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Atypical Lynch still at his best.
31 January 2001
It was impossible to watch this film without thinking of Richard Farnsworth's suicide in Oct 2000 (due to the pain of bone cancer). Farnsworth plays an aged & determined man who travels on his own terms to visit his brother who fell ill. A brother he hadn't spoken with since 10 years because of an alcohol induced argument.

This is a film about the lifetime of human experiences. Its running themes include: the haunting & unforgiving nature of memory; simple reflections on living, loss & regret, and especially the strength of will & reconciliation.

Sissy Spacek is remarkable as Rose, Alvin's mentally challenged (?) daughter & impossible to ignore, especially in the scenes when she longingly looks out the window.

David Lynch admirers might miss his usual focus on the unusual, however it's evident that he is, in fact, behind the camera. For eg, the way some of the scenes close completely & the next opens; the scenes with the ball rolling & how those were filmed; and especially Alvin's encounter with the distressed driver.

A truly one of a kind film from beginning to beautiful end (`Yes I did'). Silence can say so many words.

It will pull the heart strings of anyone who is able to feel the pulse of what it means to live & breathe.
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Kept me quite still
26 January 2001
I had been meaning to see The Virgin Suicides since I first heard it was being released to film, based on its 1993 book by Jeffrey Eugenides. I never got around to it until the other night when I rented it on video.

Oh. My. God. This film was beautifully done with its easy-on-the-eyes cinematography, the shades of colours, the portrayal of seasons, the flawless actors (all of them), the way they moved & spoke.

As in the book, this film is told as a memory of a group of boys' fascination & obsession with the lives of a group of very blonde sisters.

It's not your typical formula film & includes a wondrous soundtrack, to say the least, with hypnotic contributions by Air. It still lingers in my mind - the true mark of a great film, in my eyes.

The book, the film, the soundtrack: I recommend them all.
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