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Helter Skelter (2004 TV Movie)
Remakes!!! Let's pass a law forbidding them!
17 May 2004
I understand the entertainment industry is entirely profit driven, and CBS, having had enormous success with the original, saw the potential of another cash cow with a remake of Helter Skelter, but please... I can't begin to describe how much i disliked this remake. Having seen the original when it first aired, and 3 or 4 times afterward, and having read the book 3 times, i believe i have a pretty good handle on the story, and how i think it should be portrayed. And this was just awful. Average acting, poor pacing, muddled screenwriting... One would think the story should be able to tell itself, but this should have been kept locked away along with Charlie. See the original... it may be dated, but still chilling in its own right.
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Pee-wee's Playhouse (1986–1991)
lemme think.. peeweefan liking PeeWee's Playhouse?
5 September 2003
How much fun was this show? If you didn't like it, I feel a bit sorry for you. I know I can't help but "SMILE" everytime I think of this show, and PeeWee in particular. I had no favorite characters, nor storylines - i just let it take me away, and let it stand on its own merits. Isn't it a shame that, altho it wasnt that long ago, it seems like it was a simpler time?

From those of us fans, WE MISS YOU, PAUL! PeeWee was the best, and my life is better for having seen and enjoyed the experience.
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Dogma (1999)
8 November 2002
After all the cookie cutter movies I've seen lately, i had the good fortune to see this movie. terrific story line, excellent acting by a whole crew of top actors and actresses ( i wanted to see more of the Muse dancing on the pole.. oh well) and any movie with skee ball gets an automatic bonus vote. Thanks to everyone for making this, and thanks to the Catholic Church for making such a fuss before it came out, that it drew my attention to it.
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Schoolhouse Rock! (1973–2009)
i still hum the songs
19 August 2002
Conjunction junction, what's your function...

their function was to teach us with song and rhyme, and to this day, i still remember most of the lyrics. how much fun is it to still enjoy the series, and now i can enjoy them again with my kids
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Adventures in Paradise (1959–1962)
One of my first recollections as a child..
22 June 2001
One of my first television memories - Born in 1956, my parents watched it faithfully, and I can still remember, as a young lad, being fascinated with faraway places such as shown on this show. The theme is still with me to this day. Perfect music. I wish I could now see the shows today, and see if they bring back more memories.
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Magnolia (1999)
Simply Magical ! !
11 June 2001
1,000 word maximum doesn't begin to describe all the feelings of awe and wonder when seeing this movie for the first time. And I mention first time, because it is imperative to view it at least twice, if not more, to really GET this movie. From the opening sequence of 3 "urban legend" discussions about coincidences to the last half hour, which, in a word, was BREATHLESS, this film hit all the right notes.

Jason Robards, Julianne Moore, Melinda Dillon, John C. Reilly, Bill Macy, and of course Tom... the cast was outstanding, and some gave possibly their best performances of their careers (Macy , Dillon, and Cruise come to mind).

In a few words, the film, for those who have gotten this far, and still have no clue, is about 10 people whose lives intertwine at times, through the course of one day and night, in Southern California. These include a police officer, a self help guru, a game show host and their families. It may not sound like much, and I will describe nothing further, but rent this film, grab a chair, unplug the phone, send the spouse and the kids to Chuckee Cheese, and prepare for a film which will stay with you for many days, weeks and years to come.

11 out of 10 -- need I say more?
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Nanny and the Professor (1970–1971)
gosh, what memories...
3 March 2001
I had almost forgotten about this show from my early teen years, until i downloaded the TV theme off the net... and I was transported back immediately. Another fine ABC show that I recall, from approx the same era, was called the Smith Family (NOT Family, with Kristy McNichol), starring Henry Fonda... Seems like ABC had a good run of luck with many good shows during that era.
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