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The West Wing (1999–2006)
18 March 2003
I saw Dick Morris on Hannity and Colmes news show tonight. He said The West Wing is a ridiculous show. He said it is unrealistic and not even close to how the White House works. AND HE WOULD KNOW. HE WAS PRESIDENT CLINTONS CHIEF ADVISOR AND WORKED IN THE WHITE HOUSE EVERYDAY. So, to the emmy's and everyone that says this show is realistic, you are so wrong.
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The Practice (1997–2004)
23 December 2002
I have seen David E. Kelley's other shows. Ally is OK. Picket Fences was good. Chicago Hope was OK. And now the Practice. The Practice is without question the greatest show put together through 6 seasons. I am dissapointed with season 7 (2002-2003) but the show has shocked me before, and I am not giving up.

The reason the Practice is the best show ever is 3 areas: Acting, Writing, and Casting. The main actors are superb with Jimmy Berlutti being the best. However, the most impressive is the casting and acting of the guest actors. I have never seen James Whitmore better as Raymond Oz. Michael Emerson as William Hinks. WOW Where did they find that amazing actor. John Laroquette as Joey Heric. WOW. I hated Night Court, but he is splendid in his 4 episodes of the Practice. I will never forget the judge that told stories and increased your sentence if you laughed. Who thinks of these stories? Michael Monks as the Podiatrist George Vogelman. WOW. Great choice there. I cant look at him anymore without believing he is a cross dressing killer in real life! And Richard Bay. WOW. The list goes on and on. And the writing. So many examples, but the final John Laroquette episode as a lawyer defending his gay lover to bury him, WOW. I clapped once that episode was over and sat stunned. I have a creative mind, but couldnt come up with that story in a million years. It is also the only show that I have seen that continues to bring back guest actors in the same role later in their lives. I wish they would bring back James Whitmore as Raymond Oz, but that may be too much since he lost his mind. And Judge Hiller, Kittleson, and Swackheim are so great.

The Practice may never recover from a poor start to the 7th season. If they don't, they still gave us the greatest 6 years in television history and I will always thank them for that.
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The West Wing (1999–2006)
Emmy voters must be liberal
24 November 2002
This show is pretty good. Way too dramatic at times, and I think we all know that politicians are nothing like this show. This show couldnt be more opposite to the Clinton White House. The Fact that The West Wing has beaten the Practice a couple times for Best Drama proves that Emmy voters are liberal. The Practice is clearly the best show ever.
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The Commish (1991–1996)
18 November 2001
This show initially looked like another boring cop show, but proved to be exactly the opposite. I never saw this on ABC. I started watching reruns on cable. It is hard to explain why I loved this show so much. Maybe it was the small town. Maybe the irony, it was hard to predict the endings. Maybe it was Michael Chiklis? I don't know. I loved the entire cast, which is rare for me. I loved all the deputies especially Sid. I keep hoping it will be back on the air soon. Not my favorite show ever, but a GREAT one.
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