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Wisdom (1986)
I seriously don't think it was THAT bad
20 December 2002
I think alot of people knew from the get-go this movie wasnt going to be a award winning movie, but I don't think the movie was horrible. It certainly wasn't Emilio or Demi's finest work but for being the age Emilio was when he wrote and directed this movie, he didn't do that bad of a job. As far as the critics go with this movie: In my opinion they weren't going to be kind with this movie no matter how it good it was because of Demi and Emilio's "Brat pack" status.
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Santa, Jr. (2002 TV Movie)
Not a Christmas classic but it's cute
10 December 2002
This movie defintely isn't one the whole family will be gathering around the TV every year to watch, like "A Charlie Brown Christmas" or "Frosty the Snowman" or "How the Grinch stole Christmas" but it does have some good qualities.

Nick Stabile stars as ... you guessed it Santa JR, who is helping out Dear old Dad give out presents. He gets picked by the cops, who think he's stealing the gifts rather than giving them. Then comes the Public defender Susan (Lauren Holly) who agrees to help Santa JR. and give him a place to stay. Though skeptical at first she comes around to believing Santa JR is innocent. This is not a view shared by Daryl (Judd Nelson) who also secretly harbors a crush on Susan. They all soon find out that there is another "Santa" in the midsts, and this one is not so nice.

Like I said before this is a cute movie and all the actors do try with the fluff thier given. Nick Stabile does the best job as a young guy saddled with a huge job but also deals with the fact he's lost the Christmas spirit. Lauren Holly, though while she wouldn't of my been my first choice to be in this movie does try her very best. And though Judd Nelson is known for the more.. tough, loner guy roles, such as my personal fav "The Breakfast Club" and 'New Jack City" he doesn't do that bad of a job, though I do think he's better at the roles previously mentioned.

"Santa JR" is defintely one young kids will be able to get into. Adults will have a hard time not rolling their eyes at points but might enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling the film tries to give.
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Hijacked: Flight 285 (1996 TV Movie)
Not1/2 bad
6 June 2002
I originally watched this movie because I'm a HUGE Breakfast club fan and I wanted to see Anthony Michael Hall and Ally Sheedy work together. I'm very glad I watched, it is a great tv movie and Anthony and Ally did wonderful. Anthony in my opinion did a good job as a bad guy and you could tell he had fun doing it, although at first all I seen him as is Sweet Brian from Breakfast club so at times it was hard seeing him be mean to others and to Ally's character. So if this movie is ever on I recommend watching.
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A classic
1 December 2001
The Breakfast club is one of my all time favorite movie's ever. I can't understand anybody who watched the film and didn't like it. I first saw this a couple of years ago and was blown away. Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson,Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy all gave their best performances and made you feel like you were there as well with them. Paul Gleason and John Kapelos also gave fine supporting performances. This film is a must see for everyone young and old!
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