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Dog Soldiers (2002)
Best Brit-Horror for decades
9 July 2002
This is a great film for those who like their horror dark, and their comedy darker. The charismatic cast of squaddies deadpan their way through the script, giving a stark and refreshing contrast to the screaming hysteria that script writers usually resort to.

The werewolves are scary - with a lot of inspiration taken from the Aliens films, they're a dark and sinister lot - but it's Sean Pertwee that steals the show. Especially in one nasty, nasty scene...> \
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Blow-Up (1966)
Very, very dated. Completely unenjoyable.
28 August 2001
I was looking forward to seeing this film - as a fan of Herbie Hancock and as the plot synopsis sounded great.

Unfortunately, there was nothing for me. Barely anything happens, there's no momentum to speak of, and the lead character is unlikeable but too vague to be any anti-hero.

Theres no resolution to any of the plot themes, and the soundtrack is so sparse that much of the film is in silence.

While it may be held as a classic by film makers, I fail to see how anyone else can really enjoy it today. Too slow, too dated.

There's some comedy moments in the ridiculous drug scenes (cf "Reefer Madness!!"), and spotting the inspiration for Austin Powers' photography style.

But then that's laughing at, not with.
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Hugely funny film - Eddie Murphy's finest moment
21 December 2000
Right from the opening credits, this film shows quality. It stands above other comedies due to the lack of filler material - every line is memorable. The cast is great; the two leads make the most of their characters (both as brokers and bums) but never overstep the mark, thanks partly to the tight editing. The plot becomes a little bizarre, but by that time you're already hooked, and the ending of the film is pure joy. To my mind, no recent comedy has been this good; it mixes high and low brow jokes without resorting to toilet humour, it doesn't pull any punches (spot the social commentary), the performances are masterful and the script achieves depth without sacrificing the one-liners or slowing the pace.
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