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Better than I expected
16 November 2003
With all of the people downing this movie - even before it came out (no Cameron, Hamilton, etc.) - I wasn't expecting much out of this movie and I didn't go see it in the theater.

Now I wish I had. Was it as good as T2 No. T2 is one of the best action movies of the DECADE. Expecting T3 to top it was a little unrealistic. It was at least as good as the first one, if not better.

Could they have picked a better actor for Conner? Perhaps. For Kate? Probably. For TX? Not likely. I loved her! As for the first two, they did the best they could and I think it turned out fine.

Bottom line, T3 was an enjoyable film to watch. I recommend you see it. If you're one of those who go "boo hoo" over what you think might have been then I suggest you relax, sit back, and just watch the movie for the entertainment value. It's just a movie for Pete's sake!
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You guys are taking this movie too seriously!
9 August 2003
It's a teen movie. It's not meant to be analized.

The concept was fairly original. Scheming Teen Socialite plots to get a dream date for the school Centennial Dance (NOT the prom, as most descriptions say) and it falls through at the last minute. Her next door neighbor and childhood former best friend is dumped by his girlfriend. The two of them pretend to be a couple to make their former significant others jealous and ward off the scorn of their friends. She makes him over in her immage (of course: "If you want to get results, you have to go to extremes!").In the process she learns a little from him as well and they fall in love. The movie also has a cast of secondary characters who are interesting.

This isn't Shakespare, folks! It shouldn't be analized to death. It's fun and entertaining. Sit down and watch it and leave the cliff's notes at school.

The actors were great (It's nice to see that Melissa can play something besides Sabrina). Adrian Greere and the rest of the cast were great too.

The soundtrack was great as well. Get the CD: (You Drive Me) Crazy, Unforgetful You, I Want It That Way, It's All Been Done, Stranded, Faith in You, Is This Really Happening To Me, Steps, Hammer To The Heart, One For Sorrow, Sugar, Regret, Original, Help Me Save The Youth of America from Exploding, and we can't forget "Keep on Loving You" by the teen girl rocker group "The Donnas".

You can get this movie for $5.88 at Wal-Mart!
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Jailbait (2000 TV Movie)
It's not THAT bad . . .
19 June 2003
This movie has gotten a bad wrap in the reviews on this site.

The simple fact is the movie is NOT meant to be taken seriously. It's a teen comedy and a made for TV one at that.

Watch it. Laugh. . . even at the dumb jokes. It's not Shakespare, for Pete's sake!

Yes it crosses a few boundaries (nudity, teen sex, casual sex, statutory rape, etc.) but that's part of what's so funny about it. It does not glorify teen sex.

To turn a phrase from another teen movie: "GET OVER IT!"
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The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank
26 May 2003
The above is the English title of the Dutch documentary (available with English dubing or subtitles, I can't remember).

This is a documentary that tells the story of Anne Frank during the last Seven months of her life (August 1944 to March 1945) in the concentration camps of Westerbork, Auschwitz, and Bergen Belsen as told by 8 women who knew she and Margot. This includes Hanna Pick Goslar (Lies Goosens in the diary) who was Anne's childhood friend and who met up with her at Belsen 2 months before she died. It also includes Janny Brandislipper (SP?) who is believed to be one of the last people to see Anne and Margot alive, and her sister. Another was a schoolmate of Margot.

There is also a companion book available. Both book and movie are extremely hard to find and I had to go through an marketplace seller to find them and paid quite a bit. But if you are a die-hard Anne Frank student then I highly recommend them.
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Teen Romance Par Excelance!
25 May 2003
But it's much more than that. It's also a story about faith.

I usually don't like chick flicks, but this has become one of my favorite movies of all time. Jamie and Landon (two people who could not be more different) fall in love. Okay, we've seem this much before. But there is much more to it.

Jamie is a person of deep faith. Landon has no faith, but gains some watching Jamie face crisis. I'm sure it was no suprise to find out that it's a tear jerker. Jamie faces a death to Leukemia, but never looses her faith.

There is a reason Shane West is listed first in the credits, even though Mandy's performance is clearly the one that sticks out. A Walk To Remember is LANDON's story and shows how he was effected by Jamie.

The writing was excelent, the performances perfect, and it was completely believable.

Compare this to Endless Love (a movie Brooke Shields did when she was just a little younger than Mandy) and you will see what I mean. Don't miss this one. You will regret it if you do!
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Endless Love (1981)
Nothing but crap!
17 June 2002
There is one reason and one reason only to see this film: if you want to see a very _young_ Brooke Shields naked. If you're into that kind of thing, go for it. Otherwise don't waste your time or money.

The acting sucks, the writing sucks, even the lighting sucks (all of the scenes are dark no matter what time of day it was). Who cares if Tom Cruise played a bit part in it.
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