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A brilliant series when it what happened?
6 June 2001
I remember when this was first shown in England on BBC. I think it was 1993 and I was ten years old. I was never a Superman fan before and this is the only series of Superman I've seen apart from the movies (out of those I only liked the 1st and 2nd movie. I hated the cartoon series). Anyway, my mum and I watched the first episode together - and we were both hooked from then. Every Saturday evening at 6:30pm (I think that was the time) we tuned into Lois and Clark. Every episode was wonderfully written, and well acted. The plots always kept me glued to the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen. It went on like this until about the episode when Lois and Clark got married. After that episode I don't know what happened but EVERYTHING went down hill. The writing got weak, the actors seemed as though they were bored and in the end I got so fed up I stopped watching. It got to the point where I didn't give a damn about what happened to the characters and it was after the wedding episode that I just gave up and decided not to watch any new episodes - the ones I'd taped from the tv would have to do. What I want to know is WHY the writers and the tv big wigs let the show get so bad. WHY did they (the writers and the network) get rid of Lex Luthor? WHY did Lois have to find out the Clark was Superman? WHY OH WHY did Lois and Clark have to get married?! WHY did they drag the show on so long that it lost lots of ratings? It just doesn't make sense. They destroyed what could have been a great show for much longer than three seasons. What happened to Lois and Clark The New Adventures Of Superman was a great shame.
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It (1990)
Scary but good
20 April 2001
If you like being scared and kept on the edge of your seat, watch this. I first saw this movie when I was around ten and it scared the hell out of me. I watched it for the first time in a couple of years a while ago and it STILL gave me the creeps. Tim Curry is really good as Pennywise, the evil clown who kills kids. Next time you go to the video store and you feel like renting a horror, grab IT from the shelves and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
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Lady in White (1988)
8 February 2001
I was around nine years old when I saw this movie for the very first time.It came on tv at Easter and I remember begging my mother to let me stay up and watch it when I found out it was a ghost story(I've always loved those).In the end my mother and I watched the movie together and we both loved it.Today I have just seen Lady in White for the first time in four years and I still love it as much as I did back then.Its a very stylish chiller about a young boy who gets locked in his school cloakroom and sees a young girl being murdered.After the boy is almost murdered himself,the ghost of the girl appears to him and begs him for help to find her mother,who is known as the Lady In White.The movie is very entertaining and at some places,creepy.If you love ghost stories or chillers then try and get hold of this movie.You'll love it.Five out of five stars.
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A Brilliant Live Action Disney Movie
28 January 2001
I think that 102 Dalmatians is better than 101 Dalmatians.Its funny, cute and has a great villain.All the actors deserve credit but Glenn Close steals the show here.I've read comments from people who say they hated the film and that only very young kids would like it?Why?I'm 17 and I loved it.There's nothing wrong with the film in my book,its a fun family film and great for dog lovers.If you haven't seen it yet give it go.I give it 10 out of 10.
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Strange....yet good
9 January 2001
This is a weird film but I like it.I first saw it when it was released back in 1989.I was six at the time and didn't really understand what it was about.I saw it again when I was twelve and liked it enough to go and buy the video.I just watched it again for the first time in a while the other day and still love it,its one of my favourite animated films. I admit that some of the characters get on my nerves now but I think that Charlie is a brilliant character.He's a liar and a user and yet still loveable.The end scene where Charlie says goodbye to Anne Marie still makes my eyes fill up.I don't think many young children would like this movie but I think its about right for anyone over ten.
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My favourite Muppet movie
25 December 2000
This is my favourite muppet movie out of the ones I have seen.The songs and music are brilliant and the muppets are brilliant.This movie is so much fun to watch.I got a copy today as a Christmas present and I'm so glad that I finally own the video.The whole family watched it together and all loved it.This is a film for all ages and I don't see how someone couldn't like this movie,even if they aren't really a big muppet fan.I give this five out of five.
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A must see movie for MLP fans
25 December 2000
If you're a My Little Pony fan,then I'm sure you will love this movie. Even though I'm 17,I class this movie as one of my favourites.Okay so some of the songs are annoying and sometimes its a bit slow in places but if you can get past that its a really cute little movie that any MLP collector or fan can enjoy.
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A cute movie
3 November 2000
I only saw this movie a few days ago on cable and I think its OK.Its a cute little film that kids would enjoy.Its all about a boy called Danny,who is falling in love with his best friend,Julie but is having trouble telling her how he feels.It gets worse when a new boy(Archie)joins their class at school and Julie falls for him.One day,Danny is visiting his father's grave,showing him a tune he is learning to play on his sax,when he meets Hubbie,a dead sax player from the 1930's.Hubbie is a ghost waiting for his girlfriend so they can go to Heaven. Hubbie teaches Danny to play the sax well and he also teaches him a few things about love.I do agree with the person who said it might have been better if the kids were older and I also find Julie a bit annoying.All in all though this is an OK movie and I'll give it two out of five stars.
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