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Despite its flaws it is worth seeing
26 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I give the movie 6 stars. Why only 6? Well, if it were not for some absurdities that requires far more than the suspension of disbelief I would have voted 8. The movie is gripping, the acting is good, the photography is dark and suggestive, the characters are troubled and interesting and the story is touching.

The detective pair, Carl the troubled one and Assad the more positive thinker, reminds me of other famous nordic investigative couples I saw in "Forbridelsen" (Sarah Lundt and her changing buddies) and in "Bron-Broen" (Saga and Martin). The chemistry between them is good and they are likable, even Carl with his nihilism.

I did not read the novel and I don't know if the screenwriter and the director were faithful or not to the written story, but in the movie there are points where I thought "Oh my ... how can it be possible?"

SPOILER: How can Kimmie, a mentally troubled homeless woman that has been living in a dirty cart for years, transform herself in few hours into a club vamp dressed in fashion, with a perfect makeup and a blond wig, with no sign of her chronic psychotic behavior? This is beyond credibility, even considering scenic fiction.

How can Kimmie overpower armed, strong and combat trained men fronting her? This happens four times: when ambushed in the cart, in her friend's house when she escapes Carl, in the detective apartment after the disco and last in the jail. Talk me about SuperHomelessWoman. Even this is beyond the credibility of scenic fiction.

I do not understand why they did not try to make the whole thing more realistic or at last more believable.

The story unfolds between past and present and I found some of the flashback scenes slightly disturbing as they show physical and psychological cruelties.

This is a sad story without a real happy ending, but worth seeing despite its flaws.
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Enter Nowhere (2011)
Original movie with a surprising twist
16 August 2017
I was afraid to find that this was the usual scifi-horror movie where people get lost in the woods and take shelter into a disturbing cabin only to be assaulted by some psycho or monster. Luckily I was wrong. This is one of the most unpredictable movies I have seen. When "Enter nowhere" started to reveal its "secret" I was really surprised and moved at the same time. Good movie, good story and good ending. Highly recommended!!
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Contratiempo (2011)
Extraordinary thriller
15 August 2017
It builds up a little slow, but when drama enters it's really intense. And when you think you know it all ... then the story twists! A real gem. From the start to finish you will be tense and spellbound and even moved by the realistic sequence of events. Fine actors plus engaging editing and direction. It deserves to be known.
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Snowpiercer (2013)
A senseless train with some good visuals
24 April 2016
This train is senseless. Sure it is a metaphorical train, but there are so many pointless fights, killings and stupid actions by the characters that after a while I was annoyed by the whole thing.

Here and there you will find some good visuals (the train running in a frozen world, the upper classes luxury) and some creepy/fascinating characters (i.e. the "sweet" children teacher or the Tilda Swinton's one), but the prolonged fightings are really bad and boring, adding nothing to the story.

In order to rexist till the end you have to suspend twice your disbelief because here we have a train perpetually running around a frozen world for 17 years but ... we see people eating meat and eggs, we see even fishes and insects without explaining words (or images) about food or animal sources.

To me the most annoyng thing is the fact that on this train groups of people are suddenly starting to shot or beat the main characters often without apparent reasons.

A good idea with a bad realization.
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Serenity (2005)
Only for 15 yo or under
10 October 2015
Oh my God! One of the most boring sci-fi movie that I ever saw! I am really surprised by the IMDb rating! How can this movie deserve an eight?? I did not see the Firefly series, so I did not know anything about the characters ... but I think this is not the reason I did not like it. Cardboard characters, non existent plot, poor effects, confusing editing and plot holes are the real reasons for my dislike. Being rated at 8 on IMDb I expected at least a good B movie, but I was wrong. On the contrary Starship troopers - that was an enjoyable sci-fi movie - is rated "only" at 7.2 !! Something must be wrong here. This movie deserves the "Suitable only for 15 yo or under" warning. I'll give it one to try to compensate the unbelievable eight rating.
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A breath of fresh air
23 August 2015
I expected a sci-fi movie ... and I got one, albeit a very different one.

