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One of the Best Episodes
10 November 2007
This episode features Ranger Woodlore and of course Humphrey the bear. The ranger sings about Brownstone National Park, and live action clips are included through out the show. It includes several Humphrey cartoons several with Donald Duck. The cartoon shorts included are: "Grin and Bear It", "In the Bag", "Hooked Bear", "Rugged Bear", "Beezy Bear", and "Bearly Asleep".

It also has a few really cute songs. One song is about opening day at Brownstone National Park. One about fishing fever. One is about extinct animals trying to get the bears back on the park property where they are protected. And in a very, very cute and charming sequence, Ranger Woodlore goes around at the beginning of winter and covers all the animals with blankets, warm booties/slippers, pajamas, etc.

I would be thrilled if this was released on a future DVD. This was rebroadcast in 1980. I think it was also shown on a special I loved called Disney's Day Off in the mid 80's(but I'm not sure).
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Great Episode/Special!!!!
9 November 2007
Jiminy Cricket hosts this special (which was based on another show This is Your Life). Donald Duck is dragged to the television studios as the guest of honor. Jiminy Cricket then brings in other popular characters to talk about Donald's life and classic cartoon shorts are shown.

Among the friends is Daisy Duck. She explains why she and Donald never got married, with a showing of Donald's Diary. One of Donald's war-time shorts is also shown, along with some with Chip and Dale, as well as Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Spike the Bee is also featured in one of the shorts. Even Mickey Mouse makes an appearance.

Great, Great Great!!!!!! Deserves to be put on DVD in the future.
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Great Episode of a Classic Show
9 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This episode begins with Walt doing some magic tricks. He then call upon the Magic Mirror from Snow White(or a.k.a. the slave in the mirror) to take over the show.

***The following may possibly contain spoilers*** (brief summary of the show)

The Magic Mirror then introduces different cartoon shorts (Magician Mickey and Donald Duck's Trick or Treat). Magician Mickey features our favorite mouse...Mickey!!! on stage as a magician. Trick or Treat is one of my all time favorite shorts. It features Donald Duck, his nephews, and the Witch Hazel. The Magic Mirror ends with a clip from Cinderella. The clip is the fairy godmother scene

Overall great episode. And a Fantastic Show!!!!!
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Great feature about South America! I love Saludos Amigos!
18 February 2007
This feature was made to improve relations with South America. It features a few animated shorts with live action breaking the scenes up. The live action is designed to teach about South American culture.

I am someone who really likes this feature (even though it is short). I love the scene with Jose Caricoa (sp?) where Donald can't pronounce his name. "Joe-say...". I would watch this at my old job at a video store every chance I got! I would recommend it to everyone, but since some people are not impressed with this feature I would suggest renting it first.

Overall very good!!!
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Great children's special! Needs to be released on DVD!!!
16 February 2007
The Lollipop Dragon had two specials. One called The Magic Lollipop Adventure and one titled The Great Christmas Race. I am almost 100% sure, if I am wrong, correct me.

The Magic Lollipop Adventure is a very charming special about how the Lollipop Dragon and his friends must save the day and defeat Baron Bad Blood. In order to do this they must go through the Forest of Mirrors. This is a spooky place. However by listening to advice from the Lady in the Forest and doing what is right, they just might save the day!!!

The Great Christmas Race is about a Christmas race that everyone enters. If you win, then you get to pick the flavor for the Christmas lollipop. Baron Bad Blood enters and wants to chose liver for the flavor! Lollipop Dragon and his friends must save the day by ensuring that Baron Bad Blood does not cheat or win.

Both need to be released on DVD!!!
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Kamichu! (2005– )
Great series!!
13 February 2007
Kamichu! is about a middle school girl named Yurie Hitotsubashi who suddenly becomes a god in the first episode. She tells her best friend Mitsue about her new found goddess status. Another girl named Matsuri who runs the local shrine declares herself Yurie's new manager. Yurie does everything from grant requests, met new and interesting people and gods, attend god conventions, and more.

Yurie still has the typical middle schooler life. She still has to try to succeed in school and she tries to get her crush Kenji to notice her.

