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Urgence (1996–1997)
So bad it's funny. From what I recollect. Officially bananas.
26 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I remember in my early high school days, that there was buzz for the French Canadian ER. My family and I started watching it, and it started as a well made shot on location knock off.

However after a while the shw changes for an over dramatic over the top melodrama. My entire family gave up except me, and holy !@#$, the show became bananas. From my recollection everybody starts sleeping with everybody. I one episode an older lady is sickly and the doctor presumes she has an allergy from her pet parrot. She brings to the hospital, the parrot to be examined if there is any correlation. The parrot escapes and janitor eventually kills the parrot by hitting it with his mop. I was in awe, at ridiculousness of the show and remember starting laughing. I was hooked and for the wrong reasons. The janitor starts raping the daughter of doctor, if my memory serves. He gets fired, and returns to the hospital with a bomb attached to his body and blows up the place while the main cast is present. Season 1 ends with a terrorist suicide bomber in Quebec.

The show lasted 2 seasons. The second season deals with the survivor of the terrorist suicide bomber, and the repercussion it had on the survivor. Furthermore legendary Quebec actor Remi Girard joins the show as patient who accept a new treatment, because some of the doctors are now experimenting on monkeys. So the result on the monkeys is successful. Hence they give give the medicine to Girard who goes bananas and goes on a mass shooting.

This is ER on steroid and acid. Each time I meet someone my age who watched it we laugh on the recollections we have of the show who didn't air since. the current rating is too high, but had it been low I would give it a high grade because I had a blast laughing at it with friends who thought it was one of craziest thing they saw.
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Taxi to L.A. (1997)
My mom brought me to see this one in my early teens
9 August 2013
My mom brought me to see this one in my early teens, she used to make me watch all these art house at all these recluse venues in Montreal against my own will, 95% of them were dreadfully slow. Especially when you are between 12 and 15 years old.

I actually enjoyed Taxi to LA. Having grown to love cinema and working in it now, I have hunted down some of these strange art house films, who were part of that 5%, she showed me most of the one I enjoyed back then turned out to be Jim Jarmuch films. But I could never find anything on Taxi to LA (this is before IMDb became a well known site) for this reason "Taxi to LA" stayed with me and for the longest time I was wondering what was this film. I think it had a little run at "Le Cinema Imperial", where I saw it, and never went out on video.

The movie was very offbeat from what I remember, it was something the along lines of "stranger than paradise" in it's tempo and humor, this is the reason I liked it. The story is about a lady who goes back home after work to find her fiancé, husband, or bf cheating on her. She storms out goes in taxi and asks the driver to bring her to LA. He agree for $ 2000.

I remember 2 scenes one where the romance builds between them and they make love on the taxi in the middle of nowhere.

The other one is the girl and the cabby argue over where they should stop and eat she says I know a nice place in Toronto, and he says I know some places in Niagara falls. They argue about it the cabby wins the argument and the next shot is them eating a greasy sandwich or Pizza slice surrounded by seagulls walking by the falls.

All of this review based on what I remember of an underground film that I saw more than 15 years ago and the impression it left me, so I can't rate it. I stayed curious about it because it was the only one that my intellectual mom brought me too that I liked but couldn't find anything about. Hope to re-watch it someday.
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The Ward (2010)
John Carpenter returns
8 October 2011
The Ward doesn't live up to My John Carpenter favorites: Halloween, Assault on Precinct 13, The Thing , Escape from New York, The fog, Big Trouble In Little China, Star Man, In The Mouth of Madness, They Live, and Prince of Darkness.

Right under this list you have Someone's Watching Me! Village of the Damned, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Pro-Life, and Cigarette Burn. That I still enjoy a lot but not as much.

Finally all the others, excluding Christine since I didn't watch in years, that I just find entertaining but not as hard hitting.

For me The Ward take the second place in the second list.

I think it affects the films reputation that it doesn't climb in the first list, since it was years ago that we had a great Carpenter Fix.

It's quite a good film,but for a Carpenter film it lacked of Pulp.

The horror was very good but not as sharp as Halloween or as dark as Prince Of Darkness.

A bit of more of one or the other would have helped.

The pace is very good and the ending is extremely well thought out.

The film is the victim of the fact it's a good John Carpenter Movie, not a great John Carpenter Movie. And his fans are too hungry for a great one.

Still a very good and satisfying film experience. I wouldn't be surprise if it becomes a cult among teens.