This little gem is a sci-fi mystery story that talks about the ones that do not fit in. The characters are all lovable (even the initially annoying journalist that leads the trip to Ocean View) and all, everyone in his/her way, are weirdos or out of their path. The journalist tries to hide his sentimental vacuum acting like a teenager or a fool and thinking obsessively about sex. The two leads, Darius and Kenneth, are self admittedly out of place in this world. The young Indian nerd is stuck to his laptop and lives in a theoretical universe. Event the beautiful Liz, an old date of the journalist, after a failed relationship lives alone in a beautiful but secluded home, feeding her chickens and thinking she is too old to start a new romance.

The movie is always interesting and original and will keep you guessing about Kenneth sanity until the last frame. 8 out of 10.
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Nice girls, very bad movie
27 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It tries to start like the usual teen slasher movie, but since the start I felt something not good. In fact before we get to know the "usual teens" that are leaving for the cabin in the woods, we are introduced to two guys dressed in white overalls chatting in a factory rest room, in front of a coffee machine. It seems that they are engineers or some technical staff members. Minutes later we are informed that these tech staffers are part of a big nameless firm or governmental agency, in competitions with other similar agencies in other parts of the world, in order to conduct a sort of an horror and deadly Truman Show having the unaware teens as main characters.

Since the motivation for this "game" with human sacrifices is to appease some divinities, preventing them from destroying earth, and due to the awful way the movie depicts the characters (teens and "controllers" alike) from there on I struggled to keep watching this boring mess of a story.

Two out of ten.
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Seeing the ratings I hoped it was a better movie
13 June 2015
I tried to like this movie but I didn't.

The "story" is really weak, only a pretext to show pointless violence that someone finds funny (not me).

Waltz was OK but I didn't like his character. Foxx character on the other side is really awful. The way he behaves is really annoying and the fact that he becomes a skilled gunman in one lesson only is really unbelievable.

The only actor that stands up is Di Caprio, but the violence he enjoys is similar to that of far fetched rated-18 horror comics; maybe teenagers finds that entertaining.

I expected a surprising movie I found a boring and pointless one.
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A fake sequel
23 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Open water 2 has nothing to do with Open Water, apart the fact that both depict a sea drama. The first Open Water was a good independent movie, a real labor of love, on the contrary this is a much more budgeted movie and, in my opinion, a wasted occasion.

The characters of the movie act really stupidly, so when the drama of the first Open Water starts in a believable way (and real fact based) in this fake sequel the drama starts from a moronic stupid action.

All is (almost) fine when suddenly, without a reason, the moron of the story jumps out of the ship not caring for the psychological conditions of Amy, not caring for the ship security rule and not caring for a little baby that is left alone in the bed.

A moron like this must be sentenced to death.

Then the characters, instead of thinking every second a way to get out from their unpleasant condition, let the time go, trying only 2 or 3 ways to overcome the slippery ship sides. I cannot believe that 6 people can be so limited in their tryouts when their lives are at risk ... in fact when at the end Dan finds a way out all you can think of is: why no one tried that way before when with 6 people alive, the climbing could have been easier to do? Amy is a beautiful and lovable girl, but the story isn't good as it could have been. Some good shots and a lot of useless scenes of passive and dumb people not trying to save their lives.
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Saw III (2006)
Not my cup of tea
19 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Despite a promising first episode the Saw saga is becoming a nonsense.

We have a maniac moribund with a mental instable assistant that are capable of setting traps that in a real world will require an army to be built. They have all they need, they are capable to forge complicated mechanisms and to prepare traps that requires entire buildings to be set up(LOL). More than this they are capable to kidnap people even in their own houses, trespassing alarms and keys and having even the time to set up hidden cameras and circuits into their victims rooms.

Normally when horror movies have to force down our throats unbelievable facts they rely on supernatural or sci-fi; so we have demons, ghosts, magic or mutant-monsters and so on. On the contrary the Saw saga tries hard to be logical without succeeding.

