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Albino Farm (2009)
Not that bad for straight to video B horror!
11 September 2011
This has been on cable late at night and I finally sat and watched it all tonight. Creepy horror movie and the acting is NOT bad. 3 out of 4 of the main characters have impressive Hollywood resumes so these actors are not no talent bimbos. This movie is actually watchable.

Simple story about 4 young adults that go looking for an "albino farm" in a town full of hillbilly's and misfits. They run across a seemingly nice old lady who tells them stories about the town but it turns out she is just as weird as the whole town. Make-up on the creatures is good and this movie is not cheesy like many of the genre. Script is not stupid either and somewhat believable.

If you are up at night and see it come on, watch it.
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Realistic tear-jerker
12 June 2011
I just watched this movie and had a hard time keeping a dry eye. The sad truth is there are cases similar to this going on in family court everyday..maybe not as extreme as this one (most kids are less than 6 years old) but fights between bio parents, foster parents and adoptive parents go on every day. This is an adoptive parents nightmare. I thought the performances by all were solid and very believable. The kid that played Joey is so cute and a good little actor. I really do not understand how people can bash this movie. They must not be adults, or parents for that matter. The subject matter is very surreal and let me tell you, I would have done the EXACT same thing as the adoptive parents did in this movie.
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Really not that bad
5 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Keep in mind this is a KIDS move so the standards should be lowered a bit but still to an acceptable level. I really do not understand how this movie ranked a 1.8 unless the same couple posters are making up screen names and writing bogus reviews.

This movie had the theatre cracking up, especially kids. Brenden Fraser is so lovable as a real estate developer who has ticked off a raccoon and his forest of friends to stop a development from going up and destroying the forest. Brooke Shields is his faithful do good wife who stands by him as he gets his butt kicked by mother nature.

A few pretty funny moments including the outhouse scene.

If your goal is to see a movie that your kids will understand and laugh at, this is a good one.
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A list cast in a C rated movie
4 January 2010
It has been said already, the movie is not great but not terrible either.

Story about a circle of friends dealing with complicated love lives.

I was single for a long time and did not get married and have children until I was in my 30's so I got a kick out of this movie. Honestly, it was life in my 20's crammed into a 2 hour movie. Some scenes in this movie had a haunting familiarity to them.

The bottom line is, if a guy is interested he will call.

Good looking A list cast includes Bradley Cooper (in the movie is married to Jennifer Connolly) and they have a troubled marriage. Ben Affleck is dating Jennifer Aniston's character. Scarlett Johansson (who is AWFUL in this film) is dating Kevin Connolly but having a fling with someone else too. Justin Long (Alex) and Drew Barrymore (Mary)are in it but do not date in the movie, but do in real life. Gennifer Goodwin is the single woman desperately wanting to hook up and scaring guys off in the process.

Movie was a bit clichéd and I am a little tired of seeing Jennifer Aniston in the same type of role, which is probably why I do not watch many of her films. She is pretty much typecast as the single woman with boyfriend problems.

Script is OK and had a few funny moments but not a masterpiece by any means. People who have played the field, done the bar scene will get some laughs. Anyone who was never spent much time single is probably glad they weren't after watching this movie.

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Tracks (II) (2005)
Total disappointment.
9 October 2009
This is a movie that could have been, and should have been good but it wasn't. Bad script. Unrealistic prison and visitation scenes, and just boring. I am not familiar with the NJ corrections systems but if in fact this young man was in a maximum security prison (which the movie said it was when he was admitted) nothing really made any sense. It is almost like the film makers really did not research corrections at all. Even the child abuse flashback scenes were just corny. More like a really bad made for TV but it was worse than most of the stuff even on Lifetime. Too bad a half hearted effort was put in from the makers of this film.

