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One of the best for Stephen Fung
4 April 2006
Shut up and appreciate this one fine movie by one of the best directors and actor of this time, Stephen Fung.

I'm not a fan of any Kung Fu movies but this one will make you adore the art much more. The plot is good and not just the boring "avenging" that made kill bill a lousy story.

It just shows that Stephen still has something aside from having commercial value as he focuses more on family values, the normal sibling rivalries and parental love. Rare would you find that in modern movies.

This is a Kung Fu movie, remember? This isn't a sad family movie and or children unable to cope with family loss.

The fight scenes at the start of the 100 minute movie is already astounding and the angelic face of Stephen, who happens to be one of the lead actors is just so adorable. His sister plays the other Kung Fu part and gives justice to it.

I believe she can be the next Kung Fu idol.

Villains are good, but could have been better if there were portrayals of other villain type characters in the school and in the ocean world where adorable Stephen works.

The flashback could have been more effective if 5-10 minutes were devoted to it with the graphic depiction of what it was like being a secret agent. The movie lacked it but then again, it's alright. It doesn't really affect the whole story.

Boring parts include the inability of Jason to fight good, considering he was there to replace Siu Bo (Stephen's father). He could have been more competent in his fighting skills.

And yes, thank god Stephen did not kiss that ugly girl as he does not deserve her. Really. Stephen is just too good looking and too cute and it's a good idea he passed it out.

I only saw the English version so I cant comment much on how they say it in mandarin.

But Stephen Fung, you're a demigod of directing and acting taking note that this is only your 2nd movie to direct.

Kudos Stephen. Really good job.
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