It's more believable to see evil ghosts and mutant-monsters than one single horrid trial set up by this silly omnipotent jigsaw.

Five stars because there are some visual interesting inventions, but the screenplay is really awful. It tries to build a logical puzzle but all we get is a million holes cheese.
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Heartless (I) (2005 TV Movie)
Half noir and half cheese
12 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was really surprised to see Melanie Griffith into this very modest flick. Usually she is a great actress and a very seductive woman, but here the way she portrays the bad lawyer doesn't work. But I don't blame her too much because the plot is ridiculous and the plot holes are bigger than Mount Everest.

I.e. when Mr. Vierra (the rich Griffith lover) is killed no one investigates her only because at the murdering hour she was at home with her assistant. But the man was murdered with a heavy stick that smashed his head: so why does everyone only consider the hypothesis that she performed the assassination with her own hands? Since the start everyone knows that the woman is a manipulator, so the first logical thing to do was to suspect her as the crime sender. There was even a witness that saw an angry Mr Vierra expelling Mrs. Wells out of his office, causing her to seriously threaten him. But no one cares; it seems that because she was at home she could not be related in any ways to the murdering of the man that dumped her only days before.


Subsequently she tries to be recognized as the murdered rich man's wife in order to get his inheritance ... and still the police isn't interested to investigate her involvement with the murder.


The characters behavior isn't believable, the plot leads nowhere, Melanie Griffith - that shows occasionally some of her seductive side - mostly goes through the scenes like a sleepwalker and her various criminal connections are so evident that it's not believable that no one tries to incriminate her for the killings.

3 out of 10 - Avoid it.
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Road Rage (1999 TV Movie)
No one cares for the unlucky guy
3 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is below average, no doubt. I rented this DVD and it was a bit of a let down. But I must say that the "villain" character is very well acted by Jere Burns. In fact until 3/4 of the movie (when a murder occurs) I partially sided for him. Think for a while: the guy's wife and daughter - the ones he loved - were killed in a car accident. A tragedy like THAT can really make yourself mad. So why the guy wasn't cured or get assisted after that tragedy? To me is unbelievable that no one cared for the guy after his big personal drama.

Had anybody cared maybe he could have stopped his descent into madness, but no one did.

So for me it was difficult to see Burns as the real "villain" of the story. Sure when the first murder takes place he shifted immediately in the "bad guy" category, but until that point I felt some sympathy for him and his tragedy. Kudos to Jere Burns that did his part very well, showing the complexities of the character.

Apart Burns acting and few thrilling sequences (i.e. when "Burns" character pretends to be a customer and visits the house's cellar trying to draw "Yasmine Bleeth" character down) the movie is really dumb (and unfair), 'coz there are too much far-fetched situations.
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Vier Minuten (2006)
An exciting surprise
2 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
If you love music and freedom you must see this! The movie is about a difficult relationship between a young inmate girl and the old piano teacher of the prison. The relationship isn't easy: by one side we have the unbreakable, rebellious, outrageous however talented young girl while on the other we have the old hard shelled teacher. But despite their differences the two woman are similarly stubborn and stiff in their points of view.

There are many minor twists in the story, but the real focus is on the two women nature and on "state of guilt/innocence" and "justice/injustice" dicothomies. At one point we are suggested that Jenny - unsettled due to her father's sexual harassment when she was a teenager - isn't really responsible for the crime she was incarcerated for, and that she confessed the crime only because of her self-destructive behaviour and because a man fooled her.

On the contrary Traude (the old teacher) remembers (only for us movie spectators) a WWII episode when she worked as a nurse in a nazi hospital, where to save herself she repudiated her lesbian lover (her only love in life)-sentenced to death because communist.

So both the self-controlled teacher and the explosive girl have deep emotional scars, where guilt, innocence, regret, pride and love mix together.

The ending is really powerful, although you will be left wondering about the two women fate. But this movie is worth viewing even for that ending only.

