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The Mouse Factory (1971–1973)
Classic Disney Series Needs to be Out on DVD
21 September 2007
I gave this seven out of ten mainly because I haven't seen it since I was a kid and am not sure how it holds up today. I remember liking it much better than "The Wonderful World of Disney" as there were far more cartoons featured and many of the guest hosts over the course of the 43 episodes produced were known to me even as a child in other forms. For example, I knew of Wally Cox from "Underdog" and "Hollywood Squares". He hosts a couple of the shows, which ironically were some of his last work. John Astin I knew from "The Addams Family". Jo Anne Worley, Johnny Brown, and Henry Gibson I knew from "Laugh-In". Jim Backus from "Mr. Magoo" and "Gilligan's Island". The list goes on and on. Veteran animator Ward Kimball created this series and is quite unique as it is the only new TV series produced by Disney during the 1970s apart from "The New Mickey Mouse Club". Shows took on a single theme such as sports or music and footage from old Disney cartoons and features were utilized to illustrate these themes.
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Last Appearance for Jim Henson and Richard Hunt
31 May 2006
Though you have to travel to one of the Disney theme parks to see this fine interactive 3-D film, it is well worth the trip to see the final performances of Jim Henson (Kermit, Swedish Chef) and Richard Hunt (Scooter) doing their classic "Muppet Show" muppets before their untimely deaths. Hopefully, someday someone will see fit to release this to home video (with glasses). Stranger things have happened as Disney's previous 3-D film "Captain EO" was released to cable TV for a time (albiet in a 2-D print) and Disney is actively reissuing complete season sets of "The Muppet Show", so the chance for a release is very good, perhaps as a bonus feature on one of the box sets.
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Go Go Gophers (1966– )
It's Total Television Productions, not Terrytoons
29 March 2006
The production company for "Go Go Gophers" and "Underdog" is Total Television Productions or TTV, and not Terrytoons. FYI. Total Television also produced "Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales", "The Beagles" and "King Leonardo and his Short Subjects". Some of the short subjects that appeared on TTV shows include "The World of Commander McBragg", "Klondike Kat", "The Hunter", "The Singalong Family", "Tooter the Turtle". Some people confuse TTV with Jay Ward ("Rocky and Bullwinkle") as the segments for both shows were sometimes interchanged when the series went into syndication, but this is also erroneous. Currently, the TTV properties (as well as Jay Ward's) are owned by Classic Media. Terrytoons produced shows like "Mighty Mouse", "Deputy Dawg" and "The Mighty Heroes" among others...
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