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Money Man (1992)
What is "money" anyway?
7 June 2004
A fascinating documentary about an artist who draws highly detailed works which look similar to banknotes, but are one-sided and often feature the picture of the artist instead of a president, funny text, and so on. He looks to exchange these self- produced "notes" for actual goods and services, always explaining that they aren't really money, but he'd like to exchange $100 of his "notes" for roughly $100 of whatever...and get change and a receipt. Over the years he's done many deals this way, including living for an entire year paying for everything with his notes, buying a motorcycle, and so on. Collectors try to buy the notes back for many times face value, and it's a great think piece until the counterfeiting department of the Treasury Bureau gets wind of it. The film follows Boggs as he journey's to D.C. to try and reclaim some of his confiscated pieces, while providing back story along the way. Highly recommended.
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