Beware, because the last 4 minutes are an astounding musical surprise; and given the particular context of that very strange performance, you will long remember it with strong emotion.
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Suspect Zero (2004)
Good thriller
15 August 2007
I liked it. The filming is really good and the twists, while not really enigmatic, are good enough to grasp your attention. Eckhart gives a good performance here, and he's really believable as the FBI officer in search for the truth. Kingsley on the contrary seems not at his usual standard, but this is also a consequence of the weirdness of his character. The start is really good, from the cinematic point of view too: you'll think it's a classic horror movie (which is not the case). The ending is not at par with the first 4/5 of the movie but at that point you'll be willing to forgive the director because the rest of the movie is OK.
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Separate Lies (2005)
A Good movie showing real interactions
6 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked this movie.

Everyone has something to be blamed for, everyone is real. No paperboard heroes or cold, omnipotent, know-all characters.

I read many others viewers here complaining about Anne morality and about James will to maintain his love for her, despite her cheating on him, but I don't agree.

I found Anne (Emily Watson) absolutely wonderful and I felt love for her.

She was a heavily repressed woman, her actions were not planned: once she started to break free she was in confusion and did many errors. But so it's in real life, when you gain freedom you are likely to do errors (expecially at the start point).

Was she a little too ungrateful? Maybe. But we must remember that she is running with her feet for the first time. She knows that James after all is a good man, maybe a little too stiff, serious and work centered; but she also feels the urge to live the life as herself.

Is she to blame more than him? I think no.

But the turn happening into their lives generates some changes.

James instead of letting his wife go out of his life (as other viewers suggested as the right choice) bites the bullet and waits, hoping for the better. He starts to understand that what he superficially though was OK (his marriage) in reality was a control game played by him on his wife.

This is not a story with characters having over-emotional and precarious nature (i.e. the usual clichè Latin American or Italian jealous guys), this is a story of men and women that use both heart and brain.

It can be very painful but if you really love a person (women or man) and if you are not a terribly unstable nature, you are likely to forgive his/her cheating and let him/her go. Unless you are a jealous, prehistoric, crime-of-passion inclined, possessive and mentally instable individual.

A really good movie. The last scene, when James - despite all the things happened before - goes with Anne to the train station is really moving: She is free and He understood what freedom means for a person.

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The Last Sign (2005)
A love story featuring some ghosts
6 August 2007
If you are looking for a thriller this isn't for you.

I think this movie fit better into "dramatic love story" category.

The acting is good, I really liked the sadness that Andy McDowell put into her character: a lovable woman that is trying to recover from a bad marriage ended with the death of her husband.

The husband (Tim Roth) was a good and caring man but sad experiences turned him into an alcoholic and so their marriage became a sad and intolerable relationship. Then he died in a car wreck.

I found beautiful the opening shot, that shows a long flight above woods, trees, lakes, and rivers .. and then gradually get more zoomed until you can see a smashed car with a dead man inside.

The movie is very subtle in its tones and I liked the set design, the house and the various characters.

In this story ghosts have a central part but, despite that, it isn't exactly a ghost story; I'd call this a love story featuring some ghosts.

If they presented the movie as a love story I'd give it a 6 or 7, but all was telling me that this was a thriller, which it isn't, so I gave it 5.

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29 April 2007
I had big expectations from this movie, but I was very disappointed. While the Giamatti character has life and is enjoyable, the illusionist himself (Edward Norton) isn't really likable and seems too cold and lifeless. While the settings are really good and the old Vienna is shown in its beauty, for me this movie has 5 big flaws:

1) The Edward Norton character is too cold and rigid 2) The illusions aren't explained 3) The big turn of the story isn't really so big and you can easily anticipate it at about half the movie 4) The story is not engaging at all (apart the Giamatti search for the truth) 5) microphones are often seen hanging down above the characters heads, and this is a bit annoying

6/10 ... and I am being generous.

