September 2001
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS** ***SPOILERS*** In Silence of the Lambs, Anthony Hopkins performance can only be described as magnificent. In Hannibal it wasn't as good (not that it was bad). Julianne Moore should be commended for bravery for taking that part and having the guts to replace Jodie Foster. She did pretty well in the part but, not quite as good as Jodie. The storyline was not as good either, much of the supposed to be scary parts were over done gory slasher film types. It didn't have the suspense and thrills that made Silence so great. It wasn't all bad though, it started out well with Clarice being shunned by the FBI she trusted, and Hannibal following every step, until he was found out. Then it went slightly down hill. The book was of course better than the movie (excluding the ending). But you can't blame this on the screenwriter entirely; I personally don't think this was the best candidate to turn into a movie. The movie couldn't possibly fit all the stuff that made the book better, including Margot and Hannibal's past and showing more of Paul Krendler's involvement with Mason Verger. The ending to the movie was actually better than in the book, and I won't do the Clarice would've never done that angle. She was on hypnotic drugs, she would have done anything, but the 2 of them leaving together was much like the gore, a little over the top. The score was like the first chilling and one thing that did not disappoint but probably could have worked better with more help from the story.
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26 August 2001
Could honestly be the best acting I have ever seen. The story was chilling and fascinating and wonderfully adapted from the book. Hannibal Lector is both a terrifying yet perplexing character. Anthony Hopkins portrays him wonderfully, and very scary. Jodie Foster's performance was dripping with emotion; you'd think she really went though that. In all one of the best movies to come out of Hollywood.
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31 March 2001
I went to see this movie with my best friend and we loved it. Starts out as a romantic comedy then puts the characters in a position neither knows how to deal with, the end result being nothing short of depressing. I almost cried, but restrained myself. They did the ending a way I had never seen and that was very interesting, although my friend didn't like it. Makes you have sympathy for the characters but also makes you see they were lucky. Not everybody finds love. The song in the previews gave me butterflies, half the reason I wanted to see the movie. If you don't like romance then skip it, but if you do like romance I definitely recommend it.
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