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Stanley's Gig (2000)
This movie made me cry like baby and smile at the same time
29 December 2002
Stanley's Gig is one of the most unexpectedly moving and endearing films in a long while. So unpretentious that you could go right past it, but just stay with it a while and it unfolds in unexpected and marvelous ways. William Sanderson is a barely functional recovering alcoholic ukulele player who stumbles into a job as a musical therapist in an old age home. He so perfectly controls the movie in a quirky, shy way that the movie seems like dropping into a slice of real life.

Marla Gibbs has power and dignity without even speaking and a wonderful speaking and singing voice once she deigns to honor us with words. Faye Dunaway has a compassionate but small supporting role that does her proud.

Stanley's Gig is a gift of an hour and a half that will transform your heart for a while. What a joy to discover such a gem.
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