Nothing to compare with "The prestige", that is ways ways better than "The illusionist".
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I thought it was a thriller, instead I found a black comedy for children
1 September 2002
I thought to see a thriller, but it was sufficient to see the bad guys in actions and to listen to some dialogues to find that this was a kind of "Home alone" movie.

If you want a black comedy (addressed mainly to children) you can pick up this one ... but if you are looking for a thriller stay away.
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Code Red (2001 TV Movie)
If you are looking for a Predator clone ... stay away ... this isn't!
31 August 2002
The only likenesses between Predator and this piece of rotten-cheese are: the jungle, the soldiers, aliens creatures.

Unfortunately these ingredients are mixed so badly with stupid and clichè lines and unopportune shots that I wonder what was the screenwriter thinking about while he wrote this cheese.I.e.: what about the long and senseless scene of the soldier with the snake into his pants while the main character of the movie watch it and takes fun of him instead of helping? We are supposed to smile and thrill at the same time, but in reality all that scene is simply idiotic and it's a misplaced step that bring us to hate that character since the starting.

If you liked "Predator" then go and watch "Predator 2", that was an interesting follow up (although missing the presence of Schwarzenegger) ... but watch "Code Red" ONLY if you like a descent into "C movies".

Vote 3/10
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Wonderful! I can only say: go, rent it and see it!
31 August 2002
This is a truly wonderful movie, and everyone that loves music must see it.

Trying to describe its magical and fairy atmosphere is almost impossible ... so I strongly suggest you to go, to rent it and to see it to discover by yourselves this beauty.

There are scenes that will let you breathless (like the piano duel, the recording, the piano dancing at the rhythm of the waves) and Tim Roth is wonderful.

I saw it almost two years ago and I still remember all the scenes.

A magic movie.

Vote 9/10
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Predator 2 (1990)
Underrated and overlooked sci-fi that I consider to be a cult movie
31 August 2002
The first Predator was good, and this is as good as that was. When I watched it I was really pleased by the story, the action and the FX.

This movie gives us a close look into the Predator world .. and this gives a special flavour to it.

Really really enjoable; the only complaint is that Arnold is missing ... but Glover did a good job too.

Vote 7/10
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Predator (1987)
Surely one of the best sci-fi/thriller/action/horror of all times
31 August 2002
I saw this movie three or four times and I found it really really good.

To me this is far superior to "Alien 2", although vaguely similar in the story.

If you like sci-fi watch it. If you like action movies watch it. If you like thriller movies watch it. If you like horror movies watch it.

Vote 7/10
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Spider-Man (2002)
Not good as I expected
30 August 2002
It was a nice try .. but it could have been better.

Things I didn't like:

1)Peter Parker seems to be always smiling while I remembered from the comics that he was a troubled and worried person.

2)Goblin costume isn't scaring as I expected (altough Mr. Dafoe does an excellent job because he is scary while he doesn't wear this mis-combined costume)

3)Why did they decide to kill the Goblin character?

4)Mr.JJ Jameson is not funny as he was in the comics.

Things I liked:

1) Mr. Dafoe's playing

2) Some FX (but not all of them)

vote 6/10
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Final Jeopardy (2001 TV Movie)
Only interesting because it stars Dana Delany
28 August 2002
This movie tries to be a thriller but it fails for the most. The only beauty into the movie is the charming actress Dana Delany.

So if you want some entartainment watching a mediocre wannabe thriller that casts a nice and charming woman in the lead role, watch this.

5/10 for the movie and 10/10 for Dana Delany.
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The Contender (2000)
Strange movie about politics
28 August 2002
This was a strange movie; on one side I found it boring, but despite that I was curious about the story. I wanted answers to the questions that the first part of the movie rose on, despite the slowness I was hooked so I kept on viewing it till the end.

After the fact I can say that this is a good movie. The actors are really good (expecially Jeff Bridges and Gary Oldman) and the story can be a subject for interesting debates about politics, sexism, mass media and politics dirty tricks, and so on ...

If you are not an impatient nature this can be an interesting movie to see.. on the other side many will find it being too slow and boring.
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