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Bad Boy Bubby (1993)
15 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie definitely succeeded in corrupting my thoughts from an early age and had left my mind with an unhealthy way of perceiving the world ever since. I watched the first half (maybe the 'worst' half for some) by accident when it was on the television about a decade or so ago when I was 10 or 11 years old. It goes without saying that I never really appreciated the so called 'funny side' of the movie at the time and any innocence I had promptly left. This movie might have been my turning point.

Anyway, now watching it again I fully appreciate it as a piece of cinema including the black nature of the humour. Nicholas Hope is an incredible actor portraying Bubby and the subtleties of his character admirably. He deserves the highest praise for this performance. One or two aspects in the second half seem artificial (like an ability to understand mentally disabled peoples thoughts)however it serves to develop the end of the story to a pleasant conclusion. It's very well made and directed as well.

I highly recommended it to anyone interested in underground movies, that are also thought-provoking. I also highly recommend that you don't let your kids near this so take any relevant precautions. It'll be worth it because if you don't, there will be side-effects (and I don't mean the innovative method of recording sound that was used).
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a touching tale that reminds us isn't fair, so stop smiling.
17 August 2006
It is about Tubby, a tuba in an orchestra who is fed up with playing the same two notes all the time and follows his adventures as he goes in search of a real melody to play for once in his life. Sounds fun? Not really. Tubbys journey is full of sorrow, disappointment and yet more disappointment along the way. Just as soon as you think, OK enough now, whens the happy part coming? Something sad happens again. There is a token happy ending however which is quite unconvincing. On a more objective note, I personally felt the tempo of the story changed unnaturally at times. However, the directors did very well in creating real depth to the character of Tubby. He is very believable and we are led to feel genuine pity for him. It's a shame a lot of cartoon characters are so one-dimensional these days. Kids really do have an intuitive understanding of emotions and character depth. It is probably mainly for this reason that I never forgot the story since I saw it when I was 7 or 8 yrs old as it left such an impression. Disney's, The Incredibles is another great example of a good cartoon. Anyway, it is kind of a musical, and some of the songs are pleasant and hummable. The drawing of characters is alright for it's time I guess. It's good that it can encourage a simple interest in classical music in young children as well. Ya know what would be great, Dick van Dyke would play a great real life Tubby..wait a minute he does the voice! What a bonus!
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