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Yep, as most sequels: Poor, very poor.........
5 February 2001
Well, what can I say about this one.... It's some sort of sequel of the terrific 'Who Do You Think You're Fooling?' the movie that shows that Tarantino "borrowed" stuff from another movie for his debut 'Reservoir Dogs'. It was pretty obvious that QT made a nice replica of 'City on Fire' (although it was only ten minutes he borrowed from the original...)

This movie had to prove that Tarantino borrowed again from other movies for the classic movie Pulp Fiction. This time the evidence is less convincing. Showing that someone's reading Ezekiel 25:17, and say that one is stolen by Tarantino, is in my opinion very poor, because that part is a passage written in the bible !!

Hmmmm, not really convincing evidence, eh ? It goes on and on in this (only 2 minute) movie. Things were you scratch the back of your head and say:" I could collect that evidence for every movie" and yes, that's the feeling I got when I saw this one.

It seems that Mike White (the director) made this one to come back to the attention of the audience, and uses his old concept again. But like all other sequels, this one never comes close to the first movie. You really can say that Mr.White is the one who's fooling the audience this time !

I say, a poor movie that tries to tackle a classic (Pulp Fiction), but misses the target completely !! A zero out of 5 ......
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Wild Games (1997)
Not exactly a French kiss
1 February 2001
The movie tells a story about an arrogant businessman who's interested in renting an room. When he arrives in the building and takes the elevator to go to the room, he gets stuck in it. Nobody seems to care for him, even the lady who rents the room! He stays stuck for a few days and you can see clearly the man is going crazy, and is willing to get out against every price...

I liked this one. Although it's made with a low budget, the movie just gets you and never let go. The lady is very dominant and you can see that she's hurt by men before, and lets it all out against the business man. Nice dialogs between the lady and the businessman in a steady speed keeps the movie thrilling,( you'll never know what's her next move....) but it weakens in the end. Too bad, otherwise this one would be a classic !

I give it a 4 out of 5
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