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Invisible Mom II (1999 Video)
Risible Mom II
15 October 2000
It may be that I could not comprehend the intricate tangle of subplots and complex characterisations within this piece of cinema as I have not yet had the pleasure of enjoying the first in the canon of the Invisible Mother, the eponymously titled 'Invisible Mom'.

Certainly this film had a lot to say about modern capitalist America and the role of invisible parents and their effect on their progeny. Commendably the role of the 'Invisible Mother' was of a strong and independent woman struggling against the the adversity of being non visible.

Despite her lack of effect on photonic radiation she presented a strong role model for any invisible girls thinking of bearing children.

Sadly, and much to my dismay, this could not stop the film stinking like a bucket of prawns in the sun.
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Miracle in the Woods (1997 TV Movie)
Spiritual tears...
15 October 2000
As I watched this film, tears spilled from my third eye. I can give no higher recommendation. I have enjoyed other Anna Chlumsky films in the same vein and they often have me reaching for the tissues.
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Bad, bad, awful, howling rotten bad movie.
15 October 2000
This film misses everything that is good about Macguyver. From the inexplicable, and unexplained, cliff-hanger at the beginning to the "epic" finale, visiting such locations as the Eastern European military base (Battersea power station, London) and "London University" (Royal Holloway College, Windsor), this film stinks as bad as Brian Blessed's acting. Speaking of which, if Oscars(tm) were awarded purely on sheer weight of acting Brian Blessed would have won Leading Actor for three years running, and one leading actress. Oh, and best sound effects. Imagine an episode of the TV series at twice the length with half the budget and you still would not imagine how bad this film is.
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