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Blue Heelers (1994–2006)
Blue Heelers
6 April 2006
I love the show Blue Heelers and it is a shame that it has to come to an end after so many years. Why does the series have to end it is such a good series. I like Constaple Jo the best so it was annoying when she had to dye. All the actors play their characters really well except Sarget Jacobs who was a bit comical for his part. Jossepi and Kelly are really good beguines with the series. Most of the plots for the episodes are really good and they capture my attention all the time which is another reason why I watch the series. The setting of Mt. St. Thomas is a really nice place for the shooting the show. It is a lovely place. The Title of Blue Heelers is a good one for the show and suites the show.
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