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Off to a promising start
1 June 2009
I think animation lovers will know Mike Judge only too well from 'Beavis and Butthead' and 'King of the Hill'. Very different shows but they grew on us. King Of the Hill in it's prime was wonderful and now in auto-pilot is still amusing to watch. I love both shows and wish B & B could make a comeback minus the music videos. Mike's new show 'The Goode Family' is a little more like KOTH. In the sense that it feels like a sitcom with live actors except that it's animated. The pilot episode was amusing through out with some good dialogue and interesting characters. The title character Gerald Goode is voiced by Mike Judge doing a reprisal of the hippie teacher from B & B. The consensus on the web seems to be that the show is too risqué with it's hyper-liberal goody two shoes family at the heart of the story. Others plain don't like it. I think like Mike's other two shows, this one needs some time. Give it a season, if it's still good...
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Wonderful slice of Philippine Erotica
22 July 2008
This is a great example of erotic cinema from the Philippines. Popularly known as sex dramas. Lame in terms of nudity compared to Western Cinema but high on eroticism. The lead actress Ara Mina combines cuteness with sensuality. She always does justice to whatever part she has but this film was her lead debut. She plays a woman who romances a ghost. One who's trapped in the mystery locked beneath the patter of rain on a cold night. Thats when she falls in love with another, a man, not the earth-bound spirit that has given her taste of carnal schooling, all jilted hell breaks loose. I rate this film a shade below the original Scorpio Nights for eroticism but still very recommended.
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Michael Sheli (1974)
7 February 2006
I saw this film for a class of mine. It is quite interesting. It is a slice of life from 1950s Israel. The story centers around Chana. There is much in the way of symbolism throughout the movie. I think this would interest movie lovers who enjoy mood, atmosphere, culture, and characters. This movie reminded me of some Indian Art features I have seen. Movies that were called parallel cinema in India. Efrat Lavie who plays Chana acts very well. She appears completely passive but the story is carried on her shoulders. Michael is the other character, he is first portrayed as a geology student and then as a teacher. It was fascinating the see the recreation of 50s Israel and the overall atmosphere.
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one of the best - tastefully shot and executed explicit erotica
16 July 2002
This is without doubt the best or one of the best Brigitte Lahaie films,the gorgeous french actress.The film is wonderfully shot(if you enjoy long and wide-screen cinematography), has a coherent story line that is easy to follow and has a lot of brigitte lahaie screen time.fortunately a dozen or so brigitte lahaie films are available on the net or at auction sites.I would recommend this feature to all lovers of sexually explicit and erotic cinema.
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Another one of the best Brigitte lahaie features(xxx)
16 July 2002
This is another one of my favourite Brigitte Lahaie films.tall ,slender,curvaceous but very sensual,Brigitte Lahaie was the top actress in french cinema that was working in sexually explicit erotic films.This is one of the best - plenty of screen time for the star of the movie , well shot, well acted and hardcore without having to be raunchy.
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