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El kuervo (2005)
Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore"
16 July 2005
This is most probably the most bizarre story inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's magnificent poem, "The Raven". Yet, the main elements are still there; the tormented, the tormentor. As its producer, and friend of the director, Nicanor Loreti, one of the greatest talents of Argentinian cinema today, I feel proud of the bombastic experience it is to watch it. Completely unlike reading Poe's masterpiece, yet completely refreshing. A completely different take on a classic poem, a completely new direction for Argentinian movies to take. Nicolás Galvagno's performance is stunning as always, and, we're compelled to wonder why this young man is not a force on Argentinian television or cinema at this point. A man with as many faces as the devil, Galvagno's portrayal of "El Kuervo," the soccer fan who torments the main character, is delivered with the perfection of a trained violinist. Damián Valentín astounds as the victim, a man who is subject to the appearance of El Cuervo, and will do all he can to get rid of the shady character. We hope that this film, recently aired in Fantasia, will open Nicanor Loreti the doors to an unbiased audience, that will appreciate his amazing work for what it is.
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The Hole (2001)
Lay aside your fears, and fear the Hole!
5 November 2001
Warning: Spoilers
(Warning: this review includes some minor spoilers that I wouldn't have liked to read myself if I hadn't seen it before. So, If you're like me, skip this and read it *after* watching the movie. If the minor spoilers do not bother you, read on.)

"When the truth is found to be lies, and all the joy within you dies... don't you want somebody to love?" Jefferson Airplane, Somebody to love

I walked into the theater unknowing of what I'd see. I had seen the poster in the cinema, and loved the girl with pale skin and haunting green eyes. Instant infatuation. The tone of the poster and the title "The Hole" seemed to suggest horror, so I was willing to give it a try. So I did. And, boy, I'm glad I did. A deep terror was buried in me, as I walked to the movie hall, that this might be some 'romantic teen semi-suspense' crap, after the warning of a friend that had watched the trailer. -I try not to watch them anymore, since they usually spoil the movies with their intent to sell- Anyway, my terrors soon faded as the opening scenes unfolded before my eyes. Thora Birch -as I found this girl of my dreams was named- entered, utterly battered, as the Indian child in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", or the messenger from the battle of Marathon, a very big building, that obviously belongs to a place of higher learning. As with "Crimson Rivers" aka "Les Rivieres Pourpres", the setting places are marvelously beautiful. They are trying to get me to fly over to Europe!

The movie depicts two couples of filthy-rich university students that go camping inside of a WWII bunker, not to be bothered by the press or papparazzi. The trip goes awfully sour at some point, and the police has to investigate who is responsible for it, wether the sole survivor, or her geeky probably psychotic friend. The police detective and the shrink must work against the clock not to let the responsible one walk out unpunished.

There are some interesting plot twists and some extra European nastiness, like in "Crimson Rivers" (except for "Seven" and "Requiem for a Dream", Hollywood never goes that ugly) that appeal a lot to me. It reminded me a lot of "Apt pupil", if you've seen both of them you'll know why.

To end this review, I'll say two important things: first, this movie came as a nice surprise to me, and it's really a good look; second: as a friend of mine told me, this is a movie you "suffer", but enjoy in the end.

And it was all in the name of love.
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Argentinian Action Comedy Bizarre
6 May 2001
Some movies are good. Others remind you of your happy childhood. This is one of the latter. I saw it as a kid, and can see it again and again. Not thought to be some superproduction, this is the typical Argentinian comedy. It has all the nastiness you'd expect, but it's somehow cute. You can laugh at the most stupid jokes, not because they are funny, but because they're there in the first place. This movie, as a lot of Galettini's of the 70's and 80's, features Emilio Disi, one of my favorite Argentinian comedy actors. What can I say? Watch and laugh. If you want a better thought comedy, watch "Nunca asistas a este tipo de fiestas". If you want to laugh at bizarre stuff, watch this one, and the sequel (Somehow it's not featured here in the IMDB) Forget nº III and IV... those are completely forgettable.
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Class B Horror featuring Adrián Suar
6 May 2001
Some of those reading this may have reached the info of "Charly, días de Sangre" looking for movies featuring Mr. Suar. Believe it, or not, Adrián acted in this movie. Yes; it's your average B-grade horror flick. Yes; you will laugh a lot watching Norman Brisky and Adrián Suar in such a movie, and you'll also see Fabián Gianola act! All this for the very small rental price... if you manage to find a video-store that has this baby. If you do, don't hesitate and grab it, rent it, and watch it. You might not be so lucky next time. Laugh like you never did, and have a great time!
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Laugh sitting on Mar del Plata's beach!
6 May 2001
Mar del Plata is the typical city of choice for Argentinians during the summer holidays. So, the setting for this brilliant summer comedy makes a lot of sense. A group of special policemen get fired for their inadequacy and look to get a job, and maybe some gorgeous girl, in the beach of Mar del Plata. This is another Argentinian movie to watch and think about happy childhood times, about summer holidays, and about the good old days when glorious actors like Emilio Disi and Gino Renni got scripts to perform!
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Raging Angels (1995)
To Hell with the Devil
3 May 2001
I am aware I am of the proud few that think this flick rules! Maybe it is I like films that so nicely picture the coming of the Beast, at least as I'd imagine it. The Angels' and Demons' effects truly suck, but the excellent story by far makes up. I loved this movie at first sight, for its story, its cast, and especially for its soundtrack. I loved all those glam/heavy/hard rock/metal songs, and their influence in the movie, especially, Stryper's great (and an excellent choice for the end credits) "To Hell with the Devil"...
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Simply, excellent
5 April 2001
When I saw the trailer, I thought it'd just be a cool French crime movie, with these two giants: Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel. I imagined a typical plot, enhanced with the blood many French films delight us with lately. Instead, this is a great thriller, just like Seven, but set in beautiful French locations. A dark plot in an ancient University adds more flavor, and a kickboxing fight, not unlike those of Matrix, finishes the perfect dinner.

I don't usually praise a movie every five minutes, but I did just that with this one. Everything was great. I will go to the cinema tomorrow to watch it again!
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Plaga zombie (1997 Video)
Still, the best Argentinian gore film
11 February 2001
It's been almost 4 years now, and no other movie appeared to dethrone 'Plaga Zombie' from being the best Argentinian gore film ever! Its splatter gory special FX are great, and its comedy is superb. The characters are very funny, and even though some details aren't entirely accurate, as the Internet sequence, the story's excellent! I can't wait to see Plaga Zombie 2!!!
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