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Titanic (1953)
Decent for its time I guess
28 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
But the hammy acting, especially on Clifton Webbs part, overshadows the rest of the film. It was especially the climax of the film just prior to the sinking that I could never take. When Sturgis's son finds his father (Webb) after all the lifeboats have launched, Sturgis stands upright and stiff with his arm around his son, looking up into the heavens and proclaims, "I feel as tall as a mountain!". I burst out laughing at that supposedly "touching" moment. The next tender moment that was suppose to be just as, if not more touching was when the band started playing and everybody that was still on board just stopped dead in their tracks and started singing "Nearer My God To Thee". The ship is sinking fast and the audience is supposed to believe that everybody left on board suddenly becomes so gallant and brave that all panic stops and everybody joins in the choir? Pardon me but... CORRRRR-NY! If you feel the need to see an old film about the Titanic then I suggest "A Night To Remember" and not this pile of rubbish.
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Meltdown (2004 TV Movie)
Decent film, irritating camera work
8 June 2004
This film was not all that bad as the story went but the camera work is what makes it difficult to watch. I just don't like that so-called "realistic" camera work that is being done nowadays; you know the type- jumping off center, panning around, etc. What got me particularly irritated about this film though was the new thing that they threw into the mix by shooting a few frames in black and white in each scene. I believe that the film would have been much better if the camera work was shot in the much more conventional way because as it was I couldn't concentrate on it and found myself analyzing the camera work instead. Maybe if more people express dissatisfaction with camera work like this the filmmakers will finally get the hint.
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Finding Nemo (2003)
Good film, typical Disney though
19 November 2003
Finding Nemo was really a great film for the family but I see Pixar is falling into Disney's dysfunctional family world though- they killed off Nemo's mother right away! What is it with Disney films and their world of single parents? Look at the past films, in Toy Story their was no mention of Andy's father at all, Bambi's mother gets shot, Cinderella's left to her wicked step-family after her parents die, Aladdin had no parents, Jasmine had only her father, the Little Mermaid, where was her mother? the legend of Tarzan was made for Disney with his parents being killed, and the list goes on and on! I would think that parents groups would be screaming their lungs out by now over these films still having the same plot. Me, I think it's funny because it's gotten to where I bet with others on whether the next Disney film will have 1 parent or no parents in it!

Besides this the film was great with Ellen DeGeneres obviously being the best part of the whole cast. I've never been much of an Ellen fan but she made me laugh pretty good with her character, Dory the short term memory fish. Great casting with her! In addition I got a kick out of the end credits with the "swim byes" and the interaction of the characters with the end credits rolling.

Pixar is on their way to becoming the best family entertainment on the big screen if they keep doing what they've been, but I think that they should separate themselves from Disney's orphan ideology!
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Good, But Getting A Bad Rap
28 February 2003
I don't know why the critics panned this movie because it was not that bad at all. It had action galore and plenty of humor (I liked the dark humor best), and the soundtrack was pretty good too. I really enjoyed the two main characters played by Kostner and Russell because they both gave a great performance of being the bad guys. Russell's character because of his drive for that last big score and how he avoided injuring anyone that would get in the way, and Kostner's for how he didn't give a damn, just as long as he got his money. I particularly liked Kostner for his "shoot 'em cowboy" image that he brought to the screen. I think my favorite scene was when he actually did have an old time gunfight with a trooper that pulled him over. Courtney Cox's character was a bit on the drab side but if you like a movie with lots of action then this is it. If you pay attention to the clues you'll notice that Russell's character is really the illegitimate son of Elvis.
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Superboy (1988–1992)
Pretty good after the first season
12 February 2003
I (being an old Superman fan) started watching Superboy from the very beginning and toughed it out during the first season. I'm sorry to say that the first season was pretty bad, mostly because of John Haymes Newton's horrendous acting. When Gerard Christopher took over the lead role starting the second season the show definitely took a turn for the better, both in stories and acting. One of my favorite episodes was when he met his "older" self in a time trip that found himself in a utopian society. Of course I think that the show would have been much better if the writers and producers stuck to the original format of Superboy like the comics used to portray him, rather than have him run off to his college years, but I guess they figured they had to bend with the times. All in all the show turned out to be pretty good as it went on but unfortunately it wasn't fast enough to please the viewers and was cancelled. On another note for you trivia fans, Gerard Cristopher auditioned and won the part of Superman in the series "Lois and Clark". After the WB executive producer read his acting resume and discovered that he had previously starred in The Adventures of Superboy he said to Gerard, "you've done this already, I want someone who hasn't acted before!". Too bad because it would have been a good choice. Of course Dean Cain did the part excellent, but it would have been a good tie-in from Superboy. Hopefully the WB will think of this when "Smallville" runs its course!
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