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Models Inc. (1994–1995)
Everything you never knew you wanted!
6 November 2006
Pure bitchiness! A despicable delight from beginning to end. Model's Inc. was huge in Australia, and for all the obvious reasons. It had sex, backstabbing, lies, secrets and all the fashion one could ever ask for. An average soap opera yet it had a unique edge. The show was typically campy, but reached out to woman and sought to entertain and define them. The 90s had already resurrected the soap opera genre and the sexy formula of "young, female leads" was a popular way of saying "woman know what they want and how to get it".

Starring former "Dallas" icon Linda Gray as the head of her own modeling agency, and featuring Kylie Travis, Stephanie Romanov, Carrie-Anne Moss and former "Dynasty" star Emma Samms, Model's Inc. was wicked, cunning and simply divine. Woman sashaying their way down the catwalk, into the boardroom and the bedroom, it had it all and lasted only 29 episodes, leaving all die-hard fans craving one more fashion show! But it certainly has remained a memorable piece of television and has even paved the way for future soap opera delights such as Fashion House. But Model's Inc. will remain an original. It simply was so refreshingly entertaining. Long live Hilary and her lovely models!
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Dynasty (1981–1989)
Makes you feel good!
4 May 2006
Where else can you find the bitchiest 50 year old, dressed in the most extravagant gowns of all time? Sounds like the perfect show to me! Yes, Dynasty was without a doubt that one show that basically encouraged fans to sit back, put up their feet and watch how these "rich bastards" are living! No other show, not even the ultra popular Dallas, could take fantasy to that level. The show made you feel as though you too could be a Carrington living in a mansion and drinking champange. The "storylines" or perhaps lack of, left plenty of room to emphasize what audiences really wanted to see: sex, power, vanity and the most expensive jewels in all the world! This is Dynasty and the 80s at its very best!
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Melrose Place (1992–1999)
Melrose: What T.V should be
4 May 2006
What can you say about a show that started of from nothing and became the guiltiest pleasure of them all! Melrose is truly indescribable, its one of those phenomenons that cannot be summed up or described with one word. People loved it, critics raved about it and pretty much everybody knew it by its name alone. No other show could take "peroxide" or "micro minis" and deliver fresh one liners set against a background that represented everything hip and popular. Mess with the woman of Melrose and mess with hell, literally! Melrosian society was so delightfully trashy that the men living there basically just layed down and enjoyed the ride! Truly the definitive definition of everything naughty and nice!
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Desperate Housewives (2004–2012)
T.V Soaps take a lesson!
4 May 2006
Desperate Housewives is truly one of those rare break-though miracles that hits screens and soon starts to define a decade. As the girls toasted Mary Alice in the final episode it became clear that we were in for a wicked treat: sexy, feisty and no-nonsense woman delivering sharp and nasty lines. It isn't Dynasty or Melrose Place for that matter, but Desperate Housewives manages to take suburban lifestyle and make you look at it in a whole different light. It seems everybody has a "Susan" on their street or the perfect housewife reflected in the character of Bree. The scripts are just perfect and of suburb quality, not recylcled story lines that we have seen a million times before. A highly original, smart and truly entertaining show. Well done Marc Cherry for creating the perfect soap opera for those of us who just can't live without our weekly dose of melodrama!
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