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Fletch (1985)
Pay attention, and be ready for laughs
27 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Fletch was very well-acted, for what it is. This wasn't supposed to rival the godfather, and I'm going to guess that the people making the film didn't take themselves too seriously like that. It's a comedy with a detailed and serious storyline. There is some slapstick, but not too much. Most of the comedy is through insults and sarcasm. And Chevy Chase's ability to deliver the insults so well. No one else in the movie is funny on purpose, or ever meant to be.(even the mattress police guy, he was dead serious HAHA!) Larry is about the only one who laughs at Fletch's jokes. Fletch takes place in "reality". Fletch is involved in serious work, and he is also serious about solving his dilemma. That adds to the humor of the ridiculous things he says and does. Everything he does is well thought-out, yet he always winds up having to improvise. Hilarity ensues. There's a one-liner in almost every sentence. Almost every line of the movie made me laugh. The narrations were great. They keep you up to speed while keeping you laughing. Of course the fake names and disguises are also great. The soundtrack adds to the humor.
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Orions belte (1985)
Kept me on the edge of my seat!
18 September 2006
I loved this movie.My mother picked it up at random at a yard sale.Lucky me! The scenery was beautiful.That was my favorite part of the film. I want to go to Norway now. The story isn't exceptionally special, but very interesting.After a somewhat slow start, it keeps a fast pace right up until the last minute. Also, the "slow start" wasn't boring at all, in my opinion.It did have a "TV Movie" feel to it.There isn't terrific acting or special effects, just solid all-around entertainment.The acting was good enough. It was one of those movies where I was disappointed to see it end. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in the arctic circle.
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Elvira is Hilaroius!
27 April 2006
OK, this movie is stupid. I mean that in a good way though.It was stupid on purpose, and was one of the better "stupid" movies I've seen. The jokes and gags are purposefully bad, but delivered in a way that it struck all the right notes with me. The supporting characters were pretty shallow and mediocre. There is a pretty weak plot, but it works just fine.

Elvira's character is the focus here.She is lovable and adorable.Cassandra Petersen has a world of acting talent that just glows in this movie.On top of that acting talent she had physical attributes which were frankly, stunning. Few men could disagree with that. The parts that show off her figure were also some of the funnier scenes in the movie.

I had a smile ear to ear from the first scene to the last.

Highly recommended to fans of comedy, and to fans of beautiful women. I wish they had made a dozen more Elvia movies.
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Not as bad as I was told
27 April 2006
This movie was pretty good, all in all. It had a lot of really bad bad jokes, I'll admit. I think it was mostly geared toward younger people. But a few were funny.I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so I'm just going to write in general terms.

One of gags in this movie was so hilarious, it canceled out all of the bad jokes and somewhat weak storyline, and turned it into a wholly positive experience for me hehehe.I'm still laughing, 2 weeks later! I am glad I suffered through all of the painful so-called humor, just to see that one scene.Instant classic! I found parts of the actual story difficult to follow. I don't think that's so important, if you can realize this movie for what it is. Harmless fun.
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Oh brother...
18 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie with no idea what it was about beforehand. I was intrigued for the first whole hour. It was shaping up to be a great thriller. A very talented cast and good dialogue.Then it all fell apart for me at the sight of the first vampire. I couldn't believe my eyes.A great thriller was flushed down the toilet. The rest of the movie from that point was totally awful.

I gave it 4 stars for the brilliant beginning alone. I think that's a little generous, but I was entertained for a while. I'm not a fan of vampire or zombie movies at all.If you are, then you may disagree with my opinion.
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Unreal II: The Awakening (2003 Video Game)
There is a Multi-player Add-on called XMP
18 April 2006
Unreal II is excellent.Not as complete or shocking as the original but still great. It is not related to the original in storyline.It is also a much shorter game.The character control is by all means exceptional, but not as fast as the first Unreal.The weapons are excellent as well.

There is a Multiplayer add-on available called XMP. XMP is one of the most fun multi-player modes in all of FPS. It is a class-based team game.There are 3 classes of character to chose, all with their own unique abilities. There are 3 vehicles with weapons mounted on them.You can run people over of course! There are also fixed turrets to defend with, and the Tech can lay auto-turrets. The weapons and sheer destruction in XMP make it a definite must see for any FPS fan. Bear in mind it is a bit complicated to get running, due to ZERO support by Epic.You will need to research a little to find out what files you need.BeyondUnreal's website has all the info.
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Unreal (1998 Video Game)
Terrific Gameplay
16 April 2006
Unreal is my favorite First Person Shooter.Single player mode is a very long and exciting experience. It has a good storyline.The game takes place on Na Pali, a mysterious alien planet.You are(were) a prisoner aboard a spaceship that crash lands on the planet.The planet has been taken over by an alien race of powerful conquerors called Skaarj.The game opens with you in your jail cell, the ship already has crashed and the beam that kept you from getting out is broken.Your goal sounds simple enough, to get off of the planet, or die. The included Multiplayer gaming modes are also much fun.There are many different user-made mods available as well.

The sounds are intense.The music fits perfect. The video quality is better than many of today's games. The weapons are GREAT.The ASMD "combo" was quite unique. There are both alien and human weapons.

This game's character control is probably what makes it the best of it's kind, still to this day.

Although the sequels to this game are much more popular, "old Unreal" may be the best game of the franchise.
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