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Moving portrayal of childhood friendship during difficult times.
22 May 2009
I watched this last night and am still a little mesmerized. The acting was fabulous and the move was beautifully filmed. Simple but moving story of 2 boys. One is a non-Jewish son (Bruno) of a Nazi officer. The other boy is jew in a concentration camp. Through the razor wire they bond and become friends. Bruno is confused as to why the boy is in this camp and does not see the brutal realities of it. Excellent acting by these 2 boys. The whole cast was just terrific especially the brutal Nazi guard Karl ("the smell even worse when they burn"). This movie along with others of this genre makes me sad when I think of how many children were killed by the Nazi's. Although the movie is fiction, it was very well made.
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Really bad made for TV movie
2 April 2009
I am intrigued about Everest after watching the Discovery Channel series "Everest: Beyond the limit" where they follow hikers up this mountain using helmet cams. This movie is based off the book about a deadly day on Everest where 8 hikers died in a massive storm, but an amazing survival story of Beck Weathers emerged. I was pleased to see Richard Jenkins from "The Visitor" playing Beck Weathers. The story gets totally lost in bad acting and bad music. Wikipedia has a better run down on Beck Weathers than this movie portrayed. Early on the movie focus on the dangerous commercialization of Everest and how trekking companies will sell a 50k permit to anyone that wants to hike Everest regardless of experience. It is a very dangerous game. However the move loses focus about 30 minutes into it. The music is really bad too. The whole movie is just bad. Skip it and rent the Discovery series instead, or just read the book.
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Beautiful outstanding movie
15 February 2009
I am not a huge Brad Pitt fan but after this movie, I am now. It is his best by far.

I have never seen a movie like this. Interesting yet simple storyline. A story of a man born old who ages in reverse. As he is slowly getting younger everyone around him is aging normally. The make up and special effects in this movie are great.

This movie made me think about things and made me think of my own children especially by infant son.

It is long, but I liked the premise of examining a life lived backwards.

I am totally in awe of this fantastic movie. I hope it wins the Oscar for best picture. Much better than Slumdog Millionaire which I thought was over-rated. This movie deserves all the praise it has gotten.
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Fireproof (2008)
Much better than I thought
25 October 2008
I am not sure how this movie could have been rated a 4.7. All I can think of it that a bunch of Anti-Christian haters rated the movie without seeing it. You do not even have to be a Christian to enjoy this movie.

My husband is a devout Catholic and very religious. I am not. He arranged for my parents to babysit and for us to see this movie. I'll admit we have had our marriage problems and really did not want to see it. Anything with a former child star doesn't interest me and I rolled my eyes when I read that Kirk Cameron refused to kiss his co-star. I would have much rather gone to Changeling and he almost gave in to let me see what I want even though he really wanted to see this. I felt bad and gave in instead.

The first fight scene was hauntingly familiar and made me squirm in my seat. The obvious lack of communication, tension, fights about money and the internet hit home. This couple is obviously on the brink of divorce.

The cocky husband who at first didn't seem interested in his marriage then does an about face and finds his spiritual side. The wife is on the brink of an affair and is cold, distant and appears to have already checked out of the marriage.

With persistence and patience and spirituality, he continues to abide by the 40 days of the Love Dare and continues to pursue his wife.

This is not a movie just about the bible. There are some biblical verses in it an conversations about Jesus and Christianity, but overall it is about a couple who finds love again. It was also funny and had me cracking up in a few parts of it. The scene where Kirks wife stands in and they kiss, was not as cheesy as I expected. They had her made up to look just like the actress that played the wife.

I think the film makers executed this story beautifully.
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Candy (2006)
A stunning, surreal look into addiction. GREAT movie.
19 September 2008
One of my recent faves. Extremely underrated movie and no doubt Heath Ledger's best. Terrific acting and script. The poem Candy write's on the wall is cool and the full poem can be read in the FAQ section of this website.

I was really taken by this film. I have never used drugs but I imagine they can just suck you and ruin your life.