In my opinion, in future John Carpenter films they should promote his name a lot less. To avoid bad publicity over fan expectations.

This film still show that a quality director is behind it.
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Don't expect the cover...
9 July 2011
Do not expect an action starring Gary Daniels and a Machete like Danny Trejo!!!!

The movie technically deserves a 7 to 8 in my opinion, but recently boosted it to 10 because I don't think it deserves a rating below 4.

The first thing I have to say is that the cover of the DVD is wrong... With this artwork you expect an action film with Danny Trejo and Gary Daniels... It's in fact a Supernatural thriller staring new comer Krystal Vee.

I think the distributor is cashing on the Machete fame of Trejo and the action fan base of Daniels. So don't expect this style of film or you will be disappointed.

If you are a fan of these actors you will get them in a new light. Trejo is a magical healer and Daniels is a hardcore villain.

I really liked this movie. It was fun and different. The movie starts with a genocide in a tribal village where Danny Trejo is a magical healer. We follow this tribe girl (Vee) who gets captured from her village to be a prostitute in a dark moody city by a sadistic pimp played by Gary Daniels.

The Trejo character, who survived in an unusual way, is haunted by the ghosts of the past. The tribe girl will eventually betray the Gary Daniels character and escapes with the money he had planned to steal from a rich customer.

I wont say anything else from there.

The movie tries hard to send a message, and do something different. Succeeding in uneven ways.

Finally, it's a very entertaining film with a good pace.
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Moonlight (2007–2008)
Great Show.
8 December 2010
My friend owns a DVD set of the complete series and lent it to me, if not I would have never heard of it.

The concept is simple Sherlock Holmes is a Vampire and a Hollywood Pretty boy. Now that's the kind of idea which I find very "Roger Corman" and would except only cheese out of hearing from it.

In my opinion, they are a few elements that makes the show quite good.

1. The execution is slick, sexy and first class.

2. Great Soundtrack.

3. Nice plots.

4. Amazing characters development, you care about everyone, you know them and you want to know what will happen to them. It really makes the show.

5. Very well thought villains.

The only downfall of the show lasted one season and it leave the destiny of Coraline quite ambiguous. The same thing for the lover of Josef Kostan.

In my opinion they should make a TV movie just to tie these two things.
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Corny and most of the time entertaining.
13 November 2010
I thought the Karate Kid remake was watchable, but I wouldn't be able to sit through it without the fast forward button.

Let look at the Pro's and Con's

Pro's Jaden character makes a fresh new character he is a spoiled brad with an attitude. The movie has some great photography. Also the fact that the love interest of the plays violin adds a lot of texture to the film.

Con's The story structure is the same one the original one had, only this time the Kid goes to China. It will be a week point if you saw the original, because it makes the movie so predictable. The montage scenes slow downs the movie ridiculously. That why I mentioned the fast forward button is essential to the viewing.

Final verdict. They had all the element to do something new a fresh except they did the old Karate Kid script with the kid moving to China. Never the less the movie is professionally crafted and it will be good entertainment for a rainy day.

I give it a passing grade.
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The Double 0 Kid (1992 Video)
Worse Corey Haim film I saw
19 September 2010
Another reviewer by the name of Tim Cox sums it all: "Silly film, but then again, I think being silly was the point. While it is silly, it's not well done silly."

Beyond "License to Drive" all the Corey Haim comedies are must avoids. Based on other reviews I read. "License to Drive" Rocks, "Double O Kid" sucks.

I saw four other light hearth comedy films with Haim, from that area. Not that they are good but they are better. "Fast getaway" 1 and 2 have much higher productions value. "Dream a little 2" and "The Dream Machine" are more entertaining.

I always give a four if the movie managed to have me sit through the whole thing, and for that film I can say I am being generous.

It was watchable but completely uncreative. All the jokes were things you saw in the three Stooges or any Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Another reason I saw this film was because I was curious about the 90's outputs of Corey Haim's, after his death. Since I was unfamiliar with those films. Not to put all these effort by him from period down, I'll suggest you to watch "Oh! What a Night" it's a coming of age story of young boy in the 50's. If someone else would be curious about good Corey Haim films from the 90's. But the"Double O Kid" doesn't provide.

In my opinion what poisoned Haim's career is that they tried to repeat is success that he had in the very good but shallow comedy "License to Drive". It's OK to try a new story with the same humor, but they fail with the humor. According to most reviewers all the comedies he did in the 90's, 90% of his work from this period, suck.

