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Juno (2007)
All Heart, No Substance
1 March 2008
I walked into Juno expecting light comedy, perhaps a tear or two - and that's exactly what I got. My friends and I left the theater talking about it - we all agreed that it was very 'sweet.' But perhaps 'sweet' isn't befitting enough for a movie with such a theme as unplanned pregnancy. Then again, Juno doesn't exactly go anywhere near where it should in heaviness. A very bland tell-not-show mechanism is used in telling the story, and most of the issues vital to a plot are merely foreshadowed and never resolved sufficiently.

Characters are introduced and get their fair share of screen time - but there never seems to be any struggle between them relationship wise. There are many threads in the social web left dangling - Juno and her stepmother, father, and selected adoptive parents of her unborn child. At most, they're realistically portrayed in the way that complications are never explicitly made into the drama they deserve for on screen presentation - but it leaves the whole film relatively dull and anticlimactic.

The good in this film include the actors, namely the girl who played the title role. She far out shined Jennifer Garner, who seemed almost as without taste as the rest of the movie. Perhaps that was just her character. At least with her, there was a real conflict - but too easy a resolution. There wasn't any large bumps in the way. None that she had to climb over herself, anyway.

The music for Juno fits it very well; it sets the tone and gives it part of its charm. The odd, semi romantic lyric content and guitar instrumentals provide a very down to earth but dreamlike background to a suburban setting. They're quite catchy songs, as well.

Overall, I'd say Juno earned a 9/10 if it were going for realistic scenarios - a documentary, if you will. Anything else - a six.
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Standoff (2006–2007)
Amazing, but not given any chance by FOX
12 June 2007
Standoff could definitely shine if it was given a chance. It has just enough action to satisfy you but not too much and the writers make the character plots interesting but not overpowering. It is too bad that FOX refuses to give great show a chance. THis is an amazing show but of course FOX doesn't give chances to any shows except the popular ones. The only complaint I have on this show is that it doesn't show enough of Matt and Emily's relationship. It is very witty and has a few funny lines that keep it real. This is an awesome show that deserves a chance. This show is about two hostage negotiators who have a secret relationship and can't show it in the office. When Matt admits the relationship over the radio to a hostage taker (ht)the whole office knows and his FBI job is in trouble as well as his partners. Matt and Emily obviously care about each other and have trouble hiding it. They have to deal with dating and saving hostages from kidnappers, upset teens, bank robbers and saving themselves from some Mexican Drug traffickers. (only in one episode). It is an amazing show that is not given the time of day. Literally FOX puts it in the Friday 9/8 c death time slot. So of course no new viewers are going to find it. It is also being threatened by rumors that it has been canceled which is ruining and lessening it's veiwership. It has not been canceled by FOX .
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Absolutely Amazingly Awesome
26 May 2007
I'd expected a little less of this movie, particularly because it was the last in the series. But apparently, the film makers wanted to make this feel like a satisfactory ending.

And it was.

The whole thing is SO much more violent and serious than the last two...but that's not a bad thing in this movie's case. It's also got dozens of plots going on at once, and extremely surprising twists to keep you guessing.

It does get a little confusing, and some may think the ending somewhat tragic. But in the end, you just have a really good feeling. Everything seems to have worked out exactly as it should, though some losses need to balance it.

To get to the more technical side of it, the special effects were once again amazing (the whirlpool battle, which was absolutely HUGE) and the action scenes really interesting.

And there's a couple of other things I'm super happy about but can't tell you.

This movie ROCKS. Go see it. I swear!!! But leave the kiddies at home to play with those heavily advertised toys that totally don't do this film, no, this WORK OF ART, justice.

This is tmm's friend and i am just saying that if you want a good feeling at the end of this that pulls everything together stay until after the extremely long credits (im talking we could have had four world wars and the credits still wouldn't be over)for the extra scene.
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Ghost Whisperer (2005–2010)
Great show, but it begins to get stale
28 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching Ghost Whisperer when it first came on in 2005, and have been watching it on Fridays ever since.

What exactly can I say about this show? First of all, the plot of each episode feels unique. Melinda Gordan (Hewitt) seems to have met every ghost in the book, but each week, it's someone and something different. And the ghosts themselves aren't stereotypes: they have their own back stories and some have completely unforeseeable story lines. For example, one episode starts with a camping trip in the woods, where Melinda stumbles upon an old car. The woman is looking for her child, who is apparently all grown up. The woman, it turns out, left home in the middle of a winter storm with the girl to escape an abusive relationship with her husband.

The acting is also wonderful, and Season 2's side plot with Delia and her son is also kind of nice.

