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Alex Cross (2012)
I really wanted to like this, but....
30 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was very excited when I heard about this movie, Alex Cross has always been one of my favorite characters and I was a big fan of the two older movies. I knew they would have to replace Morgan Freeman as he was too old to convincingly play Alex Cross anymore and I'll admit that I was not terribly happy to start with whom they chose.

However, Tyler Perry is not the problem with this movie. The actors in this film( Perry, Edward Burns, Rachel Nichols, Jean Reno and Matthew Fox) all do relatively good jobs with what they are given. The acting was never so bad that it distracted me from the movie and at times was pretty good. The writing and directing were nothing short of pathetic though.

I watched this movie and couldn't help but feel that they rushed the whole thing. No plot point is ever explained and no character development ever occurs. All characters except for Det. Cross are never, ever given any kind of development and very little of what these characters do makes any sense. Why would a professional assassin, who presumably has been doing this for a while, suddenly completely deviate from the way he does things to go after some police officers ,who managed to almost stop him only from a clue he gave them for no apparent reason to begin with. How could this guy have managed to kill people for so long if he was so erratic? Why does MAJOR SPOILER**** Jean Reno hire the hit-man in the first place, surely there are better ways to fake your death to cover money laundering than to hire a psychotic hit-man that you can't control.

This movie could have used another ten to fifteen minutes to develop some story lines and flesh out the ones they have. I wanted to like this movie, but in the end it made about the least sense of any movie I have seen in 10 years. I'd love to see Perry get another crack at Dr. Cross but as this is bombing pretty bad, I am pretty sure they have killed this character.

So very sad....
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