I was impressed with everyone's performance especially Abbie Cornish's. Very talented actress who played the role of Candy the junkie so well I had to remind myself it was only a film. Heath Ledger lovers may be shocked at his grungy un-kept appearance. Geoffrey Rush is brilliant as the functional junkie and dealer. Very touching and surreal.
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The Mist (2007)
Finally a well made horror film
23 November 2007
I just saw this and have to say, I was really impressed. The title is a little misleading as you are probably hoping and praying it's better than "The Fog" (those of you who were unfortunate enough to see that awful film know what I am talking about).

This movie creeped me out, especially if you are a parent and you have to guide your children through this nightmarish event.

The special effects were cool and the suspense had me at the edge of my chair.

Marcia Gay Harden's character was a little annoying and helped build up the audience who cheered on the characters in the film.

Thomas Jane is a hottie! If you like a good horror film, and I mean really good, then this is a film to see.

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Great heart-warming movie
20 November 2007
This is one of my all time favorites. Simple story about a complicated sailor (Derek Luke)prone to emotional outbursts. He starts seeing a naval psychologist (the fabulous Denzel Washington) who helps him sort through his demons, reflect on his past, and find the family he never knew. Raised in an abusive foster home, he is determined to make something of himself, and try to put the daunting past behind him.

Along the way he gets a girlfriend who helps him and encourages him to find himself, and search for his roots.

One of the coolest endings in a movie. I get teary-eyed every time.

AWESOME movie!!!
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The Break-Up (2006)
Average and very predictable
8 January 2007
The beginning of this movie was obnoxious and bad, and I almost turned it off. I stuck it out and it got better, but not by much. You'll see what I mean by the irritating singing around the dinner table.

The antics between these 2 after they break up but still live together are somewhat funny. A few funny spots in the script made me chuckle but it was nothing too intelligent.

My review has to be 10 lines long and I am having a really hard time getting to that since the film is just too simple and uncomplicated.

Rent this on .99 cent night or better yet, wait for it to come to cable.
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The Holiday (2006)
Totally charming and delightful!
30 December 2006
I saw this last night, and I swear I had a smile from ear to ear the whole night as soon as Jude Law's character, Graham, was introduced.

This is an absolute must see for Jude Law fans. He is unbelievably gorgeous in this film. Does a man he plays in the movie actually exist though in real life? Who knows but we can dream about it.

I enjoyed this movie and all of its characters. Cameron Diaz (Amanda) and Kate Wislet (Iris) swap houses and travel across the world to stay in each others homes to escape their personal problems. Introduce Graham (Jude Law) and Miles (Jack Black) to each make an impression on these women. Graham turns up at Iris's house where Amanda is staying, in a drunken stupor and the film takes off from there.

Kate Winslet's character Iris is so lovable and down to earth. So many women have been in her position. In love with a jerk who you know is no good for you.

Nancy Meyer wrote this film with the actual actors in mind to play the characters. Seems like Nancy must have some experience in the love lost department, because she managed to write what I have found impossible to say. Everything she wrote made sense. I am now a huge fan of Ms. Meyers and I look forward to future work from her. 9/10.
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The Prestige (2006)
Fantastic, the second time around.
20 December 2006
This movie has a lot of twists and I admit I was confused the first time around.

Watch it again and everything makes sense. It seems a little more confusing then it actually is. Whatever you are thinking what is going on, you are probably right.

2 magicians in 20th century London, played by Hugh Jackman (Angier)and Christian Bale (Borden), go to desperate attempts to try and out do each other.

Michael Caine was fabulous as an adviser/manager of Angier.

I think Scarlett Johannson is a terrible actress and she disappointed in this movie as well, luckily you are so intrigued by the 2 main stars you don't care.

One of my faves this year. 8/10.
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And the Band Played On (1993 TV Movie)
Awesome book and movie.
5 March 2006
I read this book in high school in the late 80's just as it was released. The book was excellent and gave a great educational lesson on HIV and AIDS. The movie was just as good. I was really touched at the end when "The last song" by Elton John was playing. The movie gave a great time-line of the virus.

It is so terrifying to think AIDS has actually been around since probably 1959 when a blood sample from a man from the Congo had died of a mysterious illness, and tests run on the blood sample today showed he did indeed have AIDS. The movie was very touching, this whole topic leaves a lump in my throat. I was 13 when AIDS had started making the news and in 1985 or 1986 my dad had a blood transfusion. We spend months worrying if he had contracted HIV. Thank god he got clean blood and he dodged a bullet, unlike the 25,000 people in the 70 and 80's who received tainted blood.

I got teary eyed when an HIV+ guy in the movie says "This is not a political issue. This is a health issue. This is not a gay issue. This is a human issue. And I do not intend to be defeated by it. I came here today in the hope that my epitaph would not read that I died of red tape."

The predictions were accurate. The scientists predicted there would be 40 million people worldwide infected with HIV by the turn of the century and that number has proved to be pretty much dead on, literally.
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The Fog (2005)
What the heck was this?
7 February 2006
This movie was AWFUL. I am not that picky so it must have been bad. It looked as if the movie makers had 3 days to slap together some actors, props, a script, special effects purchased from wal-mart, and there you have a stinky movie. P.U.

I laughed and rolled my eyes about half way through it. Tom Welling is mega hot so why the heck he made this terrible film is beyond me-maybe it was because he got to make out Maggie Grace.

Selma Blair's character was worthless. Her lame attempts at humor were the only funny parts of it.

I am not surprised this ranked a 3. Bad bad movie. John Carpenter, shame on you. I expected better!
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Cellular (2004)
One of the worst movies of 2004.
24 February 2005
This movie was so fake, cheesy, and silly it took me 2 days to watch just 94 minutes of film.

Chris Evans is hot and was some nice eye candy to look at but not even he can save this film. Nobody in the film calls the police, or 911.

I rolled my eyes at least a dozen times while watching it. Young hot guy answers cell phone call from distressed woman, and he will save the day!! Yeak right.

3/10. I would not even rent this on .99 rental night. Your hour and a half of life is worth more than that. No really it is, trust me.

Kim Basinger, shame on you :(
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Chasing Amy (1997)
Simply the best!
24 February 2005
Unbelievable funny and original. This movie is HILARIOUS and tells a story.

Kevin Smith wrote, directed, and had a role as Silent Bob.

Holden and Banky are best friends (played by Ben Affleck and Jason Lee). Holden falls in love and later finds out this girl is a lesbian. He begins to second guess the relationship, and he finds it is starting to interfere with his friendship with Banky.

Kevin Smith wrote a funny, original script. He is not afraid to say what many of us are. I can watch this over and over again and still love it every time.
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Paparazzi (2004)
Ridiculously predictable and cheesy
8 February 2005
I expected much better from Mel Gibson (producer and also had small cameo). Everything was like a tabloid storybook. Guy becomes famous and then gets stalked by the paparazzi. Instead of wasting 90 minutes, just read about the assaults on paparazzi by Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin.

Not one creative brain in this movie.

So laughable and predictable I was surprised on what a lackluster effort this was.

Tom Sizemore played a slimy scumbag which doesn't veer too far off from his real life persona anyways.

Lame. 4/10
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Closer (I) (2004)
Interesting movie
6 December 2004
I am overall intrigued by this film. The personal lives of all people involved in this foursome is somewhat sleazy, but the script made it interesting and very believable. It was nice to see Julia Roberts in a very adult/sexual role which is a big change from the family friendly stuff she usually does. I am not convinced she was the proper actress for this role though.

It is sort of love story about 2 couples who cannot decide who or what they want in life. Do they want their own spouses or someone else's? Are they with this one person because they love them, or because they cannot have the one they want. If you cannot be with the one you love, love the one your with.

Clive Owen and Jude Law are gorgeous. Julia roberts, what a lucky gal to be able to snog these 2 hotties in one movie.

Brillian script. The writing on this deserves a huge honerable mention. "Everything is a version of something else."

Pretty good movie. 8/10.
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Alfie (2004)
I liked this movie!! I do not agree with the bad reviews....
15 November 2004
Let me start out by saying I have NOT seen the original so I am not comparing the 2. I am a huge Jude Law fan but I think I am still unbiased on seeing his movies as I have seen a few of his I did not really like.

Jude Law plays a ladies man who breaks hearts in the process. He uses them for sex and when they want more, he runs. Anyone who has been in the dating field for a few years has either dated an Alfie, or even been him. If you know what it is like to be swinging single and up for a good time, you can relate to this movie. Many women have dated a man like Alfie but Alfie does have some remorse for what he has done, unlike some real-life men and some of the men I have dated lol.

Jude looked gorgeous as usual. I thought the script was funny, but serious in some places. I actually got a little teary eyed during part of it.

Moral of the story is-what comes around goes around. I give this movie a good solid 8/10. I was impressed.
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Actually it was pretty good!! I was impressed!
13 November 2004
I am a HUGE Bridget Jones fan so I was eagerly anticipating this sequel. I had read a lot of lousy reviews on it so I was actually expecting a movie MUCH worse than it was.

Me, my sister and friend walked out impressed. It was FUNNY! It resembled the first very much in a few places-especially her going back and forth between Mark and Daniel.

The opening scene of her sky diving is hilarious.

Bridget is up to her same old complaining, jokes, crude sense of humor, and trying to sort out her usual confusing love life.

It was such a joy seeing Renee, Hugh, and Mark re-united for this film.

I give it a good solid 7.5/10. I still liked the first one slightly better but this was a very good sequel and deserves an honorable mention.
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Open Water (2003)
Decent movie until the end which was AWFUL-**spoilers**...
7 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
**spoilers****I'll keep this review short, like the movie. Decent movie, supposedly based off a true story about 2 divers that must survive on their own in the middle of the ocean when their boat accidentally leaves them behind.

The divers face dangers such as fatigue, sickness, and the never ending number of sharks that bite a them.

Rescue comes way too late, the boyfriend dies and the heartbroken woman is forced to release his body to the sharks.

She then decides to take her own life (by drowning I assume) as we see her go under the water and not resurface. Right then and there the movie ends.

Many people in the audience just went "What thats it?". Truly disappointing ending!

If both people died, how does anyone know what actually happened. Whether or not their bodies were ever found is another mystery. The movie truly left you hanging.

Up until the ending, the movie was a 6. The ending made it a 4.

Save your money!!
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In the Cut (2003)
Bad dialogue, weak story, lots of sex,, no it's not a porno...
7 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
**CONTAINS SPOILER***This movie was worse than I thought it would be. The movie went no where when it first started, and I couldn't figure out what meg Ryan did for a living until it showed her in a classroom teaching. She has no personality or any charm whatsoever, and her character was not believable in the least. She lives in the ghettos and her sister is a floozy that lives above a topless bar.This very bad cop played by Mark Ruffalo comes around Meg Ryan's place and wants to question her about a body found that she knows nothing about. His partner is another foul-mouthed hotshot whose role in the movie is pretty thankless until Meg starts uncovering the fact he may have committed a couple of murders. The only shock factor in this movie is getting the chance to see Meg Ryan naked, though I think most men still prefer Halle Berry or Charlize Theron without their clothes. The part when Meg goes into the forrest with the cop to just make out and play with guns is just silly. I didnt like the fact that she moonlights with her students, especially Cornelius, who eventually went to her apartment and attacked her. I hate to say this, but she was asking for it right from the beginning. Teachers these days,,, my future kids are going to a private school. D+ for this bomb, and I gave it credit for the steamy sex scenes otherwise I would of flunked this movie bigtime.
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