So if you need an example of bad Corey Haim comedy film from the 90's, here you go.

Finally the movie is harmless, if you have a DVD laying around your house and you have a kid 12 and under. He might actually enjoy it and it's quite respectable, family wise, in it's content.
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Good But Rambo 4 is better
28 August 2010
I had the action and the thrills I wanted, but since i am a fan of a few of the actors I wanted much more.

I think Stallone, did such a good job on Rambo 4 that my expectations were too high.

Now as a Rambo 4 fan, these are the 1 things that was better in Rambo 4 and less good in "The Expendables".

1. A lot of the blood in"The Expendables" was CGI. In Rambo 4 it was much more splashy and the blood seemed real. I have nothing against CGIs when they do not look like a computer cartoon in the movie, in many moments in "The Expendables" the blood looks very computerish.

Two things I was expecting that didn't live up to my expectation.

The fight between Dolph and Li is lot less mythical then I expected. I was expecting Bruce Lee VS Chuck Norris part 2. On the reverse side I like the twist and the consequences of this combat.

The rest of the fights and this one are very good but the difference between Li and Lundgren VS the rest of the cast, minus Gary Daniels and Randy Couture, is that they are Martial legends.

In my opinion, if you put them in the ring the expectation are bigger then Stallone VS Austin, that ends being a better looking fight scene.

3. I feel that the team was too sporadic, for Example in the film "The Predator", they manage to keep the audience focused on the team. I was expecting a full adventure with these characters. It's not that the camaraderie is less good, it's just that in the beginning you have quite a few scenes that focuses on Stallone and Statham. Those have scenes have all the elements to make them great except you miss the rest of the team. A few walkie-talkie moments with the rest of the guys and a few jokes would have done it. Still when they are together it's great.

In the end, the movie is fun, the entire cast is good, the story is great and I am looking forward for the sequel.
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Terror Inside (2008)
Entertaining and Bizarre
16 July 2010
I was hyped when I first heard about the fact that this movie won prizes at a festival, because the last output that won Corey Feldman some trophies was a great film called "The Birthday".

This film shares similarities in the sense that it's a first time director film that wins festivals trophies. Beyond that it's a completely different ballpark.

"The Terror Inside" felt like a super bizarre direct to DVD movie. It was entertaining but it wasn't close to anything else. It feels like a modern day grindhouse film.

What was good about "The Terror Inside" you have actors giving good performances, the movie has a decent pace, and they are good "Wow moments" that will jump to your face. Gory stuff, sometime good twists and finally some stuff that is unintentionally funny...

What lowers my rating of this film. First there is a character named Joe. At one point in the movie he pops out of nowhere at Kathy's house. There is a clear explanation of it, he needed to use her phone. The second time there is no explanation at all. I was like "what the f(^&".

Their is fight scene at the end of the movie when Feldman punches the antagonist there is no punch sound effect, that makes the fight quite phony. The two actors had perfect timing nothing against them but missing sound killed it.

The final solution to all their problems at the end was way too easy.

The movie also ended on very strange note. I don't know what to make of it, but I will give the director credits of trying something different.

I would have gave the movie a 7 if it wasn't for that punch sound missing and Joe (nothing against the actor) popping out of nowhere without an explanation the second time.

If can give any advice to the director it would be spend more time polishing the final product, otherwise you have talent.

Yet it's fun and much better then many much higher budgeted direct to DVD film out there.
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The Hole (2009)
Best 3D movie so far
5 May 2010
Just for the records I live in Thailand and this film is receiving the full theatrical treatment and I just attended the premiere.

The only reason I saw it. Is that I saw the name Joe Dante on the poster.

We are now in a period where 3D is in full swing and I have seen "My Bloody Valentine 3D" and "Avatar".

Avatar was great in his own right, but I found the whole thing over the top. Now I like simpler movies in general. So my preference is a question of taste.

Also I not have wide knowledge of 3D and special effects, but I was satisfied.

Anyways back to a normal review. Like Dante promised it's a horror film for the family, and he does what he does best again. Unlike Gremlins or any of his previous family horror film this one scares you as well as being clean.

I had a few jump and was spooked by some scenes.

Also I went with a date and it was a proper film for that. She was holding on to me and the rest... And we were watching a proper film without a ton of gore.

I am not a fan of horror film with too much gore so I was happy. If you like that stuff it's not on "The Hole" menu.

