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Meat Loaf: To Hell and Back (2000 TV Movie)
OK , I would have prefered Meat Loaf doing the writing
9 February 2002
I am a massive Meat Loaf fan (all his records and movies) , and I think the documentary was OK. But there we're quite a few glitchs ; Meat Loaf did not go to acting college in 1968 , he went to be an accountant in 1966 (Meat Loaf was singing in local bands in LA in 68'!) , Meat Loaf didn't meet Jim Steinman until 1973 , and during "Hair" Meat Loaf wasn't going out with any girl named Aaron (however , he did meet Stoney in the play , and record a record with her). And to top that off , Meat Loaf didn't cut his hair short until late 96'/97' , the film shows Meat Loaf in 1994 with short hair . But the acting was top notch , all of the live performances and background songs we're Meat Loaf's vocals (except the "More Than You Deserve" tryout , and in the record company office) the show was OK and depicts what Meat Loaf went through in his career.

PS. did I mention that Meat Loaf was actually married in 1979' ? and Meat Loaf didn't begin the big American bar tour until 1987 ?
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Lightning Force (1991–1992)
Pretty good Action
10 December 2001
The story is basically about a group of anti terrorists in Canada ,BC who get called on for various tasks such as rescuing Nazi's and M.I.A's or capturing various law breakers.The members are all highly skilled professionals. Trane (Wings Hauser) , the leader of the group is an American, Church (David Stratton) is a younger member from canada , and then there is Zeke , and a woman from France played by guylaine

St. Onge which i'm am not sure of. General Bill McHugh (Matthew Walker) assigns the tasks and gives them additional help. The show is actually

quite good compared to most sleazy canadian shows , even though it only lasted 1.5 seasons. Their weren't many SPECIAL guest stars , but a couple showed up , perhaps the biggest stars to make an appearance we're George Takei as a commissioner , and Meat Loaf (Rock Star) as an M.I.A in a 2 part special. Overall a pretty good show , I give it 7.5 out of 10 stars.
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Tales of the Wild: Kazan (1995)
Season 1, Episode 3
another undiscovered Canadian Gem
28 August 2001
Eye Of the Wolf , is another good canadian film that never got dicovered, even though it was brought out by Vidmark. OK , the film looks a little old , and isn't very clear . But that gives it that old time western early 1900's look (since it was set in 1912). I particulary enjoyed this mix of "Call Of The Wild" , and "White Fang" .

Jeff Fahey stars as a government zooligist who studies in the Canadian north mountains and is currently studing the wolf. In his voyage he stumbles across a dead canadian mountie and a couragious wolf standing guard over it. Paul (Fahey) brings the wolf to the nearest wolf , where a young woman , played by the unknown Sophie Duez takes him with her . But on a trip with her husband , they happen to cross paths with the murder of the mountie . A rotten looking thief named McCready , who is played by the familiar but anonymous Aron Tager. Who unsuccessfully tries to rob them. But the story goes on as they and the wolf later meet up with zooligist , Paul . who studies Kazan (the wolf) and his life cycle. I wouldn't want to spoil it for you. since there is plenty more that goes on in the film.

A great plot , a great wolf actor , and Canada meet up with Jeff Fahey , Sophie Duez , Vlasta Vrana and villains Lorne Brass , and Aron Tager in "Eye Of The Wolf".
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Twins (1988)
great turn from action films for Schwarzenegger
11 July 2001
What happens when you put two of the most popular actors with the opposite physical characteristics together in a hilarious Ivan Reitman comedy , the result is "Twins". starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito.

The film is about twins whose birth was involved with a science experiment . They are separated at birth due to a simple lie. But when Julius , the well structured twin is told that he actually has a brother , he leaves his tropical island ,and heads out to find his brother , Vincent. On the other hand ,Vincent , the short and defensless one is exactly opposite of Julius , he is a criminal , and car crook who is now involved with the Klane brothers , the three deadly mobsters. Well , they reunite , and later become good friends . With two beautiful girls and a secret that could get vincent rich , they set out to find their birth mother.

Also a great supporting cast with Kelly Preston and Chloe Webb as the girl twins who fall in love with Vincent and Julius and inbarge on their trip to find their mother. And Maury Chaykin , Tom McCleister , and Davin Efron as the deadly Klane brothers , besides Arnold and Danny , Maury Chaykin (the chubby Canadian with a familiar face) also gives the audience some amusement.
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Out of Bounds (1986)
action packed film with 80's youngest stars
21 June 2001
"Out Of Bounds" is an action packed thriller with teenage actors such as Anthony Michael Hall (Breakfast Club) , and Jenny Wright (Young Guns 2). With Jeff Kober as the main villain named Roy Gaddis who is the sadistic and crazy drug dealer , and Raymond J. Barry as a crooked drug enforcement agent.

The film is about a farmboy Daryl Cage (Michael Hall) who is encouraged to leave his parents farm and move to Los Angeles with his brother. But something does go wrong , very wrong , when his brother mistakenly mixes up Daryls luggage and picks up a bag of drugs. Just hours after he arrives at his brothers place , his brother (played by the unknown Kevin McCorkle) is brutally slaughtered by the owner of the drugs. Of course the cops cannot find any fingerprints in the house except for daryl's, so he is blamed for the murder. So with the cops and a pyschotic drug dealer on his tail , Daryl and his friend Dizz must seek safety , seek revenge for his brother , and prove that Daryl is innocent.

good plot , great filming , and your average budget is backed up by the supporting cast including Ji Tu Cumbuka as the dealers partner , and Meat Loaf who appears as a friend of the dealer and the pilot , Gil. All of these things add up to a minor success at the box office , and a good style of 80's teenage star films , and being shown on television quite a bit.
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Sweet Killing (1993)
Sweet Killing , a really good Canadian film !
13 June 2001
I rented "Sweet Killing" a year ago. I didn't know if i'd like the film but I did. I give it 4 of 5 stars. I film is about a middle edged man , Adam Cross (Anthony Higgins) , a hard working business man . Except he has one problem , his annoying wife. Living in a world of comics and fiction , he decides to kill his shrewish wife , and make it look like a brake in murder. He goes threw with his plan , and it goes fine , until he meets the love of his life (played by Leslie Hope) , and a couple of crooked cops (Canadian actors Aron Tager , and Michael Ironside) who will go to any lengths to get this guy blamed for the murder. Suddenly what Adam thought would be his escape from torture turns into a "no-exit" highway to Hell.

I have to say that this is an interesting story , with a great cast

(Michael Ironside , Anthony Higgins , and "Are You Afraid Of The Dark's" Aron Tager) and a good plot. Since I am a big fan of canadian films.
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