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The DuPont Show of the Month: The Red Mill (1958)
Season 1, Episode 8
Can be viewed at Museum of Radio and Television in Los Angeles
10 April 2006
Updated version of Victor Herbert's 2 act operetta. Shirley Jones and Elaine Strich play sisters who own the Red Mill whose arms won't turn until true love returns to their town. Enter Elaine May and Mike Nichols as spoiled Hollywood actors with Donald O'Connor as their go-fer. Shirley and Donald realize they are substituting dreams for life and promptly fall in love. Elaine captures the elusive mayor, the egotistical actors rediscover their passion, everyone kisses and the mill turns again.

Nichols and May are hilarious; O'Connor dances up a storm; Shirley's voice soars and Eliane Strich is salty as the sadder but wiser elder sister.

Delightful and worth viewing.
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