Well the story is simple there is a trap in the basement. Kids open it a their greatest fears become true. Well acted, and well directed with a fresh concept.

A touchdown for Dante.
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Cerebrally unchallenging but equally, passably entertaining.
30 April 2010
I guess my summary sums up what you are going to get.

There is a decent murder mystery twist, there is an angle on gangs, and Asian spirituality.

Could have been deeper, but I can't give to low of grade since I watched it all and was entertained.


I would limit my review there, but IMDb insist that I have ten lines.

So the acting was very passable. Corey Feldman plays the antagonist and does a decent villain.

The main problem of the is that it has no style at all. It's like watching TV drama. If they had gave the script to a director that can add substance, might have made the movie better.

The Movies is Karate Kid with a murder twist. And the photography and the style tries to hard to copy Karate Kid. When they had enough new things to stand on their own.
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The Two Coreys (2007–2008)
My opinion on the two coreys.
19 April 2010
I saw the show after Haim's death, the show was getting so much talk here.

After the first two or three episodes. I thought it would be cool. Then it got a cheesy, immature and way too Personal.

The first episode with the girl from PETA coming over was funny. Feldman being stiff and Haim inappropriate.

It was just harmless fun. Then the show tried to be serious and stopped the comedy.

Also it ended on bad note.

One thing they did right it was an entertaining show, never was boring. Haim and Feldman are first class entertainers.

The second season was way too serious they dropped the comedy completely.

Them exposing their sexual abuse was to much for me.

The psychiatric would have been better has comedy.

I felt they could have done more for Haim like him exposing those funny paintings of his. Have an exhibition.

The saddest thing was Haim toward the end being a complete drug wreck and Feldman being out of option to help him.

I feel that if they had tried to be fun instead of dramatic the outcomes would have been better.

It too late now, but what ever.
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So cheesy it funny
16 April 2010
When I first saw the trailer in the Cinema, I burst out laughing, like a 1/4 of the people there.

It looks like a Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears video from beginning to the end. With a dialogue that is so corny.

I will give the movie some credits for first class photography, performance, dance, and everything else is pro.

Down the line I grew up on hard core hip hop and it's really not my type of film.

But again it's so corny it's funny. I was so well entertained that I give it a good passing grade.
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Near perfect movie with 3 mistakes
22 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I love that movie inspiring, funny, with good values and the list goes on. It's definitely a feel good movie. I has the same kind feel Forest Gump has. It's very American. Personally I am generally turned off by this genre of film. I like dark Indie movie, Stanley Kubrick,action films and everything unpredictable. I am not saying that people who generally share the same taste has me would like but it worked on me.

The story is about Micheal a gigantic Black teenager from the projects who gets a scholarship I upper class white school. The reason for this is his size and the possibilities he has for the football team. A mother, played by Sandra Bullock, gets concerned and takes him in her wealthy family.

The main qualities of the movie is that it's packed with original jokes, a very solid script, unpredictable, captivating characters, and excellent acting.

The movie had two mistake that weaken the intelligence of the film and they are two cliché moments. Like I said it's a very American film, I was expecting to have those spread around all over the film, which is not the case. But only two times. It also has something I cant explain.

He are those moments do not read or you'll be spoiled.

Micheal, the black kid, passes by a park and small kids seem to like him and ask him to push them on the swings. The daughter of the Mother sees that and at that moment she becomes sympathetic of him. A little later he plays football and gets distracted by balloon flying by and it's funny. I felt she should have became sympathetic at that moment. The scene with the kids was a bit unreal I don't think a Black guy from the project would play with little white kids, even pushing kids nicely on swings. Never the less everyone around the knew him so it's not impossible either. Also it's not executed in a over the top cheesy manner too, like it may sound, but we have seen this before.

When Micheal trains for football there is a training montage with an unessential homage to the Rocky films. It's not over the the top but obvious.

They hire a tutor, played by Katie Bates, to help him in school. She is sympathetic the whole film. When Micheal needs to choose a university later in the film she convince him to choose a university instead of another, because extremely fantastic weird stuff. That gets Micheal in problems, down the line it is never explained why she did that and she isn't punish for it... I find very odd.

Excellent film
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Nice film
27 September 2009
After the death of his mother a young boy must go to his father who abandoned them. The father lived in exile in a Jermal. For those who are like me and didn't know what a Jermal his before seeing that film. It's some kind of wooden shack in the middle of the sea where people fish. His father hires kids to do the job illegally.

