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Cast Away (2000)
Not as bad as many say! Come back to your basics people!
1 January 2004
Too many hypercritical U.S. Americans here I guess! Not that I'm not a critical movie watcher but I wouldn't say that this movie was bad at all! The end was a bit of a let down but the rest of the movie was ok! Almost like a message to fingerpoint how good people have it in their civilizations! I would even claim some people sometimes deserve to experience what happened to Chuck Noland. Even including me sometimes. I tend to imagine myself into the role of the characters often. That makes me thankful for what I got! This movie shows how hard survival would be without any equipment but just some improvised stuff. The scene where he lost his 'friend' Watson was making me sob though it actually was only a volleyball, but this movie shows very well that and how such things can become important and closed into the heart.
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The Bionic Woman (1976–1978)
great seventies sci-fi
20 February 2003
i watched this tv series maybe back at early nineties when they were repeated on tv and i love it! especially the second part of 'doomsday is tomorrow' was great where jamie had to fight against a huge super computer in a secret underground lair from some insane scientist who wants to destroy the earth. there was all this early computer stuff again that we all love so much. not so much a fan of the more usual story episodes but the ones which more fiction in them were just great!
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Taifû kurabu (1985)
A class of Japanese teens experience their first feelings with the opposite sex while a typhoon storm is rising.
6 July 2000
I've saw this film on tv back in the eighties so I hardly remember the details but the story is about a young group of teens during their adolescence and their experiences with the opposite sex. While the class is in school a storm raises and they have to stay in school during the typhoon. The story is shown in a very picturesque and (typical Japanese) silent way and won a movie price especially for it's unconventional kind.
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