Overall this is a really cute show! I would recommend it!!
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Great cartoon about safety in the workplace!
13 February 2007
This is one of my all-time favorite shorts. It features Donald Duck as a worker in some type of factory or machine type shop.

J.J. Fate (?) narrates while Donald participates in some very dangerous behaviors at work. He uses the machines to slice his lunch meat and cheese. He sets up his lunch on another machine complete with a table cloth and a flower in a vase. He wears loose clothing around dangerous machines, behaves dangerously near flammable items, and even looses his focus when he stares at a beautiful woman walking by.

Overall this is a very good cartoon short and hopefully this will see a release on DVD in the future along with the previous short "How to Have an Accident in the Home".
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Eiken (2003 Video)
Full of fan-service stuff, but really funny!!
20 January 2007
This show is not for children.

This is about a boy named Densuke who recently began to attend a new school with basically all girls. He is inducted into the exclusive Eiken Club, and all members are girls with very large busts. The Eiken Club participates in various extracurricular activities (usually in bikinis). His main interest is a shy very large busted girl named Chiharu.

The main premise of the show is to show Densuke accidentally either see Chiharu naked, touch Chiharu (or any other girl), etc. Chiharu's sister is constantly trying to force Densuke to become attracted to her usually by making him touch her and saying very sexually suggestive things.

However, every embarrassing or sexual thing he does is truly by accident and the show is so ridiculous that is is funny.

Recommended due to the hilarity of the fan-service.
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Peter and the Magic Egg (1983 TV Movie)
Great Easter special! Now on DVD!!!
22 December 2006
This was a great Easter TV special. I loved watching this as a kid. I don't remember much (at all, so if I am wrong please forgive me), but from what I remember it was great.

A young boy named Peter is the main character. An evil tin man named Tin Whiskers (I think) somehow buys the whole town and re-names everything after tin and metal. Peter must save the town/Easter(?). He goes into the woods and meets Mother Nature and she helps him in some way. I do not remember the end, but I would not give it away anyways.

Overall, it was a very cute holiday special. Hopefully this will be released in the future so I can enjoy it every year. Released March 2007.
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The Blinkins are GREAT!!! This needs to be on DVD!
28 November 2006
I can not remember everything about this movie/featurette (since it has yet to be released on DVD), but here is the basic plot.

The Blinkins are fairies who live in the forest. One day as they are collecting food for winter, they come across a young girl's doll. They decide to take the doll home. The scene cuts to Grog the frog. He meets up with the bear, who can not think of anything but food for winter. I believe that Grog gives the bear the idea to take food from the Blinkins. Grog and the bear give the Blinkins until midnight (or nightfall)to collect more food and prepare it for the bear.

The Blinkins and Mr. Benjamin the owl must then think of a plan to keep their food and get rid of Grog and the bear. I will not give away any spoilers, but the Blinkins spend the rest of the day formulating their plan and putting it into effect.

This is a GREAT cartoon. I loved it as a child, would love it now, and I would love to get this on DVD to watch again.
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Stanley, the Ugly Duckling (1982 TV Short)
22 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have very little memory of this, but here is what I remember.(possible slight spoiler) This is a very cute cartoon about a duck who is basically shunned. He meets a fox (Nathan)and eagles that are in a motorcycle group (Hell's Eagles, a play on a famous motorcycle group). While it follows the general storyline of the classic story of the ugly duckling, the characters and setting are very different. Overall I think this is a good featurette/cartoon, and would love the opportunity to view this again.

possible spoiler: In the end Stanely is supposed to learn a lesson about self-acceptance and it is what is inside that matters.
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No Smoking (1951)
"No Smoking" (1951) is a short all about cigarettes and their addictive
27 May 2006
"No Smoking" (1951) is a short all about cigarettes and their addictive nature. It begins with a short history of smoking with the various characters being played by "Goofy people". It begins with Christopher Columbus first encountering cigarettes in America with the Native Americans. It then continues to show modern day Goofy and his fight to quit smoking. It shows Goofy and all the temptations he faces to continue smoking. The ending is interesting, but I won't give it away.

I'm sure that anyone who smokes can identify with Goofy's struggle. This is a great short as it is still relevant today. Recommended as are All classic Disney cartoon shorts.
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