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4 for Texas (1963)
This is an Excellent Movie for Pure Fun & Entertainment
11 October 2002
4 for Texas is a typical movie produced during the 1960's. This was an era when you would turn on your television and would expect to see a Western on every channel. An era when Hollywood was cranking out Westerns faster that Bayer was aspirin. What makes this Western so unique. Simple....The stars.! There seemed to be an on screen magic between the four main stars. The supporting cast seemed to be everyone you knew in Hollywood but couldn't remember their names.

I really don't want to give too much of this movie away but basically you have four people trying to open a riverboat casino. First independently and then together. Dean Martin, Ursula Andress, Frank Sinatra, and Anita Eckberg star. Super Movie, lots of Laughter, fun for Everyone. Not a heavy movie that's giving you a deep message. Just a movie that you can sit back and be entertained. I give it 5 stars.
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John Wayne's America...!!!
27 September 2002
In essence this IS John Wayne. This is America....John Wayne's America...Your America and mine as well. Walk through the history of America, laugh a little, cry a little but most of all understand the PRIDE in America that John Wayne saw and had. If at ever possible to see this DO for it is a tribute like none other. The whole family can take pride in America and will talk about this show for years to come.
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The Love Letter (1998 TV Movie)
Love can Conquer Mountains but can it conquer Time..?
29 July 2002
I gave this movie the highest rating for at the end there is two questions that the viewer is left to answer.....Why did these events happen and why to these two people..? The answers are there but you are left to find them.

An antique desk is purchased. Inside, in a secret compartment, is a letter written 100 years earlier. The letter is to a phantom man. The secret love created in the mind of a lonely girl. A young mans finds the letter and feels the pain the girl who wrote must have felt when waiting for a love that wasn't there.

A strange occult mother convinces her son to answer the letter and comes up with a scheme to do it. Thus begins a love affair where the participants are separated by 100 years in time.
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A conflict of Cultures, A Love Story, an Endless Story of Two Worlds
29 July 2002
For the era of its production this movie dared to challenge what was unacceptable in modern America. How could a successful American give up his whole life for the love of a Hong Kong prostitute.

The World of Suzie Wong shows what happend to a basic "good girl" in Hong Kong, The strict, unyielding, traditional attitude of the British subject, An a American sense of right that a person is allowed to fall in love with anyone of their choosing.

William Holden, Nancy Kwan showed a joint charisma as they fought tradition to fall in love. Both gave class A performances. The supporting actors and actresses did super as the viewer was lost inside their characters.

I highly recommend this movie. It even give a view of Imperial Hong Kong BEFORE the changeover to China.
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Some will smile, Some will Laugh this movie is for Everyone!!
18 January 2001
Not every movie made has to have a message. Some are made just to entertain us. John Wayne proved that and "Goodbye Charlie" has taken it to a new height.

Debbie Reynolds and Tony Curtis really had that special chemistry that's always needed in a good comedy and there timing was perfect. Now consider this movie was made around the time when the first civil rights act was passed and it was still believed that "it's a man's world." Debbie Reynolds plays the part of Charlie who was the classic womanizer. He is shot and comes back as a woman (Debbie). He still thinks he's Charlie -- Big Problem especially in 1964.

I rate this movie 5 stars considering the time it was made, the skill of the players and a theme song I just fell in love with. If you need to have a fun afternoon get "Goodbye Charlie"!
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Good Movie Topic. Too Slow.
16 January 2001
I had a problem with What Women Want. The acting was excellent and the movie concept was good however the movie was too slow. It took way too long to develop the characters and then carried them too far. I feel it needed a few more characters in it to round off a much needed diversity. The standard stuff, the photography, sets, costumes were done with a careful eye but it really didn't help the movie.
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The War Wagon (1967)
Another "John Wayne" Western. Another Winner!
16 January 2001
As far as westerns go I really can't think of many that John Wayne has failed at. The only way to rate a John Wayne movie is to compare it with other John Wayne movies. In do so I would give The War Wagon a firm 5 stars.

In The War Wagon you will find some humor, drama, deceit, love and adventure. You will see John Wayne (Taw Jackson) put together a rag tag group of hold up men that you will think couldn't complete a game of checkers without killing each other. In a period of only 4 days this group plans to pull a robbery of $500,000.00. The target - a modified stagecoach built of iron, 47 feet long counting the horses, called "The War Wagon". A great John Wayne movie suitable for the whole family
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Angel (1984)
Unique Story Line and View of Living on the Streets of L.A.
11 January 2001
I gave this movie a higher than earned score simply for the uniqueness of the story line. I thought that the number of characters and the story that was built around each and then their interrelationship with each other was done with some real style.

The movie didn't have the budget to produce an Oscar winner and made do with some lesser named actors and actresses. I found it to be a entertaining way to pass some time and would probably enjoy seeing it again. This doesn't hold true for the sequels.
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