Now I'm going to have to start criticizing it.

Do either of you remember 'that one girl'? Who died in the first season and was Melinda's best friend? This is the one thing that irks the hell out of me. Her death was needless. To fix this little no-no, we get the clone called 'Delia.' Not that it matters much. Delia's character is so realistic, you don't even remember her season 1 personality doppleganger.

Secondly, the routine is the same in every episode. Melinda discovers ghosts, ghost is difficult to talk to, Melinda must talk to some relative or friend in order to find ghost's comforts, and then finally the ghost begins to look more like their original selves and takes on a normal personality. Then there's always that long and boring confrontation where Melinda has to repeat everything the ghost says to the surviving family members, who don't believe a damn thing she's saying anyway.

The violence in this show is very minimum. In the few episodes where there is any at all, it is very subtle (compared to other shows) and is mainly focused on Melinda. Which is another thing. If she's so experienced at handling these spirits, why does she scream and whine like a little girl? Shouldn't she have been hardened at least by the constant haunts? Her town also seems to be infested with them. Every person who dies in that town must have some unfinished business with the living, because I haven't seen one person that died and didn't come back to haunt us.

Overall, I give it 7/10. It's not well done, but not something you should ignore, either.
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Kingdom Hearts (2002 Video Game)
Words can't honestly describe it
28 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Kingdom Hearts could have ended up sucking really, really badly. But apparently, Square and Disney wanted this done right.

And damn, was it done right!

The graphics are simply more than were ever expected. Sometimes, it's rough around the edges, but those things can be basically ignored. But the confusion of the layouts of some of the worlds can be irritating, to say the least. You'll find yourself going in circles.

The Gummi Ship system isn't the most brilliant. During the needless segments of traveling to different worlds, you can hold down the X button and ignore everything else, it's so simple. Then again, custom building your own gummi ships can be pretty awesome, though your options are limited, as well as colors (the palette you can buy late in the game contains only a few key choices).

The worlds themselves are all familiar, and you'll enjoy fighting alongside those favorite characters of yours, though they won't do much for you besides absorb damage. The worlds are often filled with unnecessary space that doesn't seem well thought out and is a little confining. And although the plots of the worlds are slightly altered, you'll feel like you are participating actively in one of Walt's movies.

Getting to the main, non-Disney and final fantasy elements. You play as Sora, a truly interesting character who wields a 'keyblade.' After obtaining the keyblade, he is thrown from his world to Traverse Town, where he meets Donald and Goofy and begins a journey to find his friends.

The Final Fantasy isn't very obvious. You see a lot of familiar faces, but they don't really have anything to do with the main gameplay, other than point him in the right direction. I've never played many of the FF games myself; but you get to go against Yuffie, Aerith, Squall/Leon, Cloud Strife, and Sephiroth. A type of Moogle also make their appearance as Synthesis Shop workers, who will eventually supply you with items of great worth, including the Ultimate Weapon.

Villains from Disney also make their mark, along with an unfamiliar one strictly made for Kingdom Hearts. You'll also, of course, know a lot about the Heartless by the time you're through. The Heartless are the main villains in the game, though they don't do much damage to you other than the occasional boss.

Other things: Camera - Annoying at times. You can only turn it left and right, and sometimes you can't see your main character. Mini games and secrets - Finding and completing these can be very frustrating, but they add depth and a lot of cool stuff to the game. There's postcards you can collect to find rare items, Dalmatian puppies to find, and trinity marks to get into new areas or find shortcuts, or even find new weapons and items. Optional Bosses - There are a few you can play, and two are available after completing two of the worlds. I won't say what they are...but if you're looking for difficulty, you won't be disappointed. The Colliseum is also a great place to find some good opponents (*cough*SEPHIROTH*cough*).

Anyway, that's about it. IF there's anything else you wanted to know, I'm sure you'll find it somewhere. Kingdom Hearts is AWESOME.

It's only flaws are a few plot holes and some good cheese.
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Very Cute!
8 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a really great movie! I watched it with my three-year old brother, and he loved it. Anyway, I was curious to watch this because I wanted to see how closely it resembled Lord of the Rings. I'm a nerd, okay? And it is very similar. Almost word-for-word, well, not quite. And the music is really fascinating and eerily similar to the Trilogy.

Some scenes are a bit confusing for younger kids, but the message is pretty clear (people's gifts and how they don't get to choose them, but can choose what they do with them). I laughed and (shamefully) enjoyed it.

Big Idea is a really great company, and I like the work that they do. I learned a few things myself from this movie!

So I'd suggest it to anyone with kids 6 and under. Definitely!
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