It has your usual elements of a coming of age story has the kid become stronger, but the set up is so unusual that it makes it very original. I don't want to spoil the elements of the coming of age the kid, like why did the father leave. Basically a lot of strong elements.

Finally there is the coming of age of the father who must accept fatherhood. His character is very interesting he is cold, fat and seems to care about nothing but himself.

I recommend this film it got good photography, moods and moments. A nice little Indy film without pretension.
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A drunken Photographer and the Mad editor
26 September 2009
I was hopping good things out of this one. I loved the trailer tought it was hilarious. I like "the defender" and "Missionary Man". I tought by seeing the trailer I was going to see something on level of Steven Seagal "Urban Justice" or "Ruslan" but because of terrible photography and editing it looks like "Kill Switch".

I have to give credits to the script who isn't bad there is some well tought action scene and good jokes. But the terrible photography ruins it.

The photographer ruins the picture by shaking the camera all the time. It good in the Blair witch project or Cloverfield because the camera man play a character, but it's not the case in this movie.

Also this is supposed a music movie or a movie with music and the sound editing is terrible so sometime the sound is very loud and sometime very low. Like someone is turning up the volume up and down at random moments It's a real pity because you have a decent script that is ruined by bad photography, and bad editing.
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Cloud 9 (2008)
I wanted to give a 7 but a 8 for the following reason.
26 September 2009
The pitch of this movie isn't my usual cup of tea a love affair between elders. Also festival movies have a tendency to drag and bore. Finally love scenes between old couple naked. All these aspect should turn me down to sit through it.

In the end the movie was so well acted that the long cliché scene of Indy cinema where good and most importantly kept you awake.

The story was complex because the women cheats on her husband after 30 years of marriage.

Finally the love scenes between old people. Yes you see them naked but the director doesn't make vulgar or gross. So it doesn't really bother the eye Very interesting movie.
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Star Trek (2009)
More Star Wars then Star Trek
28 May 2009
I am a fan of the original series, so this one was a disappointment on many levels. They were a lot of trademark from the original missing for example interesting philosophy and hypothesis about outer space, Kirk is more of a pimp in the original ones and few more things like that.

I was expecting kick ass action with a script true to the series.

It was completely untrue to the what will happen next in series. Captain Pike and Kirk don't meet until much later in series. Uhura never had an affair with Spock. Chekov comes much later in the series. Kirk had a brother. And many other details like this that bother me.

I think it looks more like Star War then Star Trek. Example that creature with Scotty.

Never the less the action is good, the actors are good, the effects are good and it's never boring. But it will be frustrating if you are a fan of the originals.

I think the script and story line are quite lousy. And they did a lazy job keeping it true.
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Cool film cool concept
9 January 2009
This movie was great. It had good performance and good concept. The concept is 2 guys who have locked up in a bomb shelter for twenty years or something reading Noir detective books from the forties.

They come out of the bomb shelter in post nuclear world with Humphrey Bogart attitudes and clothes. All you do is imagine Bogart in Mad Max.

Sometime you have montage with 80 music that are laughable, I don't know if it was intentional, but it adds to movie. filled with great jokes.

The director has a fan base so do the actors I don't know what is the old up of the DVD.
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good flick but the Japanese kitsh kills it
10 June 2006
GOOD DRAWING AND A GOOD IDEA Doesn't obligatory MAKE A GOOD FILM.This film prove it. Miyazaki is Greta animator who stands at the top for creativeness and great animation. The movie has a great concept a lost kingdom in the Sky, an abandoned princess, fun characters... A lot of people love this movie and I understand why. I think its not that good. Well I don't need to describe to you people what Japanese kitch is like. Overdone music for emotion, when the little girl is scared she scream like a women having an or@#$%%$, and it goes on for little annoying details. The kitch in Japanese animation is very different from the kitch in American animation, at least they didn't sing an Elton John song. If you want to watch a good movie who shows you what Japanese kitch is all about. this one is for you.
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Wizards (1977)
9 June 2006
Well it was an excellent film. A very basic story "evil VS good", but very effective if you get the main messages and all the hidden messages. I like the artwork in that movie but its not for everybody. A lot of people complain about Ralph Bakshi style other praise it. I praise it. The public and the critic will always have a love and hate relationship with bakshi. one half love him one half hate him. Its always been that way whit him always will be.

Finally its a worth watching sci/fi a movie that doesn't look like anything else. Its original, conceptual, well intentioned, well toughs and very effective.
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