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Savage Planet (2007 TV Movie)
SPACE BEARS in space
23 August 2006
This movie is truly awful, terrible acting, a terrible plot and terrible special effects. But I'm giving it 10 stars because it has SPACE BEARS. Yeah, that's right, bears in space. And its got lots of decapitations, because, apparently, the only way a space bear knows how to kill someone is by chopping of his head. And you can totally tell that the decapitation is real, its not like they've got a terrible CGI wound and CGI blood squirting into the air. The plot has something to do with getting air from a planet, but I couldn't really follow it because the movie has SPACE BEARS. Isn't Sci Fi supposed to be about delving the depths of your mind to create new creatures who have never seen the light of day, truly exorcising your imagination. And when I think Sci Fi, the first thing that pops into my mind is SPACE BEARS. For about 3 days after I saw this movie I went around shouting SPACE BEARS. Yeah, its that bad.
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