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Playmates (1941)
Mr.Barrymore enjoying ham
5 May 2005
Well, I'll stick my neck out & say that I think the great JB enjoyed himself making this movie & was happy to not be the " star ". I'm ignorant of the genre but seems that Mr. Kyser is the big name here based on his musical skills & radio profile. Ish, what can we say about Ish ... " What is the difference between a duck ?" This guy was a long haired pot smoker 25 years before the rest of the world caught up. No folks here we have The Nanny, with minor twists, in 1941. The major characters are there, check it out. Any plot line that could support a TV series with less that great entertainers, in any field, has no problem sustaining 95 minutes with this cast. This movie is a hoot, enjoy it for the farce that Mr. Barrymore played it as.
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A masterpiece of Shakesperian proportions
13 September 2002
Without doubt one of the best movies ever made ! Set in beautiful Perth Western Austraila it rightly holds the title of the best movie ever made in that fair, if remote, city. Starring that well known son of Boroloola Kadeem Hardison, who is one of the few remaining exponents of the ancient northern Australian martial art of Beltemtokumbukta, it snarls its way through a part of the 1980's where yacht salesmen are important people in town. Oh it's all too too real, frightenly so. I'm utterly serious when I say that this movie is so faithful to the Australia of the time I almost thought it was a documentary, really. I was back there. Stunning is the only word to even come close to describing this cinema gem. Enjoy it in the spirit of filmic perfection it so richly deserves. Note this movie was nominated in 1988 for the prestigous Palm 'd Bunge at the eclectic Missabotti film festival. Anyone who pretends to know film must see this movie. Really.

Austria, Austria .... it's in Europe, unlike Australia.
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Hard Knuckle (1987 TV Movie)
12 March 2001
Yes, it could easily be classed as rubbish & yes even silly but do the actors have fun. I think so. No wonder, they got to listen to that wonderful slide guitar. It's just a mad & silly world inhabited by some interesting characters. If you can find it have a look, it's fun.
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