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Firewall (2006)
Couldn't be any Worse!
12 June 2006
I'm very upset about the shoddy quality of this movie. It is, without a doubt, the worst that Harrison Ford has ever starred in. Every thing about it is lame, especially the premise itself. This plot (or similar) has been done so many times before that is't tiresome and boring in and of itself. There are two types of movies that I swear from this day forth I will never waste my time watching again. One is the plot where a high school or college basketball coach is enlisted to rejuvenate a losing team, and the other is one in which a CEO or other high level person has their family kidnapped for some kind of favor. We've seen all of these we need. Every subtlety and twist and trick been used, and used again, and overused, so the only possible result for a movie of this theme, if it IS released, is to be boring, predictable, and mundane, which "Firewall" achieves in spades. Please don't waste either your time of money on this disaster.
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Match Point (2005)
Another Predictable Woody Allen Sexual Obsession Tale
29 April 2006
The tag line for this movie on IMDb says: Passion Temptation Obsession. Wow! What a surprise! Has Woody Allen ever made any other kind? I was expecting better from this movie because of the high ratings on here, but was again disappointed. I turned off the movie in anger about 3/4 of the way through. I just cannot. for the life of me,understand viewers who think that this kind of movie is hip, intellectual, or cool. In my opinion it's immature, predictable, and boring. It's just so blatantly obvious that Mr. Allen is projecting his own childish, irresponsible, obsession onto the screen...and making tons of money by doing it! This is my last attempt to finish a Woody Allen movie. I'm done. Stick a fork in me.
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Elf (2003)
Very Very Funny Movie!
29 April 2006
The most helpful thing I can tell you about this movie is that if you've got even a smidgen of a youthful spirit about you, then this movie will make you laugh until you cry....over and over. There's one scene where Elf and a gruffy fellow warehouse worker(who was a total stranger just a few moments before) are sitting on a pallet after smoking some dope, and are laughing really hard about something really stupid, and the Elf leans over and begins tickling the guy under the arms and shouting "Tickle, Tickle!" as they both topple over in hysteric ecstasy....and I thought I was going to have a coronary, I laughed so long and hard (after running the DVD back to watch the same scene about 5 times over!!!!! This is absolutely my favorite all-time comedy! I'm very hard to please when it comes to comedies, seeing most of them as just stupid, but Elf is in a class by itself.
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