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Free Rainer (2007)
a step forward for weingartner!!!
23 November 2007
I don't get where all these jealous people come from who are writing those bad comments... First of all, this is not a comedy, it's a drama about the modern television, how it manipulates us and our lives.

The actors, as in DIE FETTEN JAHRE SIND VORBEI are very well casted and do a pretty good job here, especially Bleibtreu. The photography is manily realistic and in a documentary style and so is the acting. Some might think that its a bit overdosed showing the TV-producers doing nothing else than sniffing coke and being assholes but those who work in the business will recognize most of it.

I really enjoyed watching the movie, even if it could have been a bit shorter and to the point. There are not many directors in Germany which are brave enough to write such explosive stuff!
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unfortunately not funny!
22 November 2007
First of all I'm a big admirer of bully and his work and I enjoyed watching nearly all the bullyparade-shows. In my opinion he did a fine job with "erkan und stefan" and he showed his fabulous directing skills in "Schuh des Manitu".

"(T)raumschiff surprise" was a kind of disappointment for me, because despite of the excellent special effects it was a step back. The gay characters with that nerving gay-voice were hard to identify with, so the poor plot became even worse.

"Lissy" is the worst part of the trilogy, even if the animation and the character designs are really Hollywood-like and can definitely compete with "Shrek" or most of the Pixar-flicks. the wordplays don't work out at all, the story is so lame and predictable and most of all not funny and the humor doesn't work beyond simple slapstick. the most important problem, same as "(T)raumschiff surprise", is the fact, that you can not anticipate with Lissy, always having in mind that it's Bully, trying to imitate a woman.

There was only one time I laughed and it was right in the beginning when the film-piracy text is shown.

I'm looking forward to Bully making live action movies without the "bullyparade" characters. He's a